Dog Chained Up For Years Comes To Life When He Meets His Favorite Cat | The Dodo Adopt Me!

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The Dodo

15 dagen geleden

Watch him find comfort in his human mama and her cat. ❤
For updates on Chapo and Claudia's other fosters, check them out on TikTok:, and Instagram: For more information on adopting Chapo, visit:
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The Dodo
The Dodo 14 dagen geleden
The love of your life is a swipe away - find someone who will never leave your side with Pick of the Litter by The Dodo:
denise quinby
denise quinby 4 uur geleden
exactly !your more 100 times more likely to get shot or stabbed than hurt by a pit pull !! she don’t have a clue does she
denise quinby
denise quinby 4 uur geleden
oh shut up ! u really have a vile view of pitbulls 🤬 they are the most loving dogs ever they bounce back from the most horrendous abuse and would never ever harm anyone unless trained to do so by scum owners ! this dog would protect his family would never harm that little girl ive worked with over 1000 pits pre ban here not one nasty one so if u can’t be positive about pits lady zip it
denise quinby
denise quinby 4 uur geleden
totally agree this should be foster fail right ❤️he may never trust anyone else again he loves freeway to he feels safe she needs to keep him right 🥰
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown 3 dagen geleden
@Claudia Papp you are a hero and I hope Chapo finds a wonderful amazing home. Blessings to you both.
Claudia Papp
Claudia Papp 5 dagen geleden
@Manon France hi there!!! Thank yo for the kind words! If you have Instagram or TikTok, that is the best way to keep up with him!! My account is @houstonfosterdogmom
northofyou33 34 minuten geleden
To everyone complaining about him being rehomed: Dogs can love and trust more than one person. If she finds the perfect home for Chapo, he won't be traumatized. Please understand how important fostering is.
lucy 4 uur geleden
can we talk about how the cats name is freeway
denise quinby
denise quinby 4 uur geleden
his perfect home is with you ❤️❤️he trusts you letting him go will be like him being dumped all over again to him
Ivan Mitchell
Ivan Mitchell 5 uur geleden
I would be happy to have him he will be my son 4 ever and will have a brother zeus
Aquamarine 9 uur geleden
why people chained and abused dog... why have a dog. why? Finally poor dog has a good life. Thank you for sharing a good story.
virgen rodriguez
virgen rodriguez 11 uur geleden
If he gets adopted please follow up..Make sure it never happens again!!
AM Bruni
AM Bruni 12 uur geleden
Oh my gosh. NO ONE can love him like that oh please keep him🙏😭 you are the most amazing Momma to your pets. 🥰🥰🥰
Sora Quill
Sora Quill 17 uur geleden
The anxiety bit made me have a nervous breakdown... I am so similar to this poor dog... and that lady is so so good to him my god she’s an angel
Robert Peters
Robert Peters 17 uur geleden
My only sadness now is that he will be heart broken when he has to go.... Poor thing
ricky roper
ricky roper 18 uur geleden
I could literally cut someone apart for this😠
Sbamabelle 20 uur geleden
this made me cry, reminds me so much of my rescue girl Heidi. She was abused in her previous home and it took a long time to gain her trust. Best decision we ever made, adopting each other.
Blak Berree
Blak Berree 20 uur geleden
NooooooooooooooooooooooooNOONE QILL LOVE HIM LIKE YOU DO
susan leitch
susan leitch 22 uur geleden
How can you give him up? He trusts you. He knows you. He feels safe with you. Sending him away may just undo all the good you have done in giving this poor lad his life back. I don't think I could let him go if I were in your position. He's a damaged boy...and you fixed him with love and patience.
TrickyPLAYS Dag geleden
You might have saved a angel or an angel saved you
gigglecheeks123 Dag geleden
You’re the perfect person for him! I think you know it too 🥰
C S Dag geleden
The cat played with his tail once. He showed no interest in that feline at all. STUPID VIDEO. I’m starting to think all these DODO videos are fake
Brian Zaborowski
Brian Zaborowski Dag geleden
Looks like he's already home now, keep him!!!
Wendy Laan
Wendy Laan Dag geleden
With his history it should be another heartbreak to have another home. He should stay with you and his furry friends he all become to love and trust. ❤
Ste P
Ste P Dag geleden
Serious god love you , what horrible b*stard treats a dog like that, they should rot in hell , you are his world , his mama 😭
Josh Purdy
Josh Purdy Dag geleden
nice one.
