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Shelter cat labeled aggressive didn't stand a chance until he met this woman ❤️
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TheJECNova 4 minuten geleden
I utterly, fully and completely HATE the "Their feral, aggressive and unadoptable" bullshit vast majority of shelters and places spew. ESPECIALLY in these context: their terrified! You don't mislabel that! Some my families best animals have been strays or "ferals"! The only primary issue is socialization/rehabilitation is MASSIVELY resource consuming and time exhaustive. But, with patience, can utterly be worth the effort. This? Is a fine example.
Raze 34 minuten geleden
there is nothing feral and or agressive about that cat
M Uur geleden
I'm not crying you're crying
4d's Uur geleden
Duval Jones
Duval Jones Uur geleden
It's a.... Bunny Cabbit?
Anubis Hound
Anubis Hound 2 uur geleden
Seeing his little deformed paws breaks my heart. No wonder he was so scared.
Android SubOp
Android SubOp 3 uur geleden
Hes so cute tho 😭
Undertale E
Undertale E 3 uur geleden
I cried, that's all.
Hells Belle
Hells Belle 3 uur geleden
I just love him 💗💕
XOTacokillah 4 uur geleden
I wouldve named him Rex
Alec Horowitz
Alec Horowitz 4 uur geleden
My heart broke for him in literally two seconds
Yashin Yoku
Yashin Yoku 5 uur geleden
Intro Cat : Nooo go away stay away from me
Boyfriend 5 uur geleden
Aww! Little Cat Kangaroo!
عدي الفواعير
عدي الفواعير 5 uur geleden
I always want to help animals 😢
Esther 6 uur geleden
I'm surprised the shelter used the word "aggressive". When I worked in a shelter, we just say to people that certain cats need some more patience or attention, or are super shy and scared.
Presenter Forth
Presenter Forth 6 uur geleden
*Depression has left the chat*
Koala Moon
Koala Moon 7 uur geleden
It's okau baby😢you're safe now💗
— citrusangel
— citrusangel 7 uur geleden
his feet are so cute and funny
Dino Nuggies
Dino Nuggies 8 uur geleden
Why does he look like vladimir putin?
Ben Jordan
Ben Jordan 8 uur geleden
"joey was like "oh i wanna do that too" well... uh... nah
Tungsten In Latin
Tungsten In Latin 8 uur geleden
I’m trying to be rude but you should have named him T-Rex because of his arms
Hanna Villanueva
Hanna Villanueva 8 uur geleden
Ok why did it make me think like he was the cat the talking cat the meow seems so famillar after that i relize he has small front legs is that a codition?
Lauren Tallis
Lauren Tallis 10 uur geleden
Our boy Prince was like that. I moved to Texas and visited petsmart to get food for my other animals. Saw this cat with signs on his cage saying not to put fingers in the cage and how he was a foster fail. Fast forward 5weeks later, I just had the urge to go to petsmart took an Uber and got there as the were changing out the cats and taking him away. The girl said that she was afraid to put her hand in to get him because he growled at her. I reached in picked him up he flopped over belly up like a baby and pulled my hand to his stomach and gave me kitty nibbles. Husband came home from work and all I sad was we have a friend in the bathroom and he said it’s the cat from petsmart isn’t it? They’ve had a bromance for four years now! Every animal has love to give it just takes the right human.
MikiGame HD
MikiGame HD 10 uur geleden
I think this cat is a Trex cute
Dr. Drakofly
Dr. Drakofly 12 uur geleden
Suprised she didn't name him Rex. Feels too perfect.
Steven Stallabrass
Steven Stallabrass 12 uur geleden
He’s beautiful I want to look after him! Xx
crying freeman
crying freeman 13 uur geleden
There's no way a cat with no legs and a deformed jaw would survive as a feral. That cat lived in a basement alone or something. Amazing job by you
Amro Wahid
Amro Wahid 13 uur geleden
I love how the girl decided to take care of him when he was on the brink of 'extinction'. Like, taking him from square 1 all the way to the top was so mesmerising to watch. It just builds so much affection and love and makes the relationship between the two stronger than ever.
