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29 dagen geleden

Pittie brothers who lost their dad do the most magical thing when they meet their new family ♥️
Keep up with Tonka and Little P on Instagram: thedo.do/tonkaandlittlep. Check out Crysti on Instagram: thedo.do/crys_ti_.
Special thanks to Mr. Bones & Co, you can support their rescue work here: thedo.do/mrbones.
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charlie fuller
charlie fuller 45 minuten geleden
RIP kris and now RIP tonka 👊
nick 4 uur geleden
This is def gonna be on ur recommended.
Robin Jones
Robin Jones 5 uur geleden
Sad but happy story at the end there Carrie beautiful dogs glad they found a home
Tabako ANGSARAAAP 11 uur geleden
Rip kris aquino
VeTeRaN ReAp3r
VeTeRaN ReAp3r 11 uur geleden
Dude what the hell happened was kris to close to edge:( man this sucks just a walk led to this tragedy. RiP Kris and Tonka
Brad ley
Brad ley 13 uur geleden
LiliSimon 15 uur geleden
This made me cry. I feel bad for Little P because he had to endure the loss of his dad and brother. The whole story is so sad that their dad died so young and left behind his two dogs.
Mel• Ry•Gacha
Mel• Ry•Gacha 18 uur geleden
RIP kris.... I hope ur doing well 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Jerome .M
Jerome .M 18 uur geleden
R.I.P Kris
Bobby Hurtado
Bobby Hurtado 18 uur geleden
Lynn 19 uur geleden
Why do I watch these I just cry! Rip Chris & Tonka!
rich 527
rich 527 19 uur geleden
Kris died on impact but the 2 dogs survived so that doesn't matter
Deven Swafford
Deven Swafford 20 uur geleden
You split them up....wtf
jr 92 17
jr 92 17 21 uur geleden
Rip kris
Divine Love333
Divine Love333 22 uur geleden
Aww man this got me teary-eyed 💚
M W Dag geleden
I seen all that sadness is Tonka eyes! Heartbreak is sooo real! Animal or Human! RIP Kris & Tonka .. hope you guys are having the BEST & BIGGEST adventures in heaven!
初Zero'sEdits Dag geleden
😭😭🥺🥺 rip Tonka & Kris
Shaurya Hype
Shaurya Hype Dag geleden
4:12 Tonka is moving like : Who did this? Sure little P did it, I am heading out from this mess.
Joel Glass
Joel Glass Dag geleden
How can you not feel that!! Rip kris. Pittie love🧡💜
Matthew Truby
Matthew Truby Dag geleden
Did that man really let the bottom of his jeans get soaked in the ocean
Vicky Gambardella
Vicky Gambardella Dag geleden
I am so sorry about the loss of your cousin.
Armon J
Armon J Dag geleden
The statuesque size prudently name because cycle fortunately irritate aboard a adamant archer. illegal, brash area
Olivia Watkins
Olivia Watkins Dag geleden
...this is sad as hell cause a dog waited for him
B. Champ
B. Champ Dag geleden
Wait no Tonka died nooo wait no please no
yoshi gamer108
yoshi gamer108 Dag geleden
Such an amazing and beautiful story❤ thank you for sharing
Mr. T
Mr. T Dag geleden
Ryan McCarthy 🙏🙏🙏
John Verdad
John Verdad Dag geleden
Awesome 😎👍 story ! I've watched this like 10x
Jude Ohman
Jude Ohman Dag geleden
My condolences to u sister, my heart hurting for you all!
ASMR Leyla
ASMR Leyla Dag geleden
Am I the only one who’s crying
Eva Moustaka
Eva Moustaka Dag geleden
.....and then sadness again😇🐶watching over little brother🐕💔💔💔💜💜💜
Eva Moustaka
Eva Moustaka Dag geleden
Just bawled my eyes out all throughout the video, first tragedy then happiness. Chris now looks down upon his beautiful animals with a warm smile on his face😇🙏🐶🐶💖
Dustydino • 69 years ago
Dustydino • 69 years ago 2 dagen geleden
Ok sorry for your loss and all, rip kris, but WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND TAKES DOGS HIKING???
G. S.
G. S. 2 dagen geleden
Whatever you do, don't google Kristofer Busching. Especially on Reddit. Turns out he was a real jerk with at least one arrest for hit and run.
Renee Smith
Renee Smith 2 dagen geleden
c222233 2 dagen geleden
Rip- Kris
DJballer 2k21
DJballer 2k21 2 dagen geleden
R.i.p chris this was a emotional story thank God they have a good family that will take good care of them.
