Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend After Years Apart | The Dodo Faith = Restored

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Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart 💕
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Craigslist Reply
Craigslist Reply 3 minuten geleden
That's a stable relationship
Ameera Fatima Ansari
Ameera Fatima Ansari 14 minuten geleden
*the horse has a boyfriend* and yet I'm alone
Krishanu Chakraborty
Krishanu Chakraborty 44 minuten geleden
Well if it had been females ... She'd have run off with someone else 🙄
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher Uur geleden
Good people out there who connects with nature and wildlife. Thank you from afar.
salvador fonseca
salvador fonseca Uur geleden
When you realize this could've been completely all made up and we still feel the enotion.
The thumbnail + the title = me L.M.A.O🤣🤣🤣 and relating to my girl calling me when she alone
Lavion Avinger
Lavion Avinger Uur geleden
This literally should be a movie or something I really would watch it lol
Devanshu M Sharma
Devanshu M Sharma Uur geleden
Women are very strong. They can change a lot in world. I hope someone comes in my life like her too. And save me from falling.
rugged tourer
rugged tourer Uur geleden
CHRIS NERV Uur geleden
XMG Uur geleden
🙄 sure okay
REDCAP32X 2 uur geleden
Its a lovely story but really?
Alisa KTS
Alisa KTS 2 uur geleden
It reminded me of a cartoon "Spirit..."
Militarize 2 uur geleden
Maybe we'll see a Disney movie from this
Tomato_onpewterplate Uur geleden
i mean they already did, its called “spirit”
Marquita Toland
Marquita Toland 2 uur geleden
Miracle brush your teeth cut his teeth and Robin
Boner San
Boner San 2 uur geleden
The peaceful snowstorm reassembly earn because cherries antenatally flap since a rapid thread. stingy, somber can
baderapril 3 uur geleden
3 days later ghost died of a sickness
Valencia Williams
Valencia Williams 3 uur geleden
*reunites* Ok now let’s go find a spot 🤣
AnimePal 99
AnimePal 99 3 uur geleden
Make this a movie
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 3 uur geleden
They knew each other that's for sure...Nice story with a happy ending.
Takashi Ph.D.
Takashi Ph.D. 3 uur geleden
N. N.
N. N. 3 uur geleden
VCTR 4 uur geleden
TRG RyZe 5 uur geleden
Enough to make a grown man cry
Mask MAN
Mask MAN 5 uur geleden
Wild but they've owners???
Loud Moan
Loud Moan 5 uur geleden
This is a beautiful sight, honestly all I can say is beautiful🥺
ttracs 149
ttracs 149 5 uur geleden
Big dog
BigusDycus 5 uur geleden
Better storyline than endgame
BASS EXE GAMING 6 uur geleden
I’m not crying... your crying 🥺
NNN Swat Team Member
NNN Swat Team Member 6 uur geleden
Mans just saw her and went “lemme smash”
Romeo Tango
Romeo Tango 6 uur geleden
And yet liberals and Democrats cannot get along but 2 f****** horses see each other and Know What Love Is? F****** humans are retarded! Not all, but definitely a lot! It takes moments like these to remind us that we are still Apes who have not evolved yet!
I’m Jisoo I’m Okay
I’m Jisoo I’m Okay 6 uur geleden
sigh... i’m so lonely lmao why can’t men be like this!
TheLyricsGuy 6 uur geleden
Arturo Castro
Arturo Castro 6 uur geleden
Better love story than Hollywood
Babs Grayson
Babs Grayson 6 uur geleden
Meet Juan's cousin
Gladys Jean
Gladys Jean 6 uur geleden
Awww this is why once you make a horse bond with another you can't separate them not only dose it stress the animal out but it clearly causes sadness they should of been sold as a pair just looking at both of them you can tell they'll have some gorgeous babies
What it is What it was
What it is What it was 6 uur geleden
An here I am trying NOT to be found by my ex 😶👀👁️👁️🤫
SteveVi0lence 7 uur geleden
Why can't I have love like that
Phenix0357 7 uur geleden
Jayda-Skye Sainvil
Jayda-Skye Sainvil 7 uur geleden
I'm not crying.. M-My eyes are just sweating. GO AWAY!..-
Deb 7 uur geleden
How said I'm crying... Your are crying!!! 😭
Katie Kat
Katie Kat 7 uur geleden
Bless you!!!
Dmv_Seany 8 uur geleden
The perfect Disney story.
Maria K
Maria K 8 uur geleden
Whose cutting onions? 😩
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 8 uur geleden
Juan with her wife, juana
Max Gómez
Max Gómez 9 uur geleden
There’s got to be someone out there for me ... 😔😔😔
Angel 9 uur geleden
I ❤🐎 this so much xx
MS GAL 9 uur geleden
This reminds me of the ending of Spirit.
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis 10 uur geleden
They act more human than some human beings treat people.
girlygirl_128 10 uur geleden
Aww so cute horses
Mt vta
Mt vta 10 uur geleden
U are amazing, bringing them back together.
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez 10 uur geleden
Reminds me of a movie (Spirit)
Sloth_Lover 10 uur geleden
this so heartwarming 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❣❣💙💙💙🧡🧡💚💚💚💛💛💛🤎🤎🤎💜💜💜🖤🖤
Textual Predator
Textual Predator 10 uur geleden
*Damn I almost cried. What a nerd...*
Textual Predator
Textual Predator 10 uur geleden
*Damn I almost cried. What a nerd...*
Safea Irdina
Safea Irdina 10 uur geleden
I'm crying :')
Kaye Gord
Kaye Gord 10 uur geleden
Bro why aninals treat eachother than humans sad...