Tim Doe
Tim Doe Dag geleden
God bless you.
Mike Elek
Mike Elek Dag geleden
I just love how you turned him into this huge puppy that now has joy in his life and shows it. Hope that he has a great life moving forward.
N Dag geleden
Rot in hell if you chain up your dog
Rhonda Short
Rhonda Short Dag geleden
You're a good momma😘😇
Katie Orr
Katie Orr Dag geleden
That dog thinks he's home... this video is sad and upsetting. Just because it's for the greater good doesn't mean taking this dog away isn't going to hurt him immensely. That is a fact you can't deny. I watch these videos to be cheered up- this does not do that.
Jean Gentry
Jean Gentry 2 dagen geleden
I hope she keeps him, I don't think he could take his world being upended again.
Adam Lyttle
Adam Lyttle 2 dagen geleden
I dunno, I couldn't rescue a dog like that and then give them up for adoption. Once a dog opens up to me, that bond is set in stone and nothing could take the dog away from me
Abi Loden
Abi Loden 2 dagen geleden
Chaining dogs up should be illegal IMO and so should those choke chains. Shits disgusting. Really goes to show how homeocentric humans can be to allow people to have easy access to better abuse their animals. These are living breathing beings with personalities and feelings. Humans forget that. How would you feel if you were electrocuted, yanked, or chained up?
The Void
The Void 2 dagen geleden
So wtf you wanna find him a new home for if hes chilln with his new cat friend and happy,letm chill a while and asks Chapo how he feels💚🐶💙I get it I just really liked seeing that sadness disappear,thank you for saving him,thanks to anyone who cares about animals💙🐶💚🦦
Nick Dupree
Nick Dupree 2 dagen geleden
Very nice video but it seems more like the dog is dreaming rather then having anxiety episodes. My dogs do the same exact thing sometimes when they sleep. Just saying
a4 2 dagen geleden
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Bullzeye 1000yds
Bullzeye 1000yds 2 dagen geleden
My wife and I rescued a pure bred "Schutzhund." Female German Shepherd. Approximately 2 years old. 10 days after feeding her starving body the best food money can buy, she gave us 9 healthy puppies! Exactly 4 months later, my second rescue dog was diagnosed with cancer. Heartbreak is not enough word. But, We came home to the momma and her pups. We thought we rescued Cie-Cie, but she and those HUGE pups, saved US. She sleeps with me and my old cat, now. And, has shown exceptional love for all of us. I don't know what I'd have done without her.
Michael F
Michael F 2 dagen geleden
The trembling he's doing is not an anxiety issue 🙄🙄 some dogs and humans have twitching episodes while they sleep. It's not a mental health issue. People today are so dramatic
elena christine
elena christine 2 dagen geleden
There is no way I could give that baby up after going through all that with him! His anxiety FINALLY went down and he is able to trust and be happy now. Hopefully he'll be ok wherever he ends up.
Jackie Chappell
Jackie Chappell 2 dagen geleden
Ok my heart just melted. Thank u for what yall do 👍👍👍👍
Turner Turner
Turner Turner 2 dagen geleden
Black mouth curs are such amazing dogs! I can't imagine chaining and neglecting any creature like that. Well done for bringing this fine gentleman out of his suffering!
Avyum Ch
Avyum Ch 2 dagen geleden
Those people who locked him sud get out of stone age! and act like humans and not neanderthals....
Caro Wells
Caro Wells 2 dagen geleden
If you can play with it, it’s a toy.
kate t
kate t 2 dagen geleden
Aww bless him you gave him love just as he was about to give up bless you x
neha misra
neha misra 3 dagen geleden
He will suffer with separation anxiety, I hope she didn't let him go.
Jimmy Cline
Jimmy Cline 3 dagen geleden
How could you let him go after everything he’s been through! Your going to hurt this dog by doing this, once a dog loves it’s owner it doesn’t want NO ONE but the person it loves! Do you do it for the money?
cocoa6667 3 dagen geleden
If it's to much to keep him start a fund!! Dnt separate him from wat he's accomplished!!!
cocoa6667 3 dagen geleden
Nooooo plzz dnt take him away from the home and the trust he has in y'all!! 😢😢
Midnight Reyna
Midnight Reyna 3 dagen geleden
My heart 🥺this is wholesome
garry whitelaw
garry whitelaw 3 dagen geleden
My dog stares at parks when we drive by them like she lost children there. She has never had children and goes to the park/beach everyday
Stadt101 3 dagen geleden
KEEP HIM PLEASE!!!! pitties need this love!!!!
