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When this woman found a freezing little kitty in her basement, she swore she wouldn't get attached because she wasn't a cat person. As the weeks rolled by, she slowly started to realize she was falling in love with the kitten and that she had to adopt her. Now, she's a full-fledged cat mom who hilariously documents her motherhood journey!
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Key Alfa47
Key Alfa47 19 seconden geleden
0:38 😍😍😍😍😍😍
blve zae
blve zae Uur geleden
Okay but kittens aren't supposed to be bath until they're 2months isn't it,m
mable kanotunga
mable kanotunga 2 uur geleden
Cat cat
Miguel Acaba
Miguel Acaba 2 uur geleden
That's the kind of kiss I want
in cognito
in cognito 12 uur geleden
Lmao be a mother? Geesh you're delusional
Mudasir talash
Mudasir talash 15 uur geleden
Awe all those pics 😂 she exactly like me takes a millions of photos of 1 thing and the storage gets full
Mudasir talash
Mudasir talash 15 uur geleden
Awe poor thing
Roi William
Roi William 15 uur geleden
They saved each other
Rosie Conte
Rosie Conte 17 uur geleden
She’s sooooo cute
Francis Maulas
Francis Maulas 17 uur geleden
Ooo sooo cute❤
CallmehDramaqueen 19 uur geleden
That kitten iss gonna be alive untill dinosaurs come back 😱
Prend Lala
Prend Lala 21 uur geleden
Yep she saved you. Thats what cats do.
ASMR Tingled Pink
ASMR Tingled Pink 23 uur geleden
That was wonderful! Brought happy tears to my eyes.
Martyn Payne
Martyn Payne Dag geleden
NGl this made a grown ass man cry
Agyo Dag geleden
I cant stop smiling like an idiot 😆
Droski Quintero
Droski Quintero Dag geleden
That’s how you know your kid is gonna be good making friends but it is so cute
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Dag geleden
Cats have a thing about targeting people who don't like them
vishyswa Dag geleden
My cat's name is Kitt!
Cj C
Cj C Dag geleden
Her dad meowing at the cat reminded me of my father with his cats. I miss my dad so much ❤️
Ares Marte
Ares Marte Dag geleden
Welcome to the cat lover family😊
Melissa Yilmaz
Melissa Yilmaz Dag geleden
The glasses part though
51st state
51st state Dag geleden
Good for you!!!! You found love.
Just a Minecrafter
Just a Minecrafter 2 dagen geleden
This might be the first time procrastination was good
pspicer777 2 dagen geleden
You are so doomed ... err, I mean lucky. Good on you!
PikaLegend 2 dagen geleden
"im not a cat person so im gonna take care of her until i get attached (instead of giving the cat to cat people) then ill rehome her then i realize i dont wanna do that"
Arizona Bound
Arizona Bound 2 dagen geleden
She is adorable
Courtney Grier
Courtney Grier 2 dagen geleden
I love how she says "my child!" Awwh! My heart! I wish them nothing but the best.
Spoon Playz
Spoon Playz 2 dagen geleden
Jeez Kit radiates “don’t touch me i angy” energy
Kenma Simp
Kenma Simp 2 dagen geleden
Jodie: *names the cat kit* Kit: *so you’ve chosen m o t h e r h o o d*
CrazySnorlax11 2 dagen geleden
I've taught her to do lots of certain things like fitting her whole foot in her mouth. Motherhood, am I right?
Lorrie Finley
Lorrie Finley 2 dagen geleden
Congratulations, you're a Foster Fail!
Kyra312 3 dagen geleden
I didn’t rescue her but I’m literally going through this « motherhood » right now with my kitten!
Aaharshi Dey
Aaharshi Dey 3 dagen geleden
Very cute
recklesswhisper 3 dagen geleden
Nature makes kittens cute just so the mom is MORE attached! ^..^~~
Courtney Grier
Courtney Grier 2 dagen geleden
@recklesswhisper oh I believe it 1000% Now I don't like as many people as I do animals but I believe all beings deserve respect. Anyone who gains pleasure from hurting human or animal deserves to rot.
recklesswhisper 2 dagen geleden
@Courtney Grier I believe 99% of the time, people who care about, help, and show animals respect, also treat other people the same way. Those who torture and hurt them are usually practicing for when they can do it to people. ^..^~~
Courtney Grier
Courtney Grier 2 dagen geleden
It works on me every single time. I was always bringing baby animals, usually kittens home. ♡ More often than not, they would stay
Jay Sims
Jay Sims 3 dagen geleden
It's a very typical situation. Kitten comes into your life. I'll get her rehomed, yeah right. Sucker. I've got 5 cats. Put it off homing them. Great video.