J Pines
J Pines 2 dagen geleden
I respect the new owners for keeping the name of kris dogs. Wow that’s honorable.
Stella Hohenheim
Stella Hohenheim Dag geleden
Yeah they should give her a nobel prize for not naming a dog
J Pines
J Pines 2 dagen geleden
I use to watch these videos all of time. But my mom just died Thursday and they’re really helping me cope. Me and my sisters will be okay. Thank you guys so much for helping step into a new journey.
andy s
andy s 2 dagen geleden
Bless you for looking out for your cousins dog and honoring his memory. I'm sure he's looking down with a big smile knowing you had his back. RIP Kris
T J 2 dagen geleden
David Newcomb
David Newcomb 2 dagen geleden
Very sad for pups n family. I'm so glad the pups are in a good luving home. Sure that's what Chris wld have wanted. God rest his soul. Hugs to all the fam n them beautiful pups
YoHomieChong 2 dagen geleden
If this was a movie. Ill be smiling and crying at the same time
Alejandro sanchez
Alejandro sanchez 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful History..
James Mggee
James Mggee 2 dagen geleden
Rip to their pops kris
Yen C
Yen C 2 dagen geleden
sad story, but happy ending
Spoon Playz
Spoon Playz 2 dagen geleden
thank’s now i’m balling my eyes out.. R.I.P Kris he deserved better
JaiNai 2 dagen geleden
The end is what got me crying 😭 I believe that Tonka held on for P so he could find a great home to live out his days. Kris and Tonka are together again 🥰
Richard Hurst
Richard Hurst 2 dagen geleden
What happened to Tonka
Ed Smith
Ed Smith 2 dagen geleden
I'm sorry to hear about your brother terrible tragedy in the Lost but I'm glad that you take good care of his dogs and kept them together
Kelton Granviel
Kelton Granviel 2 dagen geleden
Big Blessings too all Rest in heaven Kris
Sherif Marciano
Sherif Marciano 2 dagen geleden
Sorry but if my brother died and those are his dogs who he loved so much I don’t care if I have 300 dogs already Iam talking those dogs in bc they’re a part of my dead brother Rip Kris Sister you should’ve stepped up a little more
Saggy Waffles
Saggy Waffles 3 dagen geleden
the dog follow him for sure
Vexxx is bad
Vexxx is bad 3 dagen geleden
makes a grown man cry
Mads 3 dagen geleden
The only channel on NLposts that makes grown men cry daily.
Gabriela Buhusi
Gabriela Buhusi 3 dagen geleden
Tonka is in heaven with his father Kris , both rip
Paula Harmon
Paula Harmon 3 dagen geleden
I had tears in my eyes for the man the these two dogs loved and lost. In a big baby, when it comes to beautiful stories like this one. In also bawling my eyes out for the previous owner may his sweet soul rest in peace, now that he knows that his precious fur babies have found a forever home after him. They taught him love and he taught them how to trust other humans. Its sad when you know your forever person is out there waiting for you, but you never meet them. I'll pray for th see two Tanka, and Little P.
Blue lillies
Blue lillies 3 dagen geleden
I think that the new owners were definitely the right choice! And i think that there dad thinks that too 🥲 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💗💓💞💕❣️💖💘💝💟
valley farming
valley farming 3 dagen geleden
You can see him inside his dogs he trained them well rip brother
Nicholas Rinzel
Nicholas Rinzel 3 dagen geleden
Must have been a wonderful man for those dogs to have done that they really loved him good doggies
Barbara English
Barbara English 3 dagen geleden
What a special story; it had everything in it to warm a person’s heart and soul. Love and caring and beauty and giving is there for us to jump in and enjoy whenever we remember we can create that foe ourselves. If it isn’t happening that way in your life, I invite you to get up from your couch and create your life. ❤️
BYogi 333
BYogi 333 3 dagen geleden
emsie76 3 dagen geleden
RIP Kris. 🙏🏼 I’m Sobbing like a baby here. I know how loving my pitbull is towards his daddy.. he lives for his daddy. So sad...