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown 3 dagen geleden
So grateful good people like this exist. Chapo is an amazing and adorable dog who deserves the very best. Thank god for his rescue. I can think of some things the jerk who kept him chained up deserves as well. Prayers for an amazing furrever family and home for Chapo!
Torwächter 3 dagen geleden
Chaining up a dog is illegal in my country. It should be illegal everywhere.
RAZOR 3 dagen geleden
The dog is female. Right? He??
MICHELE STAPLES 3 dagen geleden
Chapos eyes reflected odd. He is partially blind?
Dave Charette
Dave Charette 3 dagen geleden
its called sleeping not anxiety episodes
MrRogosich 3 dagen geleden
God bless you Claudia!
Tracy Perry
Tracy Perry 3 dagen geleden
🙏🏼GOD BLESS YOU FOSTER MOM🙏🏼❤️🐾❤️For giving Chapo EXACTLY WHAT HE DESPERATELY NEEDED❣️❤️🐾❤️❣️🙏🏼THANK YOU❤️🙏🏼 I’ll worry that Chapo will have a broken heart when he leaves you🥺...He is a GAZILLION PERCENT IN LOVE WITH YOU❣️❤️🐾❤️❣️🙏🏼Please, please keep me updated on Chapo❣️🙏🏼❣️I wish I could but I cannot adopt him as he needs way more than I a can give him❣️❣️❣️🙏🏼But I pray he either stays with you or finds an incredible, awesome family with other animals & TONS of unconditional love❣️🙏🏼HE DESERVES IT SOOOO MUCH❣️❤️🐾❤️❣️❤️Tracy❤️🐾🇨🇦🐾❤️
Michele Murphy
Michele Murphy 3 dagen geleden
Oh, I love him!
Joli 3 dagen geleden
I hope he finds a forever happy home where he will run free and be loved and cared for!!! People, do not get a dog if you plan to chain him outside!!!! Dogs are social animals and need to be free and included - they need their family, their pack, to feel happy. NO ANIMAL SHOULD EVER BE CHAINED!!!!
Michael D
Michael D 3 dagen geleden
Great narration.....
Michael D
Michael D 3 dagen geleden
Ur great.......
Ming-Yao Pu
Ming-Yao Pu 3 dagen geleden
I blessed God for this. Thank you foster lady!
markclovis4 3 dagen geleden
Its great what you do fostering these animals like this but it must be very hard to give them up God bless you
Lizanne Whitlow
Lizanne Whitlow 3 dagen geleden
What a doll.
Tony Moretti
Tony Moretti 3 dagen geleden
Ohhhh those gentle eyes :)))))
T Marie
T Marie 3 dagen geleden
Thanks for saving animals like him, that get so mistreated 😢 You are truly a Blessing! 🙌
PJ Smith
PJ Smith 3 dagen geleden
Miranda Watson
Miranda Watson 3 dagen geleden
You're the perfect person for him. Can be be adopted? For all he's gone thru, I'd be afraid he would think you're abandoning him.
jeremy cooper
jeremy cooper 3 dagen geleden
Damn you Dodo. I’m not crying, you’re crying. 😢😢😢
Chief 993
Chief 993 3 dagen geleden
437 mutants.
Feralz 3 dagen geleden
I noticed this with dogs, they transform when they build that trust with another human again. Truly man's best friend, but that also comes with downsides when that trust is broken. We bred them to be reliant on us, so we should always keep this in mind that that means they also need us.
MsKK909 3 dagen geleden
Claudia was his emotional support human.
John Crossley
John Crossley 4 dagen geleden
Why can't we jail the shits that did this to Chapo. Can't we just get so tough on animal cruelty that even the lowest scumbag on the planet will have to think twice about their wicked ways. One law for all is what I want, and all of us should fight for animal rights.
Caron Altmann
Caron Altmann 4 dagen geleden
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Redd Alchemy
Redd Alchemy 4 dagen geleden
BLESS HER, BLESS HER, BLESS HER for saving this beautiful boy. Such a beautiful transformation❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so incredibly happy he was saved and has an amazing new life!