Cara C
Cara C 3 dagen geleden
So CUTE!!! Me too! I have gazillion photos of my cats doing the same thing!
roger's queenie
roger's queenie 3 dagen geleden
i myself am more of a dog person but my tabby cat dexter is an exception.
Septiyanto Nugroho
Septiyanto Nugroho 3 dagen geleden
Yeaah,, just like my dad,, My mom,, My grandfather, My grandmother, And,,, my sister,
Tia Ceria Ummu
Tia Ceria Ummu 3 dagen geleden
Joseph Stokes
Joseph Stokes 3 dagen geleden
Bravo! You are a wonderful compassionate person! Best of luck to you two!!
adrian 3 dagen geleden
Yeah your a cat person
Robert woods
Robert woods 3 dagen geleden
Such a great story - adorable!
Gabriela Tarniceru
Gabriela Tarniceru 3 dagen geleden
Sosig Boi
Sosig Boi 3 dagen geleden
Shes just so smol!!!!!! LOOK AT HER!!!!!!!
Noa Baak
Noa Baak 3 dagen geleden
I can only guess how many viewers are tearing remembering the moments they had with loved ones. I am the one and I can tell her that this goes all- the way. Be happy. - NYC, 2/28/2021
Douglas Lopshire
Douglas Lopshire 3 dagen geleden
My Emily found ❤ me when she was 4 months old and we are inseparable!!! She's my baby girl and I will never give up on her!! Thankyou so much for letting me know that I'm not alone💖💞💕😻
Stephen Millar
Stephen Millar 3 dagen geleden
Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis 3 dagen geleden
A beautiful story and beautifully narrated. She seems such a good person I hope she has lots of luck in life. This has lifted my heart and good health To little Kit.
Li Yuki
Li Yuki 3 dagen geleden
She would be the best mom ever
maternst1 3 dagen geleden
Another convert! Join the club! LOL!!!
Dana Davis
Dana Davis 3 dagen geleden
Beautiful story of love!! ❤️😊👍🙏
Big Lips
Big Lips 3 dagen geleden
Beautiful video
Dwarven Minotaur
Dwarven Minotaur 3 dagen geleden
The plan has gone without a hitch another person has been converted to cat lover
WeeeWriter 3 dagen geleden
*I love all these wonderful comments!*
Marchant2 3 dagen geleden
You may not be a cat person, but you are THIS cat’s person.
Tamem Al-Tamimi
Tamem Al-Tamimi 3 dagen geleden
the only thing better than your cat is your heart, thank you for taking care of this kitty
黃健毅 4 dagen geleden
I'm surprised we never heard her say "she'll always be my baby"
Quantum Cat
Quantum Cat 4 dagen geleden
"Woman Wasn't A Cat Person". Why, wasn't it the cat that was not a human cat. Again, the Dodo show what human arrogance is by assuming everything from a selfish and ignorant human perspective. History shows, this is how human propaganda continue to falsely imply some sort of superiority and self-validate their murdering of other species and their plundering of nature. The Dodo only wants to make money, not genuinely educate people. We want a better world for our children. Please, take your responsibilities and educate yourself before trying to educate others.
D L Malley
D L Malley 4 dagen geleden
BOTH BLESSED to have Eachother. Sometimes SYNCHRONICITY reminds us of Divine Influence (GRACE )💗🕊🐈
Ricky Anthony
Ricky Anthony 4 dagen geleden
This, starring this beautiful lady, could be a great feel-good movie.
puremongrel 4 dagen geleden
That is a nut
Rafiqah 4 dagen geleden
This video was sooo heart warming and so incredibly relateable. As a child I was never allowed to have any pets because my mom was afraid of everything that moves. Now I'm a full on cat mom and my family thinks I'm crazy, but having a kitten is definitely like being a whole mother
Joanne M
Joanne M 5 dagen geleden
omg Kit is totally adorable, and you're super funny!! I'm so glad you found each other! 💖
Nonof Urbisbes
Nonof Urbisbes 5 dagen geleden
"a motherhood"... Sure...
Ulkk Ghh
Ulkk Ghh 5 dagen geleden
That’s not ur little baby u just hv dried up ovaries
Tom M
Tom M 5 dagen geleden
I think you are Hooked. Now there is no way out. Good job.👍👍👍
Rob Allister
Rob Allister 5 dagen geleden
dam dude do i really gotta go to fking england to get me a girl like that?