Aldo Torres
Aldo Torres 3 dagen geleden
Finding out at the end of the vid that Tonka passed away was a gut punch I was not ready for. R.I.P. Kris and Tonka
Aaron Bermudez
Aaron Bermudez 3 dagen geleden
😭😭😭😭😭😭this so saaaaad
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 3 dagen geleden
😭😭😭😭😭 thank goodness they found these amazing people for these precious pups
Zerk 3 dagen geleden
Awwww they were so cute
Brenda Brayton
Brenda Brayton 3 dagen geleden
Wow, This Is 'REALLY!' A Very 'SAD😥' Story! *"R.I.P🙏KRIS!"* BUT It Was So Very 'Nice & Thoughtful!' To Eventually Bring The *'Two Brothers🐶+🐕!'* Yes,❤BACK TOGETHER❤I'm Sure, The Sweet Kind Gesture Not Only 'Warmed' Their Little Hearts But 'DID' Elevate*'KRIS~SOUL!'* In A More Restful Peace Too! But 'STILL!' I Am Sorry For Your Loss & My Deepest Condolences! Peace, BB☆
Lovely Lori
Lovely Lori 3 dagen geleden
Rest In Peace doggo daddy, may he run free in fields with god
Basshead 1970
Basshead 1970 3 dagen geleden
OMG THIS STORY IS HEARTBREAKING makes me feel happy knowing you guys are taken care of them, R.I.P. KRIS 🙏
Stacy Drake AKA BIPOLAR MOM 3 dagen geleden
Spykerczagato 3 dagen geleden
Why would you separate them after being together for so long. Stupid people
Jasonups5 3 dagen geleden
RIP Kris and Tonya!!
Mariah Hilliard
Mariah Hilliard 3 dagen geleden
RIP Kris bruh When the dogs started singing 😩🥺 tears just came flowing down
George Dominique
George Dominique 4 dagen geleden
sad story but a happy ending
Jackson Barret
Jackson Barret 4 dagen geleden
God may rest that mans soul.God bless him and may he rest in piece.Such an unfortunate thing to happen..
violet solesky
violet solesky 4 dagen geleden
Yeshlan Mariemuthu
Yeshlan Mariemuthu 4 dagen geleden
My condolences 🙏🙏🙏
TheCrazymomto6 4 dagen geleden
I love how their new parents recognize their random singing is them talking to Kris. That’s so sweet and understanding of the dogs emotions. They go through loss just as we do and it’s nice to see it respected.
MARK SYLA 4 dagen geleden
Entitled Black
Entitled Black 4 dagen geleden
All the comments are missing the most important part where another bad owner endanger/killed an animal. Hard enough seeing dumb people walking their dogs on sidewalks next to high traffic let alone thrill seekers. Worst thing is they didn't even keep the dogs....why is this on dodo?
kelly Wilkerson
kelly Wilkerson 4 dagen geleden
Sad n beautiful i cried watching this
Thekenwalk 4 dagen geleden
Awa Diagne
Awa Diagne 4 dagen geleden
Rip sorry for your loss
Jo sir
Jo sir 4 dagen geleden
You're kind, you deserve to be love. So adorable
Awake 1975
Awake 1975 4 dagen geleden
6 minutes and 36 seconds of blinding tears.
Zoretta Guillory
Zoretta Guillory 4 dagen geleden
That is sweet.
Star Little
Star Little 4 dagen geleden
Adorable dogs even though I’m extremely scared of them
Coconut ScienceGirl92
Coconut ScienceGirl92 4 dagen geleden
Just looked at the insta and tonka died 🥺🥺🌈🌈🌈😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 damnit!!!!!!! Lil P. Be well dear! You have love like no other
Regina Duarte
Regina Duarte 4 dagen geleden
Mz Clementine
Mz Clementine 4 dagen geleden
Rest in peace Kris. I truly don't understand why the family did not keep those dogs. This is the closest attachment that you have to your family member why wouldn't you keep them?
Wal Kappa
Wal Kappa 4 dagen geleden
6:23 "They got us in the first half, ngl"
Ivy Selina
Ivy Selina 4 dagen geleden
RIP Kris & Tonka
Scott Matson
Scott Matson 5 dagen geleden
Shannon Richardson
Shannon Richardson 5 dagen geleden
There is wonderful people out there! This was sad and joy all in one video! Sorry for the families loss!
Tenson 5 dagen geleden
Oh and in parks there's these little pink things that will poison dogs so just be careful
Ivan Mitchell
Ivan Mitchell 5 dagen geleden
This video made me very emotional but im glad they found a great home to go to
deeperone123 5 dagen geleden
That is so awesome🤙🏼❤️🤙🏼❤️🤙🏼❤️
Zer01neDev 5 dagen geleden
RIP to Kris, Take care of the Dogs, its the way you can honor his Memory.
Lynn Smith
Lynn Smith 5 dagen geleden
Beautiful story my dog was licking off my tears
Quavion 5 dagen geleden
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