Tiny, Shaking Kitten Decides To Learn How To Run | The Dodo Adopt Me!

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27 dagen geleden

Tiny stray kitten, Romeo, kept having seizures and couldn't walk - but watch him run for the very first time 💜 Now he's looking for his forever home!
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The Dodo
The Dodo 21 dag geleden
The love of your life is a swipe away - find someone who will never leave your side with Pick of the Litter by The Dodo: thedo.do/ytv
KittyCorn Roblox!
KittyCorn Roblox! 20 dagen geleden
The Dodo :)
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Dag geleden
If anyone deserves a medal, it`s that little furry guy there, for persistence alone. This Tiny guy has the Heart of a Lion 🥰😻🐾🙏💚👣💦💞
Mirelle Stulce
Mirelle Stulce 2 dagen geleden
The brave saw alternatively grip because syrup adventitiously scrub of a slippery loss. obsolete, earthy creditor
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 4 dagen geleden
I love the cat
Krishna Ben
Krishna Ben 5 dagen geleden
Very cute tiny kitten🐱🐱💜💜💙God bless you.👋👋👋
TheUglyRatUwU 7 dagen geleden
does anyone know this cat breed my cat is this breed and I just wanted to know :)
Marilyn Russell
Marilyn Russell 7 dagen geleden
That would have been so stressful, watching the poor kitten shaking and not knowing what to do for the little guy, wondering if you’ll wake up and he would have passed on. That happened to me when I was taking care of a baby rabbit my cat brought me. Got him formula and he was doing okay for about a week, even hopping around in the grass when I took him out to acclimatize him, but one morning...
Nancy Noble
Nancy Noble 8 dagen geleden
Look at what you have done! Nice!
Falsehood Basher
Falsehood Basher 9 dagen geleden
A *kitten* : having seizures Me: 💔
ZRCris 9 dagen geleden
Im not crying you are
Baraka Ali
Baraka Ali 10 dagen geleden
Alfa75V6 10 dagen geleden
thank you. thank you , thank you
Alfa75V6 10 dagen geleden
total 💎 , thank you
Amna Khan
Amna Khan 11 dagen geleden
This is like me and my half sided hemiplaysha.
Nicole Spinelli
Nicole Spinelli 13 dagen geleden
Human Angels❤❤❤🙏
Domi Nion
Domi Nion 14 dagen geleden
Poor thing
Shobhana Rajeev
Shobhana Rajeev 15 dagen geleden
lol adopt me is a roblox game
MOHAMMED FAIZAN 16 dagen geleden
Mashallah 🥰
Paul Aarons
Paul Aarons 16 dagen geleden
You guys are amazing
Brave Hearts Never Die In Fear
Brave Hearts Never Die In Fear 16 dagen geleden
The Kitten said I will not go quietly into the night. No I will raw with the loins and run with the bull. I am Kitten hear raw meow that's the best I got right now come back later for more.
xZero Gaming
xZero Gaming 16 dagen geleden
im not crying you are
BaloneySandwich 17 dagen geleden
Those 61 dislikes are definitely bots
Kelly Reed
Kelly Reed 17 dagen geleden
What a heartwarming story!
Gunilla Hiller
Gunilla Hiller 17 dagen geleden
Chalitta Karn
Chalitta Karn 17 dagen geleden
If he decided to run, So I can decided to drive on freeway
Yorkshire Rose
Yorkshire Rose 17 dagen geleden
He is so adorable and looks like my cat who is also called Romeo. I would take him in a heartbeat but my Romeo doesn’t get on with other cats. I am sure he will be adopted soon.
Keith Korpela
Keith Korpela 18 dagen geleden
Hope he ends up in a home where he can thrive
Amarie Johnson
Amarie Johnson 18 dagen geleden
what happened to the mom?
Pinkie Pinkster
Pinkie Pinkster 18 dagen geleden
Take him to a chiropractor!!!!!
