Chloe Lang
Chloe Lang 13 minuten geleden
My heart hurt for that cat.
Tommy Gombar
Tommy Gombar 13 minuten geleden
Stone Cold Cute !
Anna Griffin
Anna Griffin 14 minuten geleden
What do you feed this dog? Is he really 19 years old?
E F 14 minuten geleden
More videos please 😊
Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez 14 minuten geleden
That is absolutely beautiful.😊
Qui Xie
Qui Xie 14 minuten geleden
Omg she look so cute
Walter Elie
Walter Elie 14 minuten geleden
This makes me think that we as a people will be ok . What great hearts and love these folks have
Caret 14 minuten geleden
we usually kill these on sight in my country, didn't think they are pets
A sru
A sru 14 minuten geleden
Plot twist: the dog eats the baby
Stacy Zavisch
Stacy Zavisch 15 minuten geleden
EE stoats are adorable.
Ritama Singh
Ritama Singh 15 minuten geleden
Honestly I dont blame the guy for killing him cause he did it in the heat of the moment and even though harambe was gentle he could have accidentally harmed the baby or killed him when he was dragging him in the water. And the guard who shot him down didn't know whether harambe would kill him or not. So he shot him out of instinct. The real villain is the careless parent.
Alex Williams
Alex Williams 15 minuten geleden
Why 😱
In it To win it
In it To win it 16 minuten geleden
*PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT* Amazing how cops can show NO FEAR facing a 400-500 pound Black bear- but are often so fearful of a Black man of any size. Listen to how calm these cops are and to the tone of voice they use wit this bear. I bet neither of them even had their weapon drawn. This is why WE have so many protest against police violence against Black people. Becuz WE know that cops can restrain themselves from using deadly force- WHEN THEY WANT TO- even in the face of POTENTIAL DANGER.
Kevin McCormack
Kevin McCormack 16 minuten geleden
I once fostered a chihuahua that would bite everyone when it first arrived. He snarled growled and refused to let anyone touch him. Eventually he came out of his crate and allowed me to get near him. After a few hours, he understood that I was not a threat and permitted me to pet him and gently pick him up. After a few days, he bonded with me and ONLY ME. He was definitely a "one person" dog. He would be a playful snugglebug with me, but would bite the crap out of my wife.
David Dobson
David Dobson 16 minuten geleden
all 1.2k that have disliked this. need to get a life! totally ridiculous that you would click this, watch and hit dislike. Get over yourself.
AJ 16 minuten geleden
People who disliked this video...could you explain to me why?
Liên Nguyễn
Liên Nguyễn 16 minuten geleden
Wendy Krommehoek
Wendy Krommehoek 17 minuten geleden
Little Mowgli
John Afable
John Afable 17 minuten geleden
So tranquilizers isnt a thing huh...
Emir Sabaredzovic
Emir Sabaredzovic 17 minuten geleden
How... just how did he get stuck in there? I want a video of him getting stuck in that hole.
Francisco Corbacho
Francisco Corbacho 17 minuten geleden
who does something like this ??!!!!
Garden of Cherry blossom
Garden of Cherry blossom 17 minuten geleden
*Everyone talking how pitiful the do is* Meanwhile me whose wearing headphone and the volume is full: wjhhdhjebdhakdnkcusbdb
Francisco Corbacho
Francisco Corbacho 17 minuten geleden
who does something like this ??!!!!
ValeVale 18 minuten geleden
This lady has Fairy Godmother level 9000. Blessings to this lovely woman and her dogs. Glad that "D" found a good home
Hershey T
Hershey T 18 minuten geleden
The people who left her hopefully got covid
CaYlYa 18 minuten geleden
I’ve done this before. I haven’t heard my stray cat in 3 days. The cat came back. It happens.
Rylan Root
Rylan Root 18 minuten geleden
This reminds me of that one episode of Looney Toons
manu strella
manu strella 18 minuten geleden
omg he kisses him ToT
Chloe Powell
Chloe Powell 18 minuten geleden
Rifqi riza irfansyah
Rifqi riza irfansyah 18 minuten geleden
the legend of one eye cat
lil peep
lil peep 18 minuten geleden
I always cry after watching dodos videos Bc I'm a animal type person I love animals more than anything but the sad thing is animals never or don't like me back I once had 4 little baby chickens and one night the smallest among the 4 of them was really sick and she passed away after that we had 2 girls and 1 boy chickens but sadly nobody liked chicken so they ate them...I was really sad in these times I had like 2 ducks my parents ate them... and now I have 2 dove,2 zebra finches and 2 male budgies
Johan Gustavsson
Johan Gustavsson 19 minuten geleden
A wise choice, Mr. Hiss. A wise choice.
