Baby Skunk Does The Cutest Stomps | The Dodo Little But Fierce

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17 dagen geleden

Baby skunk learns to stomp his hands - then he does handstands and stomps his back feet! 😍
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Peanut Man’s Emporium Of Random Crap
Peanut Man’s Emporium Of Random Crap 41 minuut geleden
Why do white people always think it’s a good idea to have wild animals as pets?
††fourmula†† 2 uur geleden
2 b tiny o tiny time four tiny how tiny it tie na
††fourmula†† 2 uur geleden
butt time
††fourmula†† 2 uur geleden
butt holing goaling butt to the hole fluf butt hole
Karma Kuro
Karma Kuro 4 uur geleden
I think he just wanted some butt scritches. I mean don't we all?
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 7 uur geleden
Pepe le pew
Iceman 19
Iceman 19 9 uur geleden
Question! So when skunks spray other animals (enemies), it's way worse for them, because their smelling senses are so much stronger?
Liz Weber
Liz Weber 10 uur geleden
Awe so cute to see a baby skunk. I get litters every year under my house, they're so cat like in some ways . I remember 1 year, years ago, my ex says to me you gotta come out and see these kittens!!! They're all black and white!!! I laughed so hard I nearly fell over and thought to myself well if hes that naive he deserves it. But I did go to see the line of stinkers parading thru my yard but warned him they're not like our tuxedo cat, and that it's a bunch of baby skunks and moms up in front leading somewhere!!!
NEO geek
NEO geek 11 uur geleden
cages are for evil people who should be tortured. we should make slaves out of people who don't take care of animals
Little Richard
Little Richard 12 uur geleden
Must be a Maori skunk
bowecho 16 uur geleden
Scott Grimes
Scott Grimes 16 uur geleden
ope you dont have a tuxedo or black cat. Pepe Le Pew
victor hopper
victor hopper 16 uur geleden
followed a mom and 7 kits through a woods once. they ignored me. mom seemed to ignore the kits which were only 4 inches long. cute as it gets
Peggy Werner
Peggy Werner 18 uur geleden
Omgosh!! He is so adorable!! Always wanted one as a pet when I was young!!!
Joan Jones
Joan Jones 18 uur geleden
Socute. God Bless You for caring for His creatures! thanks for this.
PhantomPanic Dag geleden
I'm gonna spray you! I'm gonna spray you! Nah, I'm just teasing... I'm gonna spray you! I'm gonna spray you! Nah, I'm just teasing...
fabulousbabe Dag geleden
I've wanted a skunk my whole life!
Chickengenius420 Dag geleden
I had a pet skunk. He had his stinker removed. He was super sweet
Jean Ducheamps
Jean Ducheamps Dag geleden
Untill he sprays indoor and you’re no longer able to ever sell the house
blastman8888 Dag geleden
This is great video why people should not attempt to make pets out of skunks as they don't want to be someone's pet.
Demarcus Dickey
Demarcus Dickey Dag geleden
If I had one I would name it diaper
OAKIE9531 Dag geleden
i want one...on two different occasions i have had wild skunks walk up to me and let me pet them, and one was a mom with 3 kits
Big D
Big D Dag geleden
That's the cutest, ugliest thing I've ever seen
bloodyhell Dag geleden
It's all fun and games until it sprays and you stink.
Riley Ward
Riley Ward Dag geleden
I think he's adorable thank-you for helping him
yungTip Goonin
yungTip Goonin Dag geleden
thats a rump on that one
Toxic Berry
Toxic Berry Dag geleden
2:10 I thought that was a real cat for a sec
Andrew DeGeorge
Andrew DeGeorge Dag geleden
who doesn't want to play with a baby skunk?
Climb the Ladder
Climb the Ladder Dag geleden
That's a butt-first kind of animal, huh.
i cant splel
i cant splel Dag geleden
you are a braver person than i am to adopt a skunk
Delana Mooney
Delana Mooney Dag geleden
Stomping is a warning skunks do to let you know if you don't leave it will spray you. I've had many baby skunks and soon as their eyes open they begin to wobbly around a few days then off they go. Skunks enjoy cooked turkey, cooked chicken etc.
Diana Saur
Diana Saur Dag geleden
Fart squirrels are so cute
JayLeePoe Dag geleden
aww that's play fight initiation behavior; i wouldn't be able to resist a gloved hand but he's not too discouraged having an outdoor sandpit.
GR28 Dag geleden
Nasty little animal. Nothing "cute" about constantly threatening to spray you with toxic urine. Imagine your neighbor has a dog that snarls and growls and snaps at you, and the owner says "awww, he's just bluffing - isn't that cute?"
TaintedMojo Dag geleden
Court Ben
Court Ben Dag geleden
I only have one question, how do yo keep this little guy from stinking up the place. I bet more people would have these as pets if it weren't for the potential stink bomb.
