Stray Cat Decides To Move Into Guy’s House | The Dodo Cat Crazy

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Stray cat visits guy’s yard every day - then decides to move in and sleep on the couch 😍
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CaYlYa 3 minuten geleden
I’ve done this before. I haven’t heard my stray cat in 3 days. The cat came back. It happens.
Alby Antony
Alby Antony 15 minuten geleden
Noice Kat
• ♥︎ Błūė rãiñ ♥︎ •
• ♥︎ Błūė rãiñ ♥︎ • 25 minuten geleden
Parents: the internet is full of dangerous, violent things. The internet:
John Taylor
John Taylor 31 minuut geleden
Lucky cat and lucky humans.
lol lol
lol lol Uur geleden
This happened to me but my mom believed the cat was a shape shifting ghost or an aswang...... So we couldn't take her in... But we still feed her...until the day she dissapeared
GINGER The CAT Uur geleden
he wants to be a friend you guys but he needs to trust first! so cute😻
Wiktor Kyrcz
Wiktor Kyrcz Uur geleden
At first I read Straight cat Decides to move Into Gay's house xD
AloneBG 2 uur geleden
Real title should be: "Stray cat adopt hooman for pet and get in his house"
Blotzy Tortoise
Blotzy Tortoise 2 uur geleden
Proof that humanity is beautiful and that strays aren’t that harmful
RaulMeatFactory1975 2 uur geleden
its not your cat you twat
HelmzD3epOnlineGamer 2 uur geleden
Let me find out my cat has a 2nd family, and is on NLposts. Throwing the whole cat away lmfao 🤣 when it’s bedtime for me it’s bedtime for him and that says a lot “ Gucci get yo ads in this bed room and come cuddle”
Solar Guild
Solar Guild 4 uur geleden
How did they ever get him in the kennel!?
Lounex 4 uur geleden
This... does put a smile on my face.
S T 4 uur geleden
Cats are amazing!❤️🐈💖So smart and the best friend, if one takes the time to get to know them personally.✨
Julie Tomlinson
Julie Tomlinson 4 uur geleden
@ALFA I OMEGA We have a stray cat that chose us and decided to move in. I kept seeing him around the dumpster looking for food. I started feeding him near the dumpster but only when I actually saw him. I did this for a couple of weeks. One day he came up the stairs to our second floor apt. He was thinking about coming in. Fear got the best of him and he ran away. A few days later he came back to our door! I opened the door and let him in. I gave him some water and food. He was very skittish but after eating he jumped on my bed and made himself comfy. That was it..... he never left..... he jyst decided that this is where he was going to live. Next day I was buying cat litter and stocking up on cat food. We named him Scratch. I tried to find an owner by placing lost notices. No one came forward. He's been with us about a year and is the most loving, coolest cat I have ever been lucky enough to be his human. It seems like he is grateful. Now he is neutered and has his forever home!
Galaxie 5 uur geleden
I'm so sad our parents like wont let us have pets :(
SARG Studios
SARG Studios 6 uur geleden
Anyone else think he’s surprisingly large for a stray?
Alejandro Roberto Torrontegui
Alejandro Roberto Torrontegui 7 uur geleden
When the cat finally decided to retire he chooses an owner hahahah
Carmel Pancake
Carmel Pancake 7 uur geleden
Is this commen? Cause this happened to me like 4 times 💀 cats would just show up,we would keep them , sometimes gave them away , or keep it and live with it
AIWFNW 9 uur geleden
This is great. It always puts a smile on my face and a tear in my eyes when an animal gets a new home
Arthur New Acc
Arthur New Acc 9 uur geleden
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kj ,m 10 uur geleden
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Rizzo RIZZO 11 uur geleden
This is how we got our 5th cat. She just hung around the house meowing several days until we finally took her in 😆
clarity2199 11 uur geleden
That's great, but really you should NEVER just let in a stray cat, especially if you have other cats in the house. My sister had a stray that kept coming over and eventually she let it in. What she found out is it had every disease you could think of, including feline leukemia! She was very worried once she found out that bringing him in might have just doomed all her other cats. Fortunately he wasn't in long enough. But it showed, you really gotta be careful. You don't know what a stray might have.
Killa Fead
Killa Fead 11 uur geleden
Looks like dinner has showed up on its own for once
FireCracker3240 11 uur geleden
They opened the door @1:10 and screamed... scared the living crap out of that cat. He visibly jumped. 😂😂
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen 12 uur geleden
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TheMaliciousOwO 13 uur geleden
bro i dont remember seeing anywhere in this video where that cat was scared, its prob just his outside cat lolll
Blueberry Pitbull
Blueberry Pitbull 13 uur geleden
Do not sterilize him. Doing that leaves them open to cancers and other illnesses as well as obesity from hormonal imbalances. Humans are breeding like rabbits, over 100,000 babies being popped out every single day but we don't go sterilizing humans. We are so over populated.
fabio jenson
fabio jenson 13 uur geleden
taylor swift when she had to move away from philly because of water ice
None 14 uur geleden
2:47 dude: "today is the day that Boysie is becoming an official part of the family" me: cuz he will get his balls cut off dude: "off to go his microchip in" me: yeah, that too
Nighthawk 16 uur geleden
"We were worried about you!" _Boysie will remember that_
Jaspercat91 16 uur geleden
My cat just walked in and never left. It’s getting a bit awkward now because we’ve left it so long without broaching the subject. I think legally he owns us at this point.
