Tiny Baby Stoat Has The Best Reaction When She Meets Someone Like Her | The Dodo Little But Fierce

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At less than 4 weeks old, Whisper was abandoned by her mom. Robert cared for her around the clock, but what she really needed was a friend like her. Then another baby stoat named Stuart came along. Watch the moment they meet!
Check out more of Robert E Fuller's work on NLposts: thedo.do/fuller527.

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Caret 4 minuten geleden
we usually kill these on sight in my country, didn't think they are pets
Stacy Zavisch
Stacy Zavisch 4 minuten geleden
EE stoats are adorable.
AJ 6 minuten geleden
People who disliked this video...could you explain to me why?
Casey Louise
Casey Louise 13 minuten geleden
They look like Otters! 🥰
Atsukocchi 13 minuten geleden
can I eat them?
RaidenNexus97 15 minuten geleden
Day 1: I hate her!😠 Day 2: Omg we're BFFs😀 Day 3: I HATE HER!!😡
Nyuuz moba
Nyuuz moba 18 minuten geleden
Subrat Vishwas
Subrat Vishwas 22 minuten geleden
Me: cute Meanwhile mouse somewhere: This is death.
- Boba Tea -
- Boba Tea - 35 minuten geleden
I want it
DaFireman33 40 minuten geleden
Stoat? I thought it was a ferret...n who calls a female Stuart?
DEEZZ NUTZZ 53 minuten geleden
anybody else thought it was dorian yates speaking at the start of the video hahahhahhahaahahahahhhaahahaaa
Whimsical Clouds
Whimsical Clouds Uur geleden
Gahh so cute 😭 Raising baby owls and meerkats wasn't as adorable for me unfortunately. The wallaby however was an angel 😇
BreadMonster Uur geleden
Cutest thing ever ;o
GINGER The CAT Uur geleden
so cute! 😻
Yvon Barrier
Yvon Barrier Uur geleden
This was so nice to watch, I have never seen a stoat but it was adorable to see these 2 little animals interact. Well done Robert Fuller.
Gustavo Matozo
Gustavo Matozo Uur geleden
Okay, we need a movie about this. Kinda like Journey, 2 friends going around helping each other in a tragic but magical _journey_ for lack of a better word, but with stoats
Sylvia Davies
Sylvia Davies Uur geleden
Totally loved watching that - what a wonderful experience and the way you supported their transition was admirable. This would be my dream job! Congratulations!
Dia Zoiki
Dia Zoiki Uur geleden
Babies owo
Неизвестный Дэн
Неизвестный Дэн 2 uur geleden
Zombie deer video!
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 2 uur geleden
I have never heard of a stout. I am going to have to look into this further?
Stuart Hollingsead
Stuart Hollingsead 2 uur geleden
watch your video might get cancelled for calling Stuart a girl...
Herr Ruin
Herr Ruin 3 uur geleden
Solche Feinis
Hi, what beautiful little creatures and a nice story. Very well done for changing their lives for the better. Regards Dave.
relikvija 3 uur geleden
This dude is a legend
Tineke Dijk
Tineke Dijk 3 uur geleden
Amazing stuff !!
Николай Красников
Николай Красников 3 uur geleden
хорошее видео! успокаивает и душу, и тело, и хочется поласкать их )))))))
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory 4 uur geleden
Would be so hard to raise animals and have to let them go.
the soviet milk man
the soviet milk man 4 uur geleden
yo we need bog floppa, if we dont get floppa i swear imma load the fucking glock
first name
first name 4 uur geleden
They're cleay fighting not playing 🤣🤣
Dunebuggie Jones
Dunebuggie Jones 4 uur geleden
Me: What are you? 0-0 Her: I’m a Stoat, hooman! 0w0 Me: Awwww *starts crying* she’s sooo cute! Her: MwM *happy squeak noises* Me: *Literally dies*
Sweet Success
Sweet Success 4 uur geleden
Awe!! So cute🍼😁
Cheryl C
Cheryl C 4 uur geleden
If they only knew how dangerous and hard it is to live out in the wild Im sure they would have never left the enclosure. It only takes a bird a sec. to pounce on them. They are no bigger than a mouse. I dont know what they eat but hope there was going to be alot of it. I wouldnt think a little creature like that is a hunter.