AYYANAN KARUPPIAH 18 dagen geleden
Those adorable eyes are just very cute😍 Btw..I really appreciate the foster family , may God bless the family and indeed the cutie😇
ternitamas 19 dagen geleden
there are no hopeless cases for a true vet. It's just a matter of finding the right one and discarding the rest
D Belle
D Belle 19 dagen geleden
Janie Jones
Janie Jones 19 dagen geleden
💕💕 you people are truly a testament to what humans can be. Thank you so much for being who you are.💕💕And thank God you said the mama was in her forever home because I was thinking what did they do did they just leave the momma cat brokenhearted and alone? So whew! 🌈🌈💕❤️🌈🌈
Kaila Johnson
Kaila Johnson 20 dagen geleden
What a sweet kitten
YOBIB gaming
YOBIB gaming 21 dag geleden
Where his mom
Sathish Jayabalan
Sathish Jayabalan 21 dag geleden
Vladimir Nišić
Vladimir Nišić 21 dag geleden
Man, this brought tears to my eyes,he looks the same as my late ginger buddy 🥺 God bless You for saving him and taking care of him,You are a great man 👏
mary martin
mary martin 21 dag geleden
ELI _8l
ELI _8l 22 dagen geleden
Adorable 🥰
cassjane3 22 dagen geleden
Love this family. Love, love, love y’all. ❤️❤️❤️ FosterMomforEver. Puyallup Animal Rescue
Aisha's Embroidery
Aisha's Embroidery 22 dagen geleden
Fun fact= if u write fun fact in your comment every one will read it whole
Lady Silverwynde
Lady Silverwynde 22 dagen geleden
Me: A kitten video. This might be cute. Me, not thirty seconds later: 😭😭😭
Cheryl Whitestone
Cheryl Whitestone 22 dagen geleden
I am happy the kitty has recovered 🤗
Jenni Graham
Jenni Graham 23 dagen geleden
You are such wonderful people, his mum was lucky finding you! Thank you, and his adoptive parents (whoever they are)
Syd 23 dagen geleden
I love kittens! But I have dogs because my mom, dad, and brother are allergic. I'm not.
Daphne Loose
Daphne Loose 23 dagen geleden
little Romeo is such a cutie pie!! I really hope that he finds his forever home soon. he should go to a house with other animals, like another cat or cat savvy dog to bond with.
karen walsh
karen walsh 23 dagen geleden
When you believe, you love and you care...miracles can happen. Beautiful family that care. ❤🐈
crema de la soda
crema de la soda 23 dagen geleden
What happened tho maybe it drank poisoned water or something If it has no more seizure
Mariel Martín
Mariel Martín 23 dagen geleden
Deb Banerji
Deb Banerji 24 dagen geleden
A family of heroes.
Davi Gerhardt
Davi Gerhardt 24 dagen geleden
This is a lesson. Never give UP hoping someone or something. If you help It and believe it,youll Will be making a bless
ogladacz r.t.
ogladacz r.t. 24 dagen geleden
Mom got send to a different home?!?! This is outrageous!!!
jim s
jim s 24 dagen geleden
Great work. We need more people like your selves.
RaMPaGe ZoMBie
RaMPaGe ZoMBie 24 dagen geleden
Lulutulip 24 dagen geleden
What a lovely family that rescued him- now he needs to find his furrever home. 🙏🏼He deserves the great life he fought to have. God bless!
Will McKinty
Will McKinty 24 dagen geleden
True unconditional love 💕 thats what cured him - nice work you guys! 😍
MST 24 dagen geleden
I somehow has a lesser opinion of fosters. Was thinking they don't want to commit an animal to adopt it. But this video taught me that they give it away so they can keep fostering more and more animals. Such heroes!
GIBBO4182 24 dagen geleden
2:45 me too!!!!
Lauryn Iti
Lauryn Iti 24 dagen geleden
The mum looks like a kitten herself
Jem Leav
Jem Leav 24 dagen geleden
Angela Boykin
Angela Boykin 24 dagen geleden
If he still available
Angela Boykin
Angela Boykin 24 dagen geleden
I can take him
Sam love
Sam love 24 dagen geleden
Tosca Tattertail
Tosca Tattertail 24 dagen geleden
such a loud purr for such a tiny body...
MADHUMITA ROY 24 dagen geleden
Fighter cat got help from fighter people and improved and get a chance to live
Jackalope 25 dagen geleden
I was worried at first that the mom cat wouldn't get a home and just have her baby saved. It's obvious she's not a feral cat, but a stray left behind or used to be someone's pet. I'm glad she has a home now. She was so pretty.