ThorsShadow 16 uur geleden
"So you have a human for me?" "Yes sir, I do!" "So what's its thing?" "Well, it is going to cuddle you, shelter you and feed you, I decided." "Why would he do that?" "Because." "That works."
Rachael Bean
Rachael Bean 16 uur geleden
lovely little bit of cheer as my city is in its 4th lockdown. Thank yoou for making me smile.
david lee
david lee 17 uur geleden
That's my lost cat..
Eesha Ahmed
Eesha Ahmed 17 uur geleden
U should come to Pakistan all the stray cats just randomly enter ur house and r like yup this is my owner now, the cat picks the owner, the owner doesn't pick the cat... Even if u don't want the cat it's like imma invade ur house 😂
Jonny Winter
Jonny Winter 17 uur geleden
It’s his house now.
Alayah Eddins
Alayah Eddins 18 uur geleden
Ima cry
Jao Bidan
Jao Bidan 18 uur geleden
"They fed me...Then they chipped me...Then they caught off my balls...Clever humans." - Boysie
George Stoddard
George Stoddard 18 uur geleden
CERTAIN CATS: Proof to me that "Love at first sight" is a very real thing. While I absolutely adore cats in general, some cats I just have to clap eyes on them once, and I fall, hard. Here's one of those fine fellows. Cats: they rescue us, don't they? I'm so happy that Boysie found his loving forever home!
z.e. ronine
z.e. ronine 18 uur geleden
theres 677 wankstains in this world for sure
Boxcar 5
Boxcar 5 18 uur geleden
Put a collar with your phone number on him. You'll start getting calls, "Why'd you put a collar on my cat?"
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi 18 uur geleden
The cat didn’t move in with you. You moved in with the cat.
Rayanna Owens
Rayanna Owens 19 uur geleden
boysie that is a cool name
OnAgAsUp 20 uur geleden
why do he need to put a microchip into the cat??
kennova fast forward
kennova fast forward 20 uur geleden
This is very relatable, my current cat is a stray, we took good care of her and she even fended off other cats from entering our home, one day she gave us a gift, a gift of four kittens, her children was her gift to us, it was beautiful, my family and I raised those four kittens since the day they were born till now, and the mother is still around and all, she is still with us as well
Benjamin R
Benjamin R 20 uur geleden
Prend Lala
Prend Lala 20 uur geleden
Dude that's not stray behavior. That cat knew exactly what it was doing.
Edification Party
Edification Party 20 uur geleden
Lovely story. Hope Boysie has a long and happy life.
Retarded Phill
Retarded Phill 21 uur geleden
Boysie: comes back Everyone liked that
Retarded Phill
Retarded Phill 21 uur geleden
He protec He doesn’t attac But most importantly He come bacc
dennisd292 21 uur geleden
How do you deal with the smell until you can wash the cat?
Clairebear Eats
Clairebear Eats 22 uur geleden
Awww 🥰
Dom P Brown
Dom P Brown 22 uur geleden
I'm not crying, yaw are! I love cats! so feakin awesome and I love that you love Boysie! Happy tears!
Damian Gorgolewski
Damian Gorgolewski 22 uur geleden
wow! 22 uur geleden
2m+ views and you didn't even have to bind his legs and hang him from a bridge then pretend to 'rescue' him? Those tiktokers could learn a thing or two from this.
Toufiq-Ul- Alam
Toufiq-Ul- Alam 23 uur geleden
The cat looks like very wise fellow...I wish it could talk and share its CatKnowledge with us.
N A 23 uur geleden
little baby
AVLRECORDS Dag geleden
Matt Dag geleden
1:40 my man sounds like Sovietwomble
Stefan R
Stefan R Dag geleden
Definetly not a stray cat.
shiro kuro
shiro kuro Dag geleden
Sneak Dag geleden
2:39 Ah, Yes! The good life.
wilhelm Dag geleden
why chip this cat. totaly stupid. thats humans. this is now MY cat. let him come and go . . .