theecologist10 4 uur geleden
"Shes got her own fat little tummy" same
Don Cheeto
Don Cheeto 4 uur geleden
A girl named Stuart, coot af 💖
indria drayton
indria drayton 4 uur geleden
Mr. Fuller is amazing! He does so many things, but, my question is, does he ever sleep?!!!!
indria drayton
indria drayton 5 uur geleden
Ridiculously CUTE!!!!!!🤗
Rere - EPB
Rere - EPB 5 uur geleden
Cute T_T
Mitchell Velardes
Mitchell Velardes 5 uur geleden
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Terra Nova
Terra Nova 5 uur geleden
It's the wild.. they prob became some birds food.. pointless to waste time raising then.. you could have just used them for python food
NothingPersonal 5 uur geleden
I love this videos these are very good people keep it up
Miss EB
Miss EB 5 uur geleden
Naww.. they're so cute ☺️ But here in NZ they'd be killed immediately, there would be no talk about reintroducing them to the wild 😅
nicolas escamilla
nicolas escamilla 5 uur geleden
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LegendLength 5 uur geleden
hard to upvote with that shitty music but that video was ok
Cloud Striker
Cloud Striker 5 uur geleden
Is it actually feasible to keep stoats as pets? I think my heart melted a bit watching this.
J B 6 uur geleden
I’ve been a lot happier recently from watching you channel
sc pls
sc pls 6 uur geleden
So cute....
brakin waters
brakin waters 6 uur geleden
gawky 6 uur geleden
aaand they've been eaten by an eagle
ᒍᑌᑭITEᖇ 6 uur geleden
Person: Now shes calming down Also the stoat: AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHHHH *bites stuart*
Lady Jeani
Lady Jeani 6 uur geleden
I've heard them called so many different names that I'm mixed up about what they are, but it doesn't matter to me as long as they don't call it Stuart, thats a last name, and it doesn't sound right on a cute little critter.
MrAlexdoesmovies 6 uur geleden
These videos make me want to kill myself less...
HandNrocK 7 uur geleden
why are earth would you name a female Stuart? Stupid
Aka 7 uur geleden
who from the zombie deer
Advik Singh
Advik Singh 7 uur geleden
In India we don't have sloats, lovely to see them
Christina Reno-Johnson
Christina Reno-Johnson 7 uur geleden
Bruh I don't even know what kind of animal group she belongs to but I would carry her in my pocket EVERYWHERE! OMG cutest thing ever!!
ayronsmama05 7 uur geleden
I have never heard of such animals as these. I know ferrets and weasels but oh my what precious cuties they are. I wonder just how big they get? Oh well thanks for the info and the beauties that made me smile so much my face hurts, lol. Blessings!!
p a v l o v a
p a v l o v a 7 uur geleden
just using my big brain to say, it’s actually and endangered species of ferret. They found a bunch on a farm and took old DNA from a dead one and transferred it to an egg. That’s why it’s identical.
Robert Myles
Robert Myles 7 uur geleden
I don't think I could've ever brought myself to release them. They're just so damn adorable I'd want to keep them and love them forever
Will G.
Will G. 8 uur geleden
how cute
kevin chen
kevin chen 8 uur geleden
The abrupt stool routinely treat because pvc densply warn worth a fast river. nasty, right hockey
Lure_ 8 uur geleden
The chain ends here
exoticlonghair 8 uur geleden
que lindas
Animal Funday
Animal Funday 8 uur geleden
Sooo cuteeee
Forever Metal
Forever Metal 8 uur geleden
This man is a beautiful soul. I never saw a Stout in all my life. Perhaps I'm a bit selfish, I can never part with Whisper or Stuart! Especially, when you're literally raising, nursing and nurturing them. It has to be a sincerely gratifying experience and I would have great difficulty letting go . Way too attached.🐾
Dashkin Blacksmith
Dashkin Blacksmith 8 uur geleden
i live in nz were stoats are quite the pest so it feels strange to se them being cared for
threemad 420
threemad 420 9 uur geleden
imagine they start killing eachother like hamsters
Sara Kjeldsen
Sara Kjeldsen 9 uur geleden
Omg so cute XD
Nikkolas Diehl
Nikkolas Diehl 9 uur geleden
Stoats and weasels are national pests in my country. We try kill and annihilate as many as possible because they kill our national birds. You would never release them into nature if you found any.