Loren Heard
Loren Heard Dag geleden
You did such a great job! This Lady is a "Stinker's" Life-Saver!😍☘💖
Um Belenense
Um Belenense Dag geleden
his ass: (.)
Daven Joseph
Daven Joseph Dag geleden
i never knew skunks can twerk woah 😳
Anita Snider
Anita Snider Dag geleden
Sooooo CUTE!!!
Johnny Onthespot
Johnny Onthespot Dag geleden
Stomping means he is getting ready to spray..
Joseph Morrone
Joseph Morrone Dag geleden
My grandmother used to have a pet skunk. She also had cats so the skunk just sort of behaved like a cat. He used the litter box and would curl up with the cats and play like a cat.
B G 2 dagen geleden
He's turning his butt toward you to spray you lol
Syster Yster
Syster Yster 2 dagen geleden
Skunks are soooo cute and weird. :D I love their little motorcycle sounds. XD
Richard King
Richard King 2 dagen geleden
Looks a lot better
S H 2 dagen geleden
OK, that is one cute little skunk. But as cute as it is, the baby skunks in California are even cuter...Apparently skunks don't all look alike - depending on where you happen to see a skunk. I found an abandoned baby skunky one time in was a tiny baby and it's mother was nowhere to be found (or to be smelled). So, I threw my coat over the baby skunk - wondering if I could have the vet remove its little "juicer" in order to have a pet skunk (spray free). But then I decided to put the baby skunk back down (I could smell that its little juicer was working already), and wait to see if its momma comes back...and she did come back!
Kelly Saunooke
Kelly Saunooke 2 dagen geleden
What a cutie pie.
Lilith Bloodnight
Lilith Bloodnight 2 dagen geleden
Dr. Jones
Dr. Jones 2 dagen geleden
I want one
Margarita Abaracon
Margarita Abaracon 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful what you do!!!! Keep up! I hope other people will feel inspired by your work, and join the rest of us, rescuing all the animals in need we possibly can. 💕💕💕💕💕
A Pimp Named SweetMeat
A Pimp Named SweetMeat 2 dagen geleden
He gonna go from stomping to spray fartin real quick
Christine H
Christine H 2 dagen geleden
One of the cutest little furry mammals I've had the privilege to encounter safely. They are adorable!!!!
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf 2 dagen geleden
THUMPER.. Wasn't there a character by that name? I've had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of that gland. Thought my brain would explode.
Kamoonra The Wolf God
Kamoonra The Wolf God 2 dagen geleden
How adorable they are. Amazing how their instincts kick in.
Jacob Chalkler
Jacob Chalkler 2 dagen geleden
Andrea 2 dagen geleden
I was coming home one night and I saw a family foraging in my yard, they are too cute, and I made sure I stayed clear of them!
Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina
Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina 2 dagen geleden
Stomping is how my dog gets my attention.
Ze Plays
Ze Plays 2 dagen geleden
The skunk is sooooooo cute
Lola Apelt
Lola Apelt 2 dagen geleden
SO darn cute!!! Thanks for caring for the little guy
Noora Y
Noora Y 2 dagen geleden
Caretaker, matter-of-factly: He’s crazy.
JACKnJESUS 2 dagen geleden
I had a 'pet' skunk for 7 years (Tuxedo). It's a commitment! They are not diurnal...but nocturnal. it took almost two years to flip him...MANY sleepless nights...MANY times waking up to skunk walking across our faces in bed. We lived on the beach back then, and routinely took him for long walks at the water's edge...he loved it. Also had a Lovebird that would land on his back. He didn't mind and he would continue walking. We called it skunk surfing. In the wild, that bird would be lunch of course. He used a kitty box like a cat. It's an experience, but as I said not underestimate the commitment. If you can't make it your absolute priority...don't do it.
Steakncheese VS Emerald
Steakncheese VS Emerald 2 dagen geleden
My favorite animal!!
animagi 2 dagen geleden
rescuing and raising wild animals is always bittersweet since they almost always have to be released back eventually
Sébastien Comeau
Sébastien Comeau 3 dagen geleden
2:49 "So I think by "spraying' he's gonna be ready." 🤣
E.P. 3 dagen geleden
skunks are SOOO beautiful in my opinion. and what a cute lil tush lol
Noémie DeSantis
Noémie DeSantis 3 dagen geleden
But does he speak French tho ?
Don Juan
Don Juan 3 dagen geleden
This is cuteness overload... But for the record, thanks to this video, I have seen enough skunk butthole to last me the rest of my life...
Sherita Pressley
Sherita Pressley 3 dagen geleden
The lil stomps are so damn adorable!!!!!
ssilva872 3 dagen geleden
That little Stunky is so cute.