Bagnath Mari
Bagnath Mari 5 dagen geleden
It so true what they say about cats- they find their human. I had always grown up with cats but when I moved out I didn't plan to have any pets (apartment leasing). Working at a school, we always had stray mothers & kittens and the babies would usually get adopted out. As adorable as they always were, I would happily play with them and then help to home them. Then one day (9 yrs after moving out of home & working at the school), I came across a new litter and only one brave baby didn't run and hide- just sat there & looked at me tipping her head to the side and it was instant! I felt it & actually said out loud to her, "you're mine". 4 years later and I can't express what she means to me except to say she is EVERYTHING! Now considering getting her a sister!
Call Aaron
Call Aaron 5 dagen geleden
I am not going to get attached 2 weeks later. I'm keeping her!
Sjaak b
Sjaak b 5 dagen geleden
i don't get why people call themself a mom or dad.. when they own an animal,, ur an animal owner/caregiver.. you did not make the animal.. cause that's impossible
Alakananda nandu
Alakananda nandu 5 dagen geleden
Cute 😘😘😘😍😍
Alakananda nandu
Alakananda nandu 5 dagen geleden
Amira Lozse
Amira Lozse 5 dagen geleden
what sane person could resist a kitten?? none!
Göker 5 dagen geleden
There is no such thing as "not a cat person". The are people who just don't know it yet.
Ruby Chicken
Ruby Chicken 5 dagen geleden
this woman sounds like she would be a good mother
justrobloxgames 6 dagen geleden
monkey climb tree kitten climb human
Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin 6 dagen geleden
“I’m getting peed on constantly but you know what I don’t even care that is A-OK” Me: LMAO
hankmation 6 dagen geleden
Her : decided to keep the kitty for more than 6 weeks Me: you fallen right into it trap
H Trus
H Trus 6 dagen geleden
Yay! Bless your hearts!
Severity One
Severity One 7 dagen geleden
Person A: "I'm not a cat person." Person B: "Here's a kitten for you." Person A: "Ooooh..."
leaf_ gaming1
leaf_ gaming1 7 dagen geleden
My brain:Kit the cat Me:kitcat
vansh pokhriyal
vansh pokhriyal 7 dagen geleden
my friennd 1 in million best youtuber me ya the dodo
Syeikh Annuwar
Syeikh Annuwar 7 dagen geleden
Sweet story Yes. God bless you
Chris Georgi
Chris Georgi 7 dagen geleden
Adorable!!!!I certainly can relate...
Edelweiss Salcedo
Edelweiss Salcedo 7 dagen geleden
Okay. Im honestly annoyed why no one is talking about the woman's dad (or maybe someone did realized that but I didn't saw it) meowing at the kitten. Like isn't that the cutest thing ever!
Ame-chan *
Ame-chan * 7 dagen geleden
Jodie: --no cat attachment-- Kit: --exists-- Jodie: --one cat attachment--
DANIAL CHAN 7 dagen geleden
how many times the cat said. Meow ⬇️
Cees Bimmel
Cees Bimmel 7 dagen geleden
Could have told you ones choosen by a cat you will never be alone anymore 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Emily Vlogs
Emily Vlogs 7 dagen geleden
Jodie: right don’t get too attached Kit: love me! Jodie: OMG CHILD!!
Donna Fuller
Donna Fuller 7 dagen geleden
Ojasvi Srivastava
Ojasvi Srivastava 7 dagen geleden
Nobody's a cat person until they meet a kitten
Jack Braddell
Jack Braddell 7 dagen geleden
I'm not a cat person, I don't want a cat., Just hold me and listen to me purr for a moment ............................. Gotcha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
discoworm 7 dagen geleden
Beautiful ! congratulations Mom
XD Pa ra pa ra pa ra Pẻn
XD Pa ra pa ra pa ra Pẻn 8 dagen geleden
Her smiles when she with Kit are more and more beautiful.
Wendy Murray
Wendy Murray 8 dagen geleden
Wouldn't it be nice though, if a kitten would stay a kitten for like....a year or two (that small I mean). hahaha! I love my two little fur brats.
Roze Helm
Roze Helm 8 dagen geleden
Woman: im not a cat person Kitty: are you sure about that!
I have a problem
I have a problem 8 dagen geleden
I SAW this girl on tiktok before i saw this. lol i reconized the clips.
Little Frog
Little Frog 8 dagen geleden
I don't trust people who don't like cats
Michael 8 dagen geleden
1:38 All I got out of that was ittybittybittyittyittyittybittybitty x'D
Manuel Manolo
Manuel Manolo 8 dagen geleden
Everyone that says "I'm not a cat person": Has never not even touched a cat in their entire life 🤨 There are no no-cat-people
レムZero 6 uur geleden
There is.. my friend scared to touch a kitten bcoz he feels weird on the fur.. when he annoyed me, i just put a kitten in his clothes and watching him screaming like a lady
ADee SHuPA Dag geleden
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