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Meet some animals with amazing abilities, like the Stargazer fish, who can zap his prey with an electric shock; the Alpine Ibex, who can climb a vertical wall with ease; the Water Anole, a lizard with a built-in scuba tank; and the Humphead Parrotfish, a fish that poops sand!
Footage provided by ViralHog: ( viralhog/)
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Anthony Bluhm
Anthony Bluhm 23 uur geleden
Goats hooves are suction cups? Not quite accurate.
〖 Nøt Shade〗
〖 Nøt Shade〗 Dag geleden
Ray Antonio
Ray Antonio Dag geleden
M M Dag geleden
Vypadá jak Soros, myslela jsem, že je to on.
Dr. Rick
Dr. Rick Dag geleden
I found my new pfp😂😂😂
Охота // рыбалка // Кролик в шифоньере
Охота // рыбалка // Кролик в шифоньере Dag geleden
Hi, friends, great video. Watch my videos how to live in Russia, fishing hunting, life in the country
Toxic Berry
Toxic Berry Dag geleden
0:48 I never knew there was a spider animal that aint a spider or an insect
Marzena Kopydlowska
Marzena Kopydlowska Dag geleden
Nice pokemon. PEACE. 👍
Redmi Xiaomi
Redmi Xiaomi Dag geleden
Вот хитропопый!!!!!!!!!
Lucario The Aura Guardian
Lucario The Aura Guardian 2 dagen geleden
Now i know why sand tastes so bad.
Lucario The Aura Guardian
Lucario The Aura Guardian 2 dagen geleden
0:01 this needs molduga boss battle music!
silentthriller 2 dagen geleden
That thing is terrifying. Who needs intergalactic monsters when we have animals like these right here on Earth.
valencia Reza
valencia Reza 2 dagen geleden
Facts parrot fish is not for eating,
Gryph0 2 dagen geleden
What a creepy tongue omg lol
Venith K
Venith K 3 dagen geleden
Pokemon are real.
potatomato :p
potatomato :p 3 dagen geleden
0:11 Your morning selfie.
Chihuahua Ate Your Pants
Chihuahua Ate Your Pants 3 dagen geleden
Looks like my aunt Ursula.
Mona Moghaddam
Mona Moghaddam 3 dagen geleden
is it possible or does it happen that the goats fall off? What will happen to them?
Dr Paperbottom
Dr Paperbottom 3 dagen geleden
This fish is the weirdest
RodMan DealerMan
RodMan DealerMan 3 dagen geleden
I would seek medical attention. 😉
Newtrality Helper
Newtrality Helper 3 dagen geleden
Ima just stay on land and never swim in the ocean again now because I heard this.
Newtrality Helper
Newtrality Helper 3 dagen geleden
Do you guys know it a stone fish.
DubbyDominate 3 dagen geleden
These types of videos are cool, informative I enjoy learning some new about our beautiful world
GuitarsAre LikeStupid
GuitarsAre LikeStupid 3 dagen geleden
I thought it was a monkfish. Other fish like this can have venomous dorsal spines that can provide an excruciatingly painful and sometimes fatal sting.
Fahad S
Fahad S 3 dagen geleden
Hardworking sheep than a human lol
adige777 3 dagen geleden
This is the art of the Creator, this universe and and everything ..to make us think..Allah ..The Only one god ...the God of Jesus(Isa) , Mohammad and all prophets.
ÖMER AHMETOĞLU 4 dagen geleden
He's like the snakes in pubg mobile 😂
Ana victoria Dykers
Ana victoria Dykers 4 dagen geleden
Ugly fish
StoopidFingerboarding 4 dagen geleden
Nah I'm good....
KunoichiHawaii 4 dagen geleden
0:10 The face only a mother could love
Stars 4 dagen geleden
Looks like a stone fish
Gray Portrait
Gray Portrait 4 dagen geleden
Stargazer: 👁️👄👁️ Other fish:
Rita Cheatham
Rita Cheatham 4 dagen geleden
So basically we stand and lay down on poop!?
R 4 dagen geleden
Liguid metal lizard is incredible!
mixter7x7 4 dagen geleden
* venomous *
Elías L
Elías L 4 dagen geleden
She looks like Billie Eilish
YT Gamer0729
YT Gamer0729 4 dagen geleden
YT Gamer0729
YT Gamer0729 4 dagen geleden
Why does the stargazer tongue go up
Andrey Vujkovikj
Andrey Vujkovikj 4 dagen geleden
Hardboiled 69
Hardboiled 69 4 dagen geleden
Assassin's Creed GOATS
Timothy Ashwell
Timothy Ashwell 5 dagen geleden
Stargazer another name or monk fish
I know Something
I know Something 5 dagen geleden
He's not that good. I can still see it.
》 EchoStep 《
》 EchoStep 《 5 dagen geleden
"The next time you're at a beach, you can thank these guys." "That's nice, do they keep the beach clean?" "...these fish poop sand." *"Oh"*
Lance Canales
Lance Canales 5 dagen geleden
Dude I didn’t know fish like that exited lol
Gôjira 5 dagen geleden
Everyone gangster until the fish can open and close his mouth at the speed of a bullet
Shaza gaming
Shaza gaming 5 dagen geleden
Theres a fish that poops sand me: *remembers 2 year old me eating a handful of sand*
Cuwo 5 dagen geleden
This is gonna be on ur recommended
Manas Muralidharan Nair
Manas Muralidharan Nair 5 dagen geleden
this is a stone fish
? к е и z о ¿
? к е и z о ¿ 5 dagen geleden
Spider Goat
Spencer Jeremiah
Spencer Jeremiah 6 dagen geleden
Really glad to hear voices again, these silent video articles really make me want to log off
Fun and Joy Kids
Fun and Joy Kids 6 dagen geleden
Hi everyone ☺️ This channel is for kids please support us ❤️ Thank you so much 💕
J J 6 dagen geleden
Oh no 50 volts? Wow I've been shocked by 125 and 440 volts before and in still good
Ashplaysroblox PAGALchingching
Ashplaysroblox PAGALchingching 6 dagen geleden
What the heck is that tougth
blank but named
blank but named 6 dagen geleden
I think that first fish is the references for niblesnarf in monster hunter when i looked to the body design.
sedriensmorgasbord 6 dagen geleden
Ah, yes...take a stroll on the beach and dig your toes into that lovely, warm fish poop.