Sashka D
Sashka D 13 uur geleden
that's a strange kangaroo you have
Davidj7 Jarrah
Davidj7 Jarrah 14 uur geleden
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Andreja Merseli
Andreja Merseli 15 uur geleden
The Brothers Coco & Gucci
The Brothers Coco & Gucci 15 uur geleden
I’m loving and caring and patience and happiness and peaceful life forever owner of the pet parent
A S G A N A 15 uur geleden
god bless you
Tyrian2000 16 uur geleden
i like this catto.
Sora Quill
Sora Quill 16 uur geleden
How is kitty boy a seriously stupid name and an incredibly adorable name at the same time?? That’s so confusing!!
Sora Quill
Sora Quill 16 uur geleden
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery 16 uur geleden
So was he born with those paws or did some stray dog nibble them off.
Dana Jensen
Dana Jensen 17 uur geleden
n u b f e e t
ferze001 17 uur geleden
yah, ferals never meow around humans, they just hiss. wtf were those shelter idiots smokin??
The Purple Tellatubby
The Purple Tellatubby 17 uur geleden
Kitty boy is the best boy
le grand sparta de l’espace II
le grand sparta de l’espace II 17 uur geleden
Hooow eh is So cute :D My mom’s boyfriend had a cat who lost is right paw and eh is as cuddly as this cat
Annabella William's
Annabella William's 17 uur geleden
You did this for him your love gave him trust. We done blessing to you all 💕💕💕💕
Raynond FauzHan
Raynond FauzHan 18 uur geleden
Damn i miss my cat
Gülşen Ocaklık
Gülşen Ocaklık 18 uur geleden
sexypants1234 18 uur geleden
his hands :(
Ash lewis Martin
Ash lewis Martin 19 uur geleden
Poor thing
Aria Rhetse
Aria Rhetse 19 uur geleden
Omg his name is Joey 😭💕 Like a little baby kangaroo🦘 so cute
Janifer Schofield
Janifer Schofield 19 uur geleden
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Amelie Wolf
Amelie Wolf 20 uur geleden
I think she got tortured by humans this is why she was aggressive (maybe)
Joni Mari Cruz
Joni Mari Cruz 20 uur geleden
I’m not crying, it’s just allergies, that’s all.
Emyrebk 20 uur geleden
Joey's a damned kangaroo.
Mateo Botha
Mateo Botha 20 uur geleden
Ok but can we talk about how damn adorable and loving that kitty is 🥰
Pratidina W
Pratidina W 20 uur geleden
So glad he found his hooman.. :)
thegreenmanofnorwich 20 uur geleden
Sweet little chap. It must be scary to be a cat in those circumstances. It's rather lovely to see an animal get comfortable and confident.
Oliver Prendergast
Oliver Prendergast 21 uur geleden
imagine calling a cat aggressive and unfit for a home without attempting to pet the damn thing
Speedy 21 uur geleden
trex boi
raven thomis
raven thomis 22 uur geleden
ive had my feral cat for almost 2 yrs now. shes so loving. she hid for a long time though.. but now she bugs me and follows me everywhere!LOL sometimes id find scratches on my hands or foot, when I'd wake up..not sure of she was playing, or attacking me.. LOL
Random Assault
Random Assault 22 uur geleden
Every Baby deserves a chance
Res Dag geleden
Thats a very weird roo you got there!
Monique Dickerson
Monique Dickerson Dag geleden
What an amazing and brave little survivor!
voo doo
voo doo Dag geleden
kitty boy is a very creative name for a cat
uhavemooface Dag geleden
Such a cute cat. Not agressive at all. The title is so wrong.