TheRallySlag600 4 dagen geleden
Lorraine Deighton
Lorraine Deighton 4 dagen geleden
Tears in my eyes. Why are there individuals treating these sweet souls so bad? Hopefully he gets that special one who gives him all the love he deserves 🙏😘 love from The Netherlands 🇳🇱
Mariko True
Mariko True 4 dagen geleden
That adorable dog, is basically a 75+ pound cat and toddler toy. I am sure those job descriptions will be a large advantage in finding him a forever home.
Sonya 4 dagen geleden
Bless you! This dog was emotionally wounded and what you are doing is helping. I pray he gets a good home.
hhcd bbbvng
hhcd bbbvng 4 dagen geleden
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fatalblue 4 dagen geleden
Do many of you know how many other Chapos are out there? I understand everyone wanting Chapo to stay with Claudia but realize every foster fail potentially lessens the amount of already limited foster volunteers meaning less people to help others like Chapos. Fosters are wonderful because they help animals return to a place where they can trust humans and its that restored trust that ensures when Chapos and others like him find true forever home they will be fine. And once that animal is secure with a new, good family the fosters have room to take in the next Chapo! See the bigger pcture!
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith 4 dagen geleden
0:30 What do you mean "why" lol
Saronna M
Saronna M 4 dagen geleden
Applications on him! WTF! I thought you adopted him outright! Lady, you have to keep him now. Do the right thing. Don't do this poor dog like this. Especially after all of the trust! Before anyone gives me grief, I have been adopting cats, dogs, rats, guinea pigs, birds, chinchillas, hamsters, etc...the list goes on. And ALL had special needs. Step up Please! He's already bonded with you after being abused. Think it over. Clearly, he loves you ALL!
Jovita Adams
Jovita Adams 4 dagen geleden
Thank you for taking that precious dog! God bless you in Jesus name
Jebron lames
Jebron lames 4 dagen geleden
Great he finally feels safe and now she's gonna trade him in for a newer model. This video is a farce with deception and fake love, all for a video and likes!!!!!👎👎
Kelly Strongtree
Kelly Strongtree 4 dagen geleden
Thank you for saving him!
Sarah Black
Sarah Black 4 dagen geleden
Oh I think he wants to stay with you❤️❤️
Lucas Divers
Lucas Divers 4 dagen geleden
Omg no you can't rehome him
WHITE LION 4 dagen geleden
Title doesn't match video content.
Sandy Boehm
Sandy Boehm 4 dagen geleden
Thank you thank you for saving this beautiful dog you are an angel
Sandy Boehm
Sandy Boehm 4 dagen geleden
Thank you thank you thank you. Your an angel for saving this dog
Bub Bah
Bub Bah 4 dagen geleden
Don't look at the top of the screen at the end
julius cesar fan
julius cesar fan 4 dagen geleden
@Bub Bah i dont understand
Bub Bah
Bub Bah 4 dagen geleden
@julius cesar fan EEEEERRRRRRR
julius cesar fan
julius cesar fan 4 dagen geleden
@Bub Bah tell me why
Bub Bah
Bub Bah 4 dagen geleden
julius cesar fan
julius cesar fan 4 dagen geleden
batool. Aa
batool. Aa 4 dagen geleden
Thomas Tedder
Thomas Tedder 4 dagen geleden
I can't Praise GOD ALMIGHTY Enough for people like you. 💘 Such a beautiful transformation.
Ronny Jansen
Ronny Jansen 4 dagen geleden
Keep hom 4the love he is getting and scharing
J knell
J knell 4 dagen geleden
No no no...YOU ARE THE PERFECT PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!111
P M 4 dagen geleden
Isela Nelson
Isela Nelson 4 dagen geleden
Stop telling her to keep him. She dies this to help many more dogs that need her help. What have you guys done? Absolutely nothing. Thank you for helping Chapo.
Taara Sharma
Taara Sharma 4 dagen geleden
You are such a kind soul to adopt Chapo. Animals have emotions too.
Karna Leich
Karna Leich 4 dagen geleden
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Mrsandmom5 4 dagen geleden
My girl is half lab and half pit. Looks just like her. They are the most tender hearted dogs.
Kidcombo1 4 dagen geleden
Dylan Royer
Dylan Royer 5 dagen geleden
Am I the only one here who wants an explanation into why her animals are named after notorious drug lords: Chapo and Freeway lmaoo!!
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