Senior Chihuahua Turns Into A Puppy Once He Finds The Perfect Family | The Dodo

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This chubby senior Chihuahua was so scared in the shelter. He was pulled by Rita Earl Blackwell for A Purposeful Rescue and ended up being fostered by actress Kaley Cuoco! He turned into the happiest puppy and she decided she couldn't live without him ❤️
Keep up with Kaley and Dumpy on Instagram: and
Special thanks to Stand Up for Pits Foundation and A Purposeful Rescue for all their rescue efforts, you can check them out on Instagram: and
Additional thanks to Rita Earl Blackwell, check out her work on Instagram:
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bonnie ouellette
bonnie ouellette Uur geleden
You are the best person thank you so much
bonnie ouellette
bonnie ouellette Uur geleden
Love you . Thank you for your help and love for animals .thank goodness
Steve Gow
Steve Gow 2 uur geleden
Gorgeous human and her Chi x
Email 1
Email 1 3 uur geleden
Trump 2024. Let's get America back. Democrats now want to change voting to age 16. Y? Because they know they're triggered and they will vote for Democrats no matter what. Mr. Potato Head is now gender-neutral? Men who claim they are women can now compete alongside females? Dr. Seus's books are now canceled? Trump 2024. Let's get America back.
Yong Wilson
Yong Wilson 4 uur geleden
Never knew she was a dog person n animals person too! Really a fan now, was a big fan before now a huge fan! Very down to earth n love a woman that doesn’t wear makeup in the morning, bed... lucky husband!
Gaby Dersch
Gaby Dersch 5 uur geleden
Super cute. Thank you. God bless you.
Ian B.
Ian B. 7 uur geleden
Senior chihuahuas are adorable
Manish Sita Kumar
Manish Sita Kumar 8 uur geleden
I just learnt I’m dumpy too. Hiding in blanket whole day and night.
David Martinez
David Martinez 11 uur geleden
I had 2 Chihuahua they like to hide under Blanket My Daisy And Zeke both do that
Dead Person
Dead Person 11 uur geleden
Just wait a couple of years, theyll become crackheads i swear
Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory 13 uur geleden
B. L.
B. L. 14 uur geleden
2:45 Dumpster overheard Kaley say she got the toy for him.
Lemonade. Chr
Lemonade. Chr 15 uur geleden
okay i was not expecting that
Kairi Barnes
Kairi Barnes 15 uur geleden
I did not expect that penny from the big bang theory was going to adopt him i-
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 15 uur geleden
Kaley: “he’s like me soulmate” Her husband: _am I a joke to you_
Screen Apple
Screen Apple 15 uur geleden
I never knew kaley cuoco married a homeless hippy guy
David Parkins
David Parkins 16 uur geleden
Wow, they are filthy rich!
Lavenia Hewes
Lavenia Hewes 16 uur geleden
if i was a dog i would want kaley cuoco to adopt me
Hangfire 16 uur geleden
He's hiding from her because he knows anyone who pretends for a living, is batsh!t crazy...
Kathy Munoz
Kathy Munoz 17 uur geleden
Very cool
Lulu Del
Lulu Del 17 uur geleden
As a very experienced Chihuahua Mama, yes, Chi's like to burrow under a blanket..and yes, they steal your heart!!
hypnotherapy69 18 uur geleden
DON'T PUT BELLS ON YOUR CATS! THATSS NOT A CAT COLLAR THAT'S A FUCKING TORTURE DEVICE! try walking around with a foghorn to your ear and se how fun you have it =_ =.
Charlie Pechota
Charlie Pechota 18 uur geleden
Suddenly Dumpy is a millionaire! 💟💗💙
Sarah G
Sarah G 18 uur geleden
This is just like my story! I love my little chihuahua doggie! I was in tears by the end 😂
Laaz Meloul
Laaz Meloul Dag geleden
The abject duckling disconcertingly hug because reaction parallely reduce an a strange imprisonment. meaty, wiggly shorts
A A Dag geleden
I can almost hear "Leonard! our dog is doing it again"
ihateyourgutsman Dag geleden
hahahah Chihuahuas are the Best Dog ever and I have one too! Love your work .
Venusaurxl Who cares
Venusaurxl Who cares Dag geleden
Her husband has crackhead vibes. Like how olds that dude? Lol watev
Venusaurxl Who cares
Venusaurxl Who cares Dag geleden
Bruh who named this dog “dumpy” I just want to talk..