Muratveli 6 dagen geleden
Physics: _exists_ Ibex:
MrYayanou 6 dagen geleden
It’s a stargazer.
Ava L
Ava L 6 dagen geleden
The water anole is so cute! I want 1 🥺
DP 6 dagen geleden
Now everytime I go to the beach I will live with the knowledge that I'm sitting on fish poop.
Jocelyn Eke
Jocelyn Eke 6 dagen geleden
Fascinating creatures.
SMthe1St 7 dagen geleden
A camper in other words 0:27
Felnik1990 P.
Felnik1990 P. 7 dagen geleden
This video is amazing! Really cool :). Thank you, Dodo.
axockerr 7 dagen geleden
Cool! •.•
『』〜 /KamiSinx
『』〜 /KamiSinx 7 dagen geleden
Parrot fish that poops sand : I poop sand That kid who eats sand be watching this video realising what he just ate:
Gee Man
Gee Man 7 dagen geleden
Hey that's what my tongue looks like.
MarieStyle 7 dagen geleden
Oh my!! 😎 Cool
Shruti Kulkarni
Shruti Kulkarni 7 dagen geleden
Look at those eyes.... No wonder why ppl call it the stargazer.....
crimsonking440 7 dagen geleden
This is why we must purge the oceans
Dev Tripathi
Dev Tripathi 7 dagen geleden
Cheating ! cheater fish
Urooba Azhar
Urooba Azhar 7 dagen geleden
Thank u parrot fish. ❤️
-dejwo- 7 dagen geleden
👏Thanks. 😊
Will Smith
Will Smith 7 dagen geleden
I was going to study but this was more important
Pauli Kumpula
Pauli Kumpula 7 dagen geleden
the Dodo, we want more!
Ox_True Protagonist Chris Redfield_Xo
Ox_True Protagonist Chris Redfield_Xo 7 dagen geleden
Geeeze that's one terrifying looking fish...
Kromokyptians 5g
Kromokyptians 5g 7 dagen geleden
ii sneha sabiha ii
ii sneha sabiha ii 7 dagen geleden
Interesting vid
Zahraa Harmouch
Zahraa Harmouch 7 dagen geleden
سبحان الله… {هذا خَلْقُ اللَّهِ فَأرُونِيْ مَاذَا خَلَقَ اللَّذِينَ مِنْ دُونِه}
Roth Charmaine
Roth Charmaine 7 dagen geleden
Imagine if you stepped on one of them 😖
The Female Thunderbirds nerd
The Female Thunderbirds nerd 7 dagen geleden
That is weird but cool! But I don’t think I won’t want to go near a stargazer anytime soon!
Girish Sharma
Girish Sharma 7 dagen geleden
I know this is a sand water fish
Hans Guckindenhimmel
Hans Guckindenhimmel 7 dagen geleden
this guy is Taserface
ZenVerse 8 dagen geleden
That stargazer is like that SpongeBob fish who kept sticking his tongue out *pbbt*
Mark Cook
Mark Cook 8 dagen geleden
Just to let you all know, God designed all these living animals to do the things they do, no coincidence.Bless you.
Genekel Grievous
Genekel Grievous 8 dagen geleden
You ve been playing with this sand, remember xdd?
Marvin Joshua Yalung
Marvin Joshua Yalung 8 dagen geleden
That fish looks like my neighbor's granny; always spying
Lilia #ILOVETHEFOLD! and #ILOVETHENATURE! 8 dagen geleden
Kalyani Kadam
Kalyani Kadam 8 dagen geleden
This is something interesting and new to me
flashy5150 8 dagen geleden
Those goats are crazy.
Jürgen Schmidt
Jürgen Schmidt 8 dagen geleden
0:09 looks a little bit like pennywise
BallistischeTrolls 8 dagen geleden
Stargazer looks funny and dumb at the same time
Jan Morante
Jan Morante 8 dagen geleden
It means we've been stepping on a parrotfish poop? XD all this time 😂 hahahahahahaha
Fisherkid 101
Fisherkid 101 8 dagen geleden
Man imagine stepping on a stonefish without being able to see it...
Tim L
Tim L 8 dagen geleden
🧿👄🧿 🐐 🦎 🐟
bloop 8 dagen geleden
Does anyone know what natural predators to the stargazing fish are?
Aiza Atif Muhammad Atif Wasi- 2810471
Aiza Atif Muhammad Atif Wasi- 2810471 8 dagen geleden
i mean cool!! i never knew this
Astaťour 8 dagen geleden
The fish looks looks kinda like me
tarek awd
tarek awd 8 dagen geleden
Thumbnail misguided me was it all about how deadly it's or what great pet it would be🤪🤪
Rex Lumine
Rex Lumine 8 dagen geleden
A killing scene made funny with funny music by dodo because it's the animals which do the killing, not humans.
Bruh _
Bruh _ 8 dagen geleden
So playing the parrot fish poop all along
daban yaseen
daban yaseen 9 dagen geleden
We should all care and love our innocent animals'
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