Hallö 19 minuten geleden
Amateurs! My cat gave birth in MY bedroom! UvU
TommyMiddleFinger 19 minuten geleden
Ha! I knew that too!
Nathan Dunn
Nathan Dunn 19 minuten geleden
Such a good boy! Time to be a cat
Ben 28
Ben 28 20 minuten geleden
If she wasn’t named Garfield, I’ll be pretty annoyed
o 20 minuten geleden
dogs don't smile
LOL 20 minuten geleden
I feel itchy........
northofyou33 20 minuten geleden
To everyone complaining about him being rehomed: Dogs can love and trust more than one person. If she finds the perfect home for Chapo, he won't be traumatized. Please understand how important fostering is.
cropped bonsai
cropped bonsai 20 minuten geleden
ive never seen something that im scared of and something cute at the same time
Gruff Tor
Gruff Tor 20 minuten geleden
I’m sure that’s a song by Jonny Cash. ‘The happiest Armadillo in Kentucky’
Rookie 20 minuten geleden
Nope, we know that he didn't grow up. He was steamed in a dumpling and here we are today.
RANDOM GUY 20 minuten geleden
They are so tasty!
Lizzi 21 minuut geleden
luke kahu
luke kahu 22 minuten geleden
God bless you
Huntley Davis
Huntley Davis 22 minuten geleden
omg "she" has horns!
Delaney Holt
Delaney Holt 22 minuten geleden
My ad “stop using that fake deodorant! You’re a man!” N-no no no I’m not...
Semra Aktaş
Semra Aktaş 22 minuten geleden
SaRiaka 22 minuten geleden
Tysm for taking such good care of her 🙏💜
David Clarke
David Clarke 22 minuten geleden
And Trophy hunters still killing these magnificent creatures 🤯🙏
Priority Alpha
Priority Alpha 23 minuten geleden
I wanna know who the actual heckin Frick is disliking these!
Erles Strife
Erles Strife 23 minuten geleden
in Oct 20 i started feeding a grey stray cat nearby because my friends gave me a pack of cat dry food for prank (they made fun of me since i dislike cats). Since then the cat will always come everyday to ask for food every afternoon and evening but she never stayed. One day she didnt show up for 2 days and i got very restless, unable to sleep wondering what might happen to her (it happened around mid Nov 20). Then she suddenly shows up with a kitten, but this time she stays for permanent with her kitten too. I'm very excited and i live happier ever since they came to my life. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE CAN EASILY ABANDON THEIR OWN PET ON PURPOSE AFTER HAVING THEM???
booyah2u 2
booyah2u 2 23 minuten geleden
You are both adorable. Your cat is gorgeous. Lovely to see you have a very tight bond.
Noelia Jaime
Noelia Jaime 23 minuten geleden
I fostered 2 times , a kitten and a puppy. I kept them both. I cannot raise an animal and not feel like their mom.
CeCe G
CeCe G 23 minuten geleden
Thank you guys making humans look good. ❤️🙏🏼
ASMR Tingled Pink
ASMR Tingled Pink 24 minuten geleden
She's beautiful! So adorable and sweet. What a wonderful story. So happy for the both of them.
Casey Louise
Casey Louise 24 minuten geleden
They look like Otters! 🥰
Gaurav Gaur
Gaurav Gaur 24 minuten geleden
In my country no one can imagine of neglecting a pitbullllllll
Nyuuz moba
Nyuuz moba 24 minuten geleden
Kim Kochel
Kim Kochel 24 minuten geleden
God Bless you people for what you have done. You are very rare folks including your dogs. When she opened the door to the house that made me smile. I volunteered at a cat shelter for 2 years. It was a life changing experience for me. Thank you for what you do. 🙏✝️💐
Atsukocchi 24 minuten geleden
can I eat them?
Nyuuz moba
Nyuuz moba 24 minuten geleden
Allen Tax
Allen Tax 24 minuten geleden
Almost a white deer.😮
Nyuuz moba
Nyuuz moba 24 minuten geleden
prashanth raghuram
prashanth raghuram 24 minuten geleden
Queen Daenerys, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Yard, Cuddler of Humans and Mother of Stuffed Toys
Nyuuz moba
Nyuuz moba 25 minuten geleden
Nyuuz moba
Nyuuz moba 25 minuten geleden
Lorena Valentino
Lorena Valentino 25 minuten geleden
Grazie mille grazie mille per il tuo buon cuore 😘😘😘😘😘😘