Sharol Briere
Sharol Briere 3 dagen geleden
He turns his butt likley because instinct to spray ..?.
Betsy Lawson
Betsy Lawson 3 dagen geleden
He is so cute. I couldn't help smiling the whole video
Linda Rose
Linda Rose 3 dagen geleden
I want the skunk because it so adorable🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Kirsten Corby
Kirsten Corby 3 dagen geleden
So did he ever spray you?
Robin Logan
Robin Logan 3 dagen geleden
its soo cute!
Se Sa
Se Sa 3 dagen geleden
I don’t not want a baby skunk.
• ll B A L A N C E ll
• ll B A L A N C E ll 3 dagen geleden
Whoever Dislikes This Video Or Comment Is Not Worthy Of The God's... May They Forgive You! Demand The Void/Chaos to release its madness hold from your existence! Come back into Balance! 🏵️🌗🧝🏼‍♂️🌓🏵️ Praise The God's The Real Earth Is Back! SKÅL
• ll B A L A N C E ll
• ll B A L A N C E ll 3 dagen geleden
Wrothy... Truly... Praise The God's! SKÅL
Lisa Melroy
Lisa Melroy 3 dagen geleden
It's unfortunate that skunks have such a smelly defense system, because they really are quite cute!
AnneChérie 3 dagen geleden
* stomps, stomps * "Look at my butt" * stomps, stomps * "LOOK AT IT"
Aaron T. M. Bauer
Aaron T. M. Bauer 3 dagen geleden
Rehab Lady: *𝘣𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘴* Baby Skunk: *ₛₜₒₘₚ*
V C 3 dagen geleden
The little hiney nozzle is definitely build for spraying
Katy Kat
Katy Kat 3 dagen geleden
Cute little one 💕 💖 💜 ✨
singlecatt 3 dagen geleden
This brings back memories. I used to have a pet skunk. She was the sweetest little girl. She would stomp twice then the tail would go up. You didn't get a third warning. Lol she was my door greeter. Anyone came to the door she would greet them. I lost more door to door salesmen that way! Of course everytime she greeted someone she got a treat.
Ree _ DV9
Ree _ DV9 3 dagen geleden
I would literally be scared it would spray me every time he turns around lol
Kathy Nichols 2019
Kathy Nichols 2019 3 dagen geleden
He's so cute his little instincts really kicked in fast 🦨
Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe
Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe 3 dagen geleden
Aaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!!! He’s all like “I’m gonna spray ya mom! I’m gonna spray ya! Not really hehe!”
FanofDocumentaries 3 dagen geleden
My dad's house has a large courtyard where his cats can stay. The little skunks can squeeze in and love the cat food. My dad would out late at night to check the weather and the cats. He stopped to pet a "cat" on a picnic table and got sprayed by a skunk. It's happened to him twice over the years! 😂👃
Mary T
Mary T 3 dagen geleden
Such an adorable baby skunk, it's too bad that they'll get bigger and then start spraying.
a i
a i 3 dagen geleden
Other people: housecat This person: polecat
D y
D y 3 dagen geleden
He is stomping and look at that tale! 🏃
Paul Boegel
Paul Boegel 3 dagen geleden
We have a femal that has been raising litters in a hole in our backyard for many years. Sometimes while we are outside with visitors there will be several kits playing around and under our chairs if we are quiet and still. Momma keeps an eye but she seems to know we are ok. The are soooooooo cute.
Rare Breed
Rare Breed 3 dagen geleden
Looks like he threw down on you a couple of times. Would've been great on big screen and 3D. You can just picture the audience ducking.
rvnmedic1968 3 dagen geleden
Cool! And a beautiful coat later on.
kia c
kia c 3 dagen geleden
Where can I get one 😍😍
Drew Miller
Drew Miller 3 dagen geleden
The last thing I care to see is a skunk butt pointing at me...
Luis Contreras
Luis Contreras 3 dagen geleden
Omg omg omg 😳 2.20 the pink ball in the background looks like it comes out it’s butt 😳.sassy little 🦨
Laserbrain777 3 dagen geleden
A lot of the time the stink is only released upon their death.
Christine David
Christine David 3 dagen geleden
God Bless you for your work
hoodeddragon 3 dagen geleden
Is this lady Ellen?
Yousef Palms
Yousef Palms 3 dagen geleden
I got a weapon back here and I'm gonna give it to ya 😂
PJ Smith
PJ Smith 3 dagen geleden
S Allen
S Allen 3 dagen geleden
I found one on the side of the road, her Mom and brother had been hit. I called around in the area and after a lot of calls, I found a woman that took in animals. She cleaned the 100 ticks off her, the ticks had taken over half of her head. She got healthy and the lady said she found another little boy skunk, so she got a new boyfriend. They went from two orphans alone and in trouble to eventually being released to start a new little family.
🤍 Ted is Geboren! 🤍
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