K Dubb
K Dubb 9 uur geleden
Quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen all day.
InsaneCamaroDriver 9 uur geleden
Molly T
Molly T 9 uur geleden
How sweet of u to set them on their life. What lovely creatures.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 9 uur geleden
I’ve didn’t even know this was an animal until now
Shing-Yan Loo
Shing-Yan Loo 9 uur geleden
"I look forward to catching up with them in the future" - Let's hope that they don't turn into bird food
Joey Racano
Joey Racano 9 uur geleden
What amazing work you are doing. Your actions are truly heroic!
Kirsty Lyons
Kirsty Lyons 9 uur geleden
Never heard of stoats before. Very cute. Are they kept secret to protect them from becoming pets?
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 9 uur geleden
Sloats are ferrets but without the stink
J M 9 uur geleden
What the heck is a Stoat? Is it a type of otter? Sooo cute!
Kelvin Rivera
Kelvin Rivera 9 uur geleden
Luana Caixeiro
Luana Caixeiro 10 uur geleden
lindo demais
robert flint
robert flint 10 uur geleden
Just curious....Do the stoat's know what a hawk is? Did you give these stoats practice catching food? In the wild, I believe they are predators and hunt for their food. It's great what the guy did, but did he just release them to their death?
Phoi Rahlan
Phoi Rahlan 10 uur geleden
Cute 🥰
YellowTiger 10 uur geleden
Super pissed off right now and really want to fight so I decided to watch animal videos to feel better. This is the one that made me smile. That was so sweet to see them basically look at each other and say, "I'm a stoat! You're a stoat!"
ZeroShikino 10 uur geleden
I swear this guy looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and William James Dafoe with a little bit of Liam Neeson..... No disrespect tho...Very cute video.
Seamus 10 uur geleden
Z G 10 uur geleden
🌈🐾Mega cuteness overload🐾⚠️
emynemy 10 uur geleden
This has to be made into a children's book or Disney movie about two adopted sister stoats. It's way too precious 🥺
immortal Dio
immortal Dio 10 uur geleden
Beautiful creatures
JuJu Bean
JuJu Bean 10 uur geleden
SO CUTE I’m dying
Natalie Bierman
Natalie Bierman 10 uur geleden
I’ve never seen a sloat! How adorable♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Natalie Bierman
Natalie Bierman 10 uur geleden
The Dodo has the best animal videos, thank you for such a great content! I know whenever I see a Dodo video it’s always going to be great♥️‼️
lil y / n
lil y / n 10 uur geleden
Sloats are ferrets but without the stink
moonshadow 10 uur geleden
John CO.
John CO. 11 uur geleden
"the fucks a stoat"
Casey9420 11 uur geleden
And week later a Hawk picked them up and ate them both. The End
Kitsuyuutsu R
Kitsuyuutsu R 11 uur geleden
I have no idea what a stoat is, looks like some sort of weasel? Either way they’re both adorable! What a great story! 🥰
Hype MyNizzle
Hype MyNizzle 11 uur geleden
So....A weasel?
Hype MyNizzle
Hype MyNizzle 11 uur geleden
I've come from the future, Stuart will soon meet a bird named Margalo- wait no wrong Stuart.
Mia 11 uur geleden
WTF? How have I NEVER heard of a stoat? I'm in London, but have never heard of these on any animal show or online. I am soo confused. these are beautiful creatures!! Lovely!
No one
No one 12 uur geleden
I love her using her own tail to scratch her face
woffy 12 uur geleden
it looks like a short ferret
MWM25 12 uur geleden
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