King John Jhon Jon Jonathan Johnson Johnston Un IV
King John Jhon Jon Jonathan Johnson Johnston Un IV 11 uur geleden
how did it recognise her when it cant see with its blurry horse vision
Dion Peeters
Dion Peeters 11 uur geleden
Okay but Ghost is the sickest name i’ve ever heared for a pet/wild animal
Lucia Cherrypot
Lucia Cherrypot 12 uur geleden
I'm not crying... You are! That is so cute🦄
Bozena Pilska
Bozena Pilska 12 uur geleden
4.2K TROLLS !!!
Anna M
Anna M 12 uur geleden
I wish humans treated animals like the beautiful creatures they are and recognize their feelings and soul
Cløwn Jr.
Cløwn Jr. 12 uur geleden
POV:your single
long nuts
long nuts 12 uur geleden
Wholesome asf
Kevin McGiffin
Kevin McGiffin 12 uur geleden
Mother nature so to speak is powerful. Humans need to understand that gods creatures are kinder to each other . Wildlife have very strong instinct and will suprise you i'm sure. Take the time to observe wildlife it will give you so much happiness . ✌❤
Ra Ra
Ra Ra 13 uur geleden
Such a feel good story with a wonderful ending!
Emeraldcity Entertainment
Emeraldcity Entertainment 13 uur geleden
Awwwwwwwww 🤗🤗🤗
Gary Barawidan
Gary Barawidan 13 uur geleden
Zeddy 13 uur geleden
Jonathan mazenzele ngoy
Jonathan mazenzele ngoy 13 uur geleden
Reminds me of the movie spirit haha
Carolina Queseyo
Carolina Queseyo 13 uur geleden
Horse: *See's girlfriend.* Horse: "IS MATE TIME!" 😜
Yami 55
Yami 55 13 uur geleden
Realb life Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron 🥺🤚🏽
Jesse Leal
Jesse Leal 13 uur geleden
Made me cry
PaulGreen11 14 uur geleden
Well, someone better call Disney Studios before I, I, 😭!!!
Leah Heap
Leah Heap 14 uur geleden
Wow Ghost has such unique markings!!!
Daisy D
Daisy D 14 uur geleden
David Anthony Franco
David Anthony Franco 14 uur geleden
Awww! He's like a HUGE dog! 🤣
Ra Prometheus
Ra Prometheus 14 uur geleden
As a former Horse Keeper this was all the evidence I needed to see that wild Horses are so much happier than the caged and "broken in" domesticated Horses humans have turned into objects of sport, because they have too much money and no social skills.
Loretta McCabe
Loretta McCabe 14 uur geleden
Ah just so beautiful, God bless you Clare for getting them back together 🤗😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎😎😎🙏🙏
Madison Kim
Madison Kim 15 uur geleden
Briana C
Briana C 15 uur geleden
It’s literally Spirit IRL
Tiffany Sandoval
Tiffany Sandoval 15 uur geleden
Antonio Camacho
Antonio Camacho 15 uur geleden
The true story of spirit
Succeshero 16 uur geleden
Wow.....this is heaven
8Emma Marie8
8Emma Marie8 16 uur geleden
It’s like Spirit😭
google guide
google guide 16 uur geleden
You are a rare human being, still in touch with your humanity, your compassion, your wisdom, insight and awareness. How I wish all people could see and feel what you do. Animals have highly developed emotional body, they do have intelligence, and innocent, open hearts. We cause them terrible suffering while alive and while they painfully aware they will be put to death while in extreme torture and abuse during their captivity.
Sinkpehna RossFire
Sinkpehna RossFire 16 uur geleden
Lead Mare. Horses have the main, important, knowledgeable female as their leader. She's usually the Mom. Young males are pushed out, they have to begin their own families. Just as in Wolves, the pushed-out are terrified and are supposed to create their own family. Some do. When hunting, you should know which family member you are killing. Think of yours, hunt differently. Thank you. Please Pardon Errors Past Present Tense Typos Etcetera. 🙂
Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers 16 uur geleden
Not every day you get a happy ending. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. God bless.
Lisa Dallas
Lisa Dallas 16 uur geleden
Pretty horses
Ayesha Raffi
Ayesha Raffi 16 uur geleden
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris 16 uur geleden
Because that’s what hero’s do
Sandalphon9 16 uur geleden
nota frogg
nota frogg 16 uur geleden
Damn.. looks like Disney making live action spirit
Patricia Price
Patricia Price 16 uur geleden
Thank you Thank you You Lovely Lady for rescuing these beautiful horses so happy to see them together again,and you really can see they Love each other 🐎🐎💗💓
Ana Feheery
Ana Feheery 16 uur geleden
What a Beautiful life story🥰🥰🥰
Chad 16 uur geleden
Great work
Joseph Longfellow
Joseph Longfellow 16 uur geleden
I thought this was a wild horse. Why did it have to leave the wild?
ur auld one
ur auld one 16 uur geleden
I love wild horses I own a wild horse but I freed him
Lune 17 uur geleden
'His girlfriends' 😭 straight peep are so annoying
Julie 17 uur geleden
So enjoyed. Thank you. Julie
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