NewAlias 11 uur geleden
I think yalls should throw your babies or little sibs in a gorrila enclosure and then wait around to see what happens so u can show the world how lovey and cuddle these teddy bear beasts are uwu 💕❤️💖💞
mashed-\ /-out
mashed-\ /-out 11 uur geleden
I dig the smoker laugh🤣
Kerthe Perez
Kerthe Perez 11 uur geleden
I wanna shoot the guy who kill the innocent gorilla. If you don't want this to happen again pls dont make a animal zoo. Tsk
loveloses 11 uur geleden
Loved the Sex and the City reference. :)
Robin Clarke
Robin Clarke 11 uur geleden
It's been against the law 100000% to kill babies since the 80's; any seal that's anything but 100% white is no longer a baby (is away from mom 100%) and is legal to hunt. It's a huge part of our heritage and sacred to many people. Also, if they aren't hunted (sustainably and responsibly) the population will grow so large, the seals and every other part of the ecosystem will suffer greatly. Source: Am Inuit. My people know what they're doing.
Ga Ro
Ga Ro 11 uur geleden
At least for every lowlife human maggot dogfighter there are plenty of good folk Who love dogs.👍I hope this boy lives a long happy life from now on.
Victoria Kneece-Tillison
Victoria Kneece-Tillison 11 uur geleden
Love this story!
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters 11 uur geleden
Her little snort is the cutest thing in the world
Builder Man
Builder Man 11 uur geleden
girls: mom let us keep the puppy TTOTT mom:no we need to get a new 1 girls: cries words from the top of their words while screaming
Conny Pestana
Conny Pestana 11 uur geleden
Can he bark? I wonder if he has a vocal cord issue. Either way he is beautiful
Madison Brown
Madison Brown 11 uur geleden
Those eyes. Wow what a beautiful dog.
sun seo
sun seo 11 uur geleden
Lol first of all what the hell were his parents doing when he fell off from the fence? Isn't it what we have to talk about? Parents murdered Harambe and almost got the boy.
Kandi Hinshaw
Kandi Hinshaw 11 uur geleden
Where in the world did you hear that reptiles weren't trainable. Have you ever heard of Steve Irwin? That is so stupid whoever told you can't train reptiles is full of crap. You can train any animal to do anything to its abilities. You can train goldfish to play soccer. In the little fish tanks. I've seen it there NLposts videos of it. You can train crocodiles to wear harnesses I've seen that one too. Whoever told you you can't train a reptile to do crap it's full of it. You've been misinformed. You can train them to sit you can train them to stay you can train them like you would your own dog. Your bearded dragon will walk on a leash and harness.
Joey Boy
Joey Boy 11 uur geleden
This is such a touching story I love this channel so much everyone sub!
Beatrice Rigaud
Beatrice Rigaud 11 uur geleden
Thank you so much for being so patient with this beautiful traumatized soul, you really saved her! Thank you a million times 😌👏❤️🏹
Dinda Salsabila Putri
Dinda Salsabila Putri 11 uur geleden
Annie's face look so innocent but her heart doesn't look the same for maggie 😂
chubsley2000 11 uur geleden
i would have thought that a wombat and a kangaroo would be great pals because they live on the same continent
Susie C
Susie C 11 uur geleden
Adorable. The for saving her.Hugs!!!
Connor Dover
Connor Dover 11 uur geleden
Is she still alive
Perfect Home
Perfect Home 11 uur geleden
Beautiful dog and story!!! Thank you good people fir exist!!!!!!! You make this world better!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles 11 uur geleden
How did that dog even get there? Maybe it fell off a boat and swam there
Maria Azam
Maria Azam 11 uur geleden
That’s what God created man for: to take care of and protect all the helpless beings on this planet. Bless you and your team ❤️
Average Fingerboarder
Average Fingerboarder 11 uur geleden
Wow unnecessary to kill the gorilla. All he did was make a new friend. :(
エイミー 11 uur geleden
it's pronounced "eem-yoo" but k
Luis Eduardo De Oliveira
Luis Eduardo De Oliveira 11 uur geleden
It's super dope how animals have the intuition of dange, if you really think about its cool.
Isabelle Lee
Isabelle Lee 11 uur geleden
now this is a swan boat
NightSeaBreeze 11 uur geleden
How cute!!!😄👏
Hi There
Hi There 11 uur geleden
Ryo 11 uur geleden
Tami Q
Tami Q 11 uur geleden
Mastiff/ Chow mix maybe. The spotted Purple color of the tongue is a dead giveaway.
Ankita Basu
Ankita Basu 11 uur geleden
Why it seems like harambe pulled the boy out of the reach of other gorillas and then he examined the boy if he is alright and would have done nothing to him .... just because the kid's parents were not attentive towards their kid ... a poor soul was killed who was not even in his birth land 😓🥺 and they could have given some sleep darts rather than bullets to Harambe
Glamazon 617
Glamazon 617 11 uur geleden
I'd have thought you guys already did a piece on him! Glad you finally have!
bgdavenport 11 uur geleden
Teach him how to cross roads by first looking left.
Rock P 2000
Rock P 2000 11 uur geleden
Im starting to think they manufacture some of these videos, cause after all they get lots of money from them and since when are there so many videos of wrecked street animals ?
david david
david david 11 uur geleden
The concern was more than reasonable, but considering the child was not harmed I wish they had let it play out just a while longer.