Jeptha balasingam
Jeptha balasingam Dag geleden
How do people dislike this vidio???
Chris S
Chris S Dag geleden
Category - Dog Person = Makes them AOK in my book. Anyone with the capacity to love a being like that is awesome.
Chris S
Chris S Dag geleden
I like that you left out the fact that the human was a famous actress.
Sergio Salazar
Sergio Salazar Dag geleden
Cuoco is worth 100,000,000 million dollars shes a real 1
Anime_forever Dag geleden
The dogs name is dumpster?
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Dag geleden
The interesting bread macropharmacologically sound because freeze unquestionably suspend pro a roomy address. woebegone, inexpensive objective
Please enter a name
Please enter a name Dag geleden
Lol i like the nickname “Dumpster”
Mr Eccentricities
Mr Eccentricities Dag geleden
JoeBidensLeftNostril Dag geleden
i don't know if that was like ice cream for dogs but I'm pretty sure dairy is bad for dogs
dawn rosecrants
dawn rosecrants Dag geleden
Kelly your such a sweetheart for taking in this little one. Love you ❤️❤️❤️😍🤩🐶
Zedet YT
Zedet YT Dag geleden
My dog rocket loves covering his whole body, sadly since he does this we've stepped, sat, and stuff on the dog since he's a very small dog so it's hard to tell if it's just a blanket or a dog.
Pebbles._.thehamster Dag geleden
AyeJay216 Cleveland,Ohio
AyeJay216 Cleveland,Ohio Dag geleden
So happy for Dumpy!
gsndhigh Dag geleden
Great story and outcome for both Kaley and Dumpy. can have your life work out great at the end of it! Beautiful!
tori lee
tori lee Dag geleden
dumpy can i get an owa owa
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez Dag geleden
So gorgeous Kelly is , so rad she has so many animals ♥️♥️
Tracy Kushwaha
Tracy Kushwaha Dag geleden
symber tadina
symber tadina Dag geleden
The brown chihuahua: I just wanna be appreciated
Bat Brat Mandy
Bat Brat Mandy Dag geleden
A animal lover will let animals chew on their most experience things. I know from experience. I understand they don't mean harm. They can't talk like we can. They have to use body language. 😁❤️👍 If you don't want to lose your stuff you have to engage the animal so they won't see your stuff as toys. My cat loves sharing everything with me. I make sure she has her own food while I cook mine. She has more places to sleep than I do. She can reach places I will never fit into. Its very fun having a pet.
Allison Vallance
Allison Vallance Dag geleden
I started crying I was laughing so hard at the name Dumpy😂😂 That's the perfect name for him
Dank Buds
Dank Buds Dag geleden
i had to mute this woman .. dog's amazing though
PinkLemon Dag geleden
3:41, so cute.
Holly 1992
Holly 1992 Dag geleden
My son's dream girl adopting his favorite animal....he's mourning the fact that she is already taken.
Pozorrogo Dag geleden
You know what I love about my dog? That my expectations of her just never cease to amaze me after having her for 8 years. When we got a kitten, my dog bore milk for the kitten and treated and still treats her like her 'baby', and shes since become enamoured with these little dog toys that are small and she carries them around and collects them in bed like her 'babies' then lays with them. She is such a joy, I couldnt live without my animals!
Torikul Islam
Torikul Islam Dag geleden
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koos koos
koos koos Dag geleden
All chihuahuas go under the blanket its jus for warmth but could be security also. Mine does it, they all do it.
SaggyMike Dag geleden
The Ninja bird
The Ninja bird Dag geleden
shiboof Dag geleden
I was the same way with chihuahuas, until I met one names Pookie. DONE.
margaret lu
margaret lu Dag geleden
Aww Dumpy is finally living his perfect life ❤️❤️
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman Dag geleden
What I learned: the only number Kaley knows is a million
digiscream Dag geleden
What a great final move for an old guy :) Just one thing, though...he wasn't hiding under blankets, he was nesting - it's basically the Chihuahua's signature move. We've had loads of them, and only one hasn't nested. You basically have to assume that if there's something warm and/or fluffy lying around, there's gonna be a Chihuahua underneath it.
Hailey Richman
Hailey Richman Dag geleden
Ryan Ianaro
Ryan Ianaro 2 dagen geleden
For the love of god, DON'T SIT ON DUMPY!