Emmet Gaming
Emmet Gaming Dag geleden
This just in, we have the most dangerous cat, the T-cat
Lea Passale
Lea Passale Dag geleden
Videos like this are making me soooo happy ❤️
Samantha Alise
Samantha Alise Dag geleden
Omg, who cut the cute kitty's hands? Your babies are so cute. You are an super-angel! :)
Donovan Dag geleden
I knew this very aggressive cat when I was volunteering at an animal shelter. She would always scratch when you tried to pet her. Then she was moved to her own room and suddenly she was all sweet and cuddly. Turns she likes people, she just hates other cats.
sandy holmes
sandy holmes Dag geleden
Furry little T.Rex
Ally Reed
Ally Reed Dag geleden
What kind of cold people work at shelters. Jesus. Have some faith in the animals
Anevay Dag geleden
So freaking cute!!!💕💕💕💕
Audrey Tonash
Audrey Tonash Dag geleden
This made me cry!! Joey is such a good boy🥺
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Dag geleden
People seem to misuse "feral." Feral means an animal that was raised in the wild with none or next to no human interaction in their adolescence.
Honey Gallardo
Honey Gallardo Dag geleden
Alan Burch
Alan Burch Dag geleden
Wow. That's wonderful! Thanks for sharing his story with us. 😊
Favor Dag geleden
He looks like dinosaur
AVenom Dag geleden
Can't imagine how hard his life was living in the streets without any front legs
Regina Coeli
Regina Coeli Dag geleden
1:43 Me: ...kangoroo //👁👄👁//
First Last
First Last Dag geleden
That's a very small kangaroo.
Janifer Schofield
Janifer Schofield Dag geleden
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Siti Hidayati
Siti Hidayati Dag geleden
terperoseokjin wah
terperoseokjin wah Dag geleden
His widdle legssss
GMilkMan Dag geleden
“He’s feral and aggressive he can probably never live in a home” Joey: *And I took that Personally*
blonde chick
blonde chick Dag geleden
Awwww you are an angel! To give that cat a chance for life. He is amazing. His little legs are so cute. I’m so glad you found each other.
FutureX YAP
FutureX YAP Dag geleden
3:14 ,that's so *CUTEEE* I just Like to see how There Talked each other!!!!
Carina Johnson
Carina Johnson Dag geleden
That is not a feral cat. He didn't once try and attack, only acted very frightened. What a sweet kitty and such a kind lady for taking him in
Kathy Childress
Kathy Childress Dag geleden
If you get an animal life has to be all about them
Green Fields
Green Fields Dag geleden
“He could probably never live in a home.” As if they are objects... I’m not criticizing the lady talking cause I know she is just like me and knows that this kind of policy is bullcrap and this poor creatures are being treated as if they’re objects for humans to exhibit and they must behave nicely or other wise is death row. Seriously?! How meaningless it is the way this people treat the life of another being! Wish to see if it was with yourselves disgusting monsters! (By the way touching on a little subject that it’s really bunkers to me, why there are some people that don’t let their “pets” sleeping on their beds or even on their rooms? Jump on the counters, and obviously training your dog to not poop in your house, it’s okay but why wouldn’t you let your precious baby sleep with you?)
MAGG0T Dag geleden
Phantom Reaper
Phantom Reaper Dag geleden
0:11 Mhm.. sure.
Phenixuu Dag geleden
This is the best thing i've seen all year long, thank you :D !
Daniel Orr
Daniel Orr Dag geleden
Okay guys we get it the cat wasn't feral or aggressive.
Faith Rockwood
Faith Rockwood Dag geleden
He looks like a cute little bunny or kangaroo lol I love him 🥰🥰🥰
The Darkman
The Darkman Dag geleden
Just drown the furbag 🐈.
Celia Scudere
Celia Scudere Dag geleden
my heart 🥺
Lord Bacon
Lord Bacon Dag geleden
"he just needed someone to believe in him"
Yukki Suzuki
Yukki Suzuki Dag geleden
"Huh, lovely wea-" "MEOW"
JaegerWolfTango 18
JaegerWolfTango 18 Dag geleden
He’s called Joey cause he’s like a little kangaroo! Oh how sweet 🥺
discord runs and content lol
discord runs and content lol Dag geleden
i like how the hastag says dog
420Effect Dag geleden
dirac bracket
dirac bracket Dag geleden
What a beautiful souls...
Simon Willis
Simon Willis Dag geleden
Thank you for giving him new life 🙏😊
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