Correct Roblox_Oh
Correct Roblox_Oh Dag geleden
Thats ____
Correct Roblox_Oh
Correct Roblox_Oh Dag geleden
Devasena M A
Devasena M A Dag geleden
Well we had a black cat who came to our house and would stay for a long time and then et and go bacc. One day we get up as usual and what do we find but 3 kittens in our cupboard. 2 of them died sadly but the 3rd is alive and she lives with us. We tied a bell for her and named her Suzu. Suzu is a happy kitten eating fish and rice now
Claudia NMN
Claudia NMN Dag geleden
We were just adopted by a Tabby stray cat who looks very much like Boyse. Such a sweet story and a happy ending
kian sison
kian sison Dag geleden
Boysie went for a vacation
Cojejherizon C. Villalino
Cojejherizon C. Villalino Dag geleden
Khayra tries to animate
Khayra tries to animate Dag geleden
Lets just ignore the dislikes lol
Blade of the Ruined King
Blade of the Ruined King Dag geleden
There's a stray cat outside that always come at the front door and asks for food, we gave it food but we can adopt the cat because my mom said we can't have any pets
S Williams
S Williams Dag geleden
That is so kind of them to take him in and look after him. Not having to spend cold wet nights on the street getting into fights over territory. Wish the world could be more like these people.
Ratatacoon Dag geleden
there's a cat around the neighborhood that's just kinda known as the 'neighborhood cat' and he goes up to peoples doors and the our entire neighborhood feeds him and gives him places to sleep. he's just the most chill cat.
T Boggs
T Boggs Dag geleden
That's a good boy
Alicia Budram
Alicia Budram Dag geleden
This made me so happy
Jean Brubeck
Jean Brubeck Dag geleden
I just love this. We had a feral cat and her 4 kittens show up on our property one day. We fed them and gave them a safe, warm place in our pump house and the proceeded to get each one fixed. They were with us for 15 years and it was so special. They would visit us on our deck and sit in our was the best. Very, very fond memories of our outside kitties.
Fjord Siekl
Fjord Siekl Dag geleden
Is this ESO ?
Spring Dag geleden
I wish I have a cat
CookieDoodleFart Dag geleden
Omg I saw the tik tok for this and it made me cry Now I know what happened before and after
ᗪεɱσηɨςΔηgει Dag geleden
When he pops up at their door after a while: “Wassup, wankers!”
Adele Zierler
Adele Zierler Dag geleden
adorable touching story I love this cat
alex alex
alex alex Dag geleden
Awwwwwww 😀
Tony T
Tony T Dag geleden
i have 2
Gavana KPOP
Gavana KPOP Dag geleden
They are so lucky that their cat didn't left them. Sadly, I just lost my kitten. She go outside and she was missing a days ago.
Mr. Loowiz
Mr. Loowiz Dag geleden
I wouldn't be comfortable taking care of a stray cat for so long. I'd have to clean my hands every time I touched it.
KAPINSAN vlog Dag geleden
There also a stary cat coming to our house and then the cat and me bacame bestfriend we sleep together everyday
so cut i want him
Winston C
Winston C Dag geleden
Ours is a similar story. Our youngest Genevieve, was a feral kitty. Now she's an angel, but still retains her anxiety from her days in the wild. Such a sweet cat she is. Beautiful too!
randomswedishdude Dag geleden
Love how everyone went "yay" when he was at the door.
Kitsuyuutsu R
Kitsuyuutsu R Dag geleden
This is sweet❤️ We currently have a stray much like this one at our house. He just showed up and stayed a few days, so I decided to feed him. Eventually he started trusting us. We built him a shelter and everything. He’s friends with our dogs, our cats look out the window at him and don’t get upset... Now he’s looking to come inside, so I guess it’s time to try and take him to the vet, make sure he’s healthy and won’t give anything to our cats and let him in. He’s a sweet cat, I think he’d make a great addition to our family 😊
Pale Alejandro
Pale Alejandro Dag geleden
Welcome to the Family!! ... now there is one more matter ... we'll need your balls ...
Qasmokes Dag geleden
Good thing the cat didn't shoot air-pressured bubbles that can tear your toe nails apart.
Keith Dag geleden
Cat : Im your responsibility.
David Thomas
David Thomas Dag geleden
Thank you so much 🙏🏼❤️😊👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘😘😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻❤️❤️😊😊💕💕💕💕💕💕😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊
Jonkus Mom
Jonkus Mom Dag geleden
That’s how I found my cat. It was a kitten and a hurricane was nearing. Me and my mom decided the kitten could stay inside during the hurricane. It’s been 4 years and she’s still with us lol 😂
Andy Dietrich
Andy Dietrich Dag geleden
A little kitty showed up at my door 5 years ago just walked in. She is part of our family too, her name is lita
Sourboy1 Dag geleden
All of my cats were found. First under our porch, second highway by her dead family, and in oct19 at a gas station.
pcman87654 Dag geleden
im literally crying watching this ty for being a good guy to that cat
Anshu Slomka
Anshu Slomka Dag geleden
wen u become cat :3
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