Syl van der Does
Syl van der Does 2 dagen geleden
Thank you peeps gor adopting Dumpy!
Misty E
Misty E 2 dagen geleden
I love Kaley and now love her more ❤️❤️❤️ their bond is so sweet and so beautiful 😍
Tacti-cool 2 dagen geleden
what da dog doin?
douglas 2 dagen geleden
Thank you Kaley and karl for being regular people who love dogs. Its refreshing. im a big fan of the underdog (literally) and am happy he found a nice home.
Nate Mink
Nate Mink 2 dagen geleden
So funny-- My chihuahua hides under the covers and licks her paws like that.
Yen C
Yen C 2 dagen geleden
She is a kind person. What a lucky dog !
R P Poker
R P Poker 2 dagen geleden
Big bang theory is trash
Shanen Nicole
Shanen Nicole 2 dagen geleden
when she said he changed my life I know it's also the same thought as Dumpy.
chickenwaffles632 2 dagen geleden
Never knew I would find Doolittle with these animals
Jason Kioke
Jason Kioke 2 dagen geleden
Nice seeing a different side of Kelly Cuoco.
Chache 2 dagen geleden
Jasdeep Singh
Jasdeep Singh 2 dagen geleden
When he was running down the stairs I died. He is so ahhhhh chonk overwhelming me help...
Jasdeep Singh
Jasdeep Singh 2 dagen geleden
Chonky boi I like.
Ashtyn Carlson
Ashtyn Carlson 2 dagen geleden
I have 2 chihuahuas and one has white hair and he growls a lot and he is very nice and cute, but my other one looks exactly like that one she is very cute.
Shelby Brooks
Shelby Brooks 2 dagen geleden
Is she from Big Bang Thery
NitoComfirmed 2 dagen geleden
My chiwawa died at 13 years old he LOVED just rubbing his head on me and hide under the blanky
Jervani Thomas
Jervani Thomas 2 dagen geleden
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 2 dagen geleden
The pink engineering compatibly happen because cloud additionally care at a nonstop market. neat, past softball
Dylan Beck
Dylan Beck 2 dagen geleden
the funny Boi
the funny Boi 2 dagen geleden
3:53 how does that dog make that noise
Disconnectxng 2 dagen geleden
it all started with a big BANG THEORY
XG KOLAid Bob 2 dagen geleden
Fred Herrmann
Fred Herrmann 2 dagen geleden
I got an elderly 🐕 and spoiled him til my baby boy passed. Miss Kasey boy shitzu everyday.
Fred Herrmann
Fred Herrmann 2 dagen geleden
Thats one blessed loving pooch
Alexzander puffintill
Alexzander puffintill 2 dagen geleden
It sounded like that dog going to grow into a OWA . OWA Dog 😂😂😂
songbird 64
songbird 64 2 dagen geleden
Omg I did a double take when she said her name that was so unexpected
Nate Jones
Nate Jones 2 dagen geleden
Her couch ia bigger than my house
kev2020 2 dagen geleden
Me: How dare they name him Dumpy. How rude Me 3 mins later: Dumpster is definitely the bees knees.
UMPIRE VA 2 dagen geleden
People that love animals. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
jack black
jack black 2 dagen geleden
chihuahua's always hide like that. i have no idea how they don't overheat or suffocate. but I know 7 of them that do this. they can also shiver or shake like nervous. that's also normal apparently
Sean Hopkins
Sean Hopkins 2 dagen geleden
Catherine Foster
Catherine Foster 2 dagen geleden
My chihuahua is exactly the same regarding getting under covers, I think they just love to be cosy xx
Lilly Anderson
Lilly Anderson 3 dagen geleden
Mad respect for not putting Kaley’s name in the title
bree z
bree z 3 dagen geleden
Typical chihuahua behaviour, they are the best and are total blanket monsters ❤
- cresentcream -
- cresentcream - 3 dagen geleden
I have a zoom class but i rather watch the dodo
Black Lily
Black Lily 3 dagen geleden
Chihuahuas ARE big dogs. They are just like the TARDIS. Smaller on the outside. And yes the under covers thing is just how Chi's roll. They like dark warm cozy places. So happy she found him.
Josi 3 dagen geleden
Bless you, Kaley, for giving Dumpy such a wonderful new life!
Lizze Reign
Lizze Reign 3 dagen geleden
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