Rogue Gamer
Rogue Gamer 11 uur geleden
We rescued a dog, he was abused by his old owners, we gave him all the love and attention he needed, and now he's good as ever.
อรรถะ พิจรณาเกื้อกูล
อรรถะ พิจรณาเกื้อกูล 11 uur geleden
Free death for fear of mankind.
Brenton_ok? 11 uur geleden
its ok when a dog does it , but when i do it im "breaking and entering" and they're going to "call the police".
Donald Boyce
Donald Boyce 11 uur geleden
Kool, keep working with her!
Jessica Charles
Jessica Charles 11 uur geleden
What a beautiful story. 🙂
Kurt B
Kurt B 11 uur geleden
OMG! He's adorable!!!!
John 11 uur geleden
I didn’t think people were capable of loving unless it was a certain race
rin gal
rin gal 11 uur geleden
Huh. Looks like a little gremlin to me😂😂
raz. 11 uur geleden
ok he fineeeeee
Robin Clarke
Robin Clarke 11 uur geleden
Nope. Whitecoat hunting was banned in the 80's and seal hunting is a huge and valuable part of our history. Source: Am Inuit.
Peter Henare
Peter Henare 11 uur geleden
kandace haith
kandace haith 11 uur geleden
How does he have no tongue ?
Cameron Jackson
Cameron Jackson 11 uur geleden
Awesome video 💕 Thank you 😘 huge fan from the UK 💕
WhiteRaven696 11 uur geleden
4 dogs and a cat? That's a household I would very much like to live in, please.
John 11 uur geleden
Tony weighs more than I do. I’m 28, 5,6 and weigh 108
Melinda Khristine
Melinda Khristine 11 uur geleden
It takes a real man to have a cat. Men are sometimes afraid to like cats because it might take their masculinity away. So Congrats Kaleb and Paco. Friends forever! Both are adorable.
Robert Neuzil
Robert Neuzil 11 uur geleden
If the hunters cause an accident or death or someone. All will be charged. Guilty by Association.
Teresa Stills
Teresa Stills 11 uur geleden
You are an amazing person keep up the good work
Trent The Taco
Trent The Taco 11 uur geleden
Maggie: it’s over Annie, I have the high ground!
Crystal Nam-Rangel
Crystal Nam-Rangel 11 uur geleden
Thank you, the world needs more people like you. Rolo would have suffered so much if you and your husband didn't save him. Thank you, God bless.
Duke Raul
Duke Raul 11 uur geleden
Antonina Hervela
Antonina Hervela 11 uur geleden
Love your loving heart💜
Rons halohalo vlog
Rons halohalo vlog 11 uur geleden
Is that Philippine eagle?😄
blair daveries
blair daveries 11 uur geleden
'this story just makes everyone happy and proud too of human kindness..'
Dan White
Dan White 11 uur geleden
It's OBVIOUSLY not a stray! As much as the disillusioned person who wrote that title would like to be for their heroism, it's not! Don't lie!!
Robert Neuzil
Robert Neuzil 11 uur geleden
If hunters illegally tresspass on private properties. Than the hunters should be allowed to be shot.
Yair Metargem
Yair Metargem 11 uur geleden
she is good now. you are beautiful 1 that's 4sure much love 2u two life is good
Klazocloniac 11 uur geleden
That's the kind of frozen stiff movement my cat had before we brought him to be put to sleep. Im so glad this cat could make it, even if my baby couldn't. My baby had pancreatic cancer or something along those lines though, so there was no way to rehab him even though we tried for months. One day he just collapsed and we knew it was time :(
Leo Ireland
Leo Ireland 11 uur geleden
Jazzmen Gardley
Jazzmen Gardley 11 uur geleden
That's so cute and beautiful :)
Joe Bell
Joe Bell 11 uur geleden
This is a very bad video Because of back ground music.I would never subscribe to any with back ground music!!
Leo Ireland
Leo Ireland 11 uur geleden
ToniHunterOne 11 uur geleden
You are a fantastic Cat-Daddy, Daddio! I love it. Big SMILES to you both.
Deirdre 11 uur geleden
She adores her owner.
Travel Time
Travel Time 11 uur geleden
Christopher Reeves from beyond the grave: I want my legs back, lol. 😊
Robin Ellison
Robin Ellison 11 uur geleden
Cats are so sweet. Glad this was a foster fail. He isn't lonely anymore.
biTteR_cOoKiE 11 uur geleden
the cat is thinking, "who are you calling a sidekick...sidekick"
Deirdre 11 uur geleden
What an AMAZING dog .
Josh in EIDL Grant and PPP loan
Josh in EIDL Grant and PPP loan 11 uur geleden
My German shepherd once ate 3 baby kittens
Andrea Mühlbacher
Andrea Mühlbacher 11 uur geleden
My sister feed a raven family and her little dog play with them peaceful and happy , they are very clever birds ,I love them so cute 🐦❤️🌈
Maddy Anderson
Maddy Anderson 11 uur geleden
i'm adopting a puppy
homelessEh 11 uur geleden her name wynona..
robindabreu34 11 uur geleden
Omg, poor baby girl!