Wood Stream
Wood Stream 22 dagen geleden
I live brindle type coloring in dogs and cats, she's a cutey.
M Pdaugherty
M Pdaugherty 25 dagen geleden
Congratulations on your new job and ty for your new baby you helped a wonderful special love an goodness with your heart thank you for sharing with her newborn baby life
love birds families
love birds families 25 dagen geleden
Cute kitty
Graziela Marcon
Graziela Marcon 25 dagen geleden
Thank you guy. From Brasil
Debbie Schultz
Debbie Schultz 25 dagen geleden
Never give up on a fur baby 🙏♥️🐾
Rachel W
Rachel W 25 dagen geleden
Can we appreciate how amazing his foster family and rescue family truly are!!! I love to see this type of kindness and love in people- animal loving people are good people!!!
Rachel W
Rachel W 25 dagen geleden
Omg I’m bawling! This is so special- many times the mothers will leave a sick kitten behind. This is one good mama!!!
Isaac Rizard
Isaac Rizard 25 dagen geleden
I was recently incarcerated, and forced to leave behind 3 kittens. Upon release, I found out that my kittens were all dead from starvation and I was devastated. I hate myself for that and I can't forgive the arresting officer for ignoring my request to tend to them prior to my incarceration.
newtuber4freedom 25 dagen geleden
Dee Marie
Dee Marie 25 dagen geleden
Lindy Wolfe
Lindy Wolfe 25 dagen geleden
He found his forever home with you all. Your all he knows and trust. His mom loves you for saving her son.
Dana 25 dagen geleden
It takes a village. Love you guys❤️❣️
R B 25 dagen geleden
I had no idea kitten neurologists were a thing 😳
wolfman 25 dagen geleden
I am so glad you helped mom cat and her kitten Romeo and I wish and hope that you keep him because he thinks you are family now.
Terrie Lilley
Terrie Lilley 25 dagen geleden
Wonderful people
June Pearl
June Pearl 25 dagen geleden
These are very special people. He lived because you loved him.
Robin Ellison
Robin Ellison 25 dagen geleden
So glad you didn't give up on him and the Mama is with him.
Louise Van der Linde
Louise Van der Linde 25 dagen geleden
Let him keep Romeo, pleeeaaaaaze!
Ender Gaming
Ender Gaming 25 dagen geleden
I have said before: I have never met a cat with a disability who hasn't figured out some way to completely ignore said disability.
يوميات فاتن
يوميات فاتن 25 dagen geleden
Watch my last video on my channel about my naughty cat, Kitty
ANDREW SMITH 25 dagen geleden
You beautiful people have him a reason to live.
Simona Moravcová
Simona Moravcová 25 dagen geleden
Simona Moravcová
Simona Moravcová 25 dagen geleden
Simona Moravcová
Simona Moravcová 25 dagen geleden
Simona Moravcová
Simona Moravcová 25 dagen geleden
Simona Moravcová
Simona Moravcová 25 dagen geleden
Simona Moravcová
Simona Moravcová 25 dagen geleden
Masuteru Barufutō
Masuteru Barufutō 25 dagen geleden
I'm crying with joy right now. You are all truly amazing persons. Thank you so very, very much for doing this. 💓 I'm very glad to know the momma cat got a home too. Thanks for brightening up my day. 🤗
True Crime Queen TV
True Crime Queen TV 25 dagen geleden
Totally obsessed with these videos! I click right when I see the notification. Stay safe everyone 🙏❤️
Stephanie W
Stephanie W 25 dagen geleden
He is so darn cute!
Laaz Meloul
Laaz Meloul 25 dagen geleden
The early editor startlingly stain because potato contemporaneously drown barring a tranquil competitor. amuck, nasty fan
mst3kharris 25 dagen geleden
I have two ginger tabbies and I am so happy for this sweet boy.
John Crown
John Crown 25 dagen geleden
Vet is not always wrong 😔
abbie skuches
abbie skuches 25 dagen geleden
Mama kitty knew her baby needed help..how sweet was that..so happy she got a forever home..now her baby deserves one too❤🐾🐱
Kriste Andrea Tujague
Kriste Andrea Tujague 25 dagen geleden
🤍 Ted is Geboren! 🤍
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