The Amazing Life Cycle Of A Clownfish | The Dodo

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Watch these baby clownfish hatch and grow their very first stripes!
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Amandeep Kaur
Amandeep Kaur Uur geleden
Finding Dory: Finding Nemo
Dracula 23 uur geleden
Yes guys don't be confused clown fish have the ability to change gender
HYPHA _official
HYPHA _official Dag geleden
See the tiny eyes
Mahaz Shah
Mahaz Shah 3 dagen geleden
سبحان اللہ.
Srushti Kaushik
Srushti Kaushik 4 dagen geleden
The cameraman and the quality is freaking amazing
William Sych
William Sych 4 dagen geleden
When I first started my 150gal salt water I decided on live coral when I got the coral it looked like nothing but a white Rock. I put it in and in a few months I noticed little fish zipping around my coral and the little anemones that were growing. They turned out to be cinnamon, orange skunk and pink skunk clown babies also got a horseshoe crab, two mandarin gobies, and one Longspine black Urchin. That's when I decided my tank is going to be nothing but clowns and anemones they would have turf wars zip over peck at the anemones of the others then hide back in thiers so the other ones can't get them cutest thing ever. Then noticed my clown numbers are going down and now bodies in tank or my filters so I put up a camera after three days I caught what was eating my clowns a damn bobbit worm. It was 9in ugly as sin found out he came from my live sand. Salt water tanks are a lot of work if you use live coral and sand but the creatures you get for free good and bad are rewarding.
awh melia
awh melia 5 dagen geleden
*flashbacks to finding nemo when the eggs get eaten by the shark*
Izzy Caroline
Izzy Caroline 6 dagen geleden
That gender things makes me confused. It got me questioned again how they breed in the first place? :0
Mein Liebe
Mein Liebe 6 dagen geleden
So nemo's mom could've been a trans
Ashley Atienza
Ashley Atienza 6 dagen geleden
so, clownfish are trans?
Eric 7 dagen geleden
Clownfish "ayy wassup mamas" Girl: "get outta here u a clown"
Dalia Dahbour
Dalia Dahbour 9 dagen geleden
Wow this video was so interesting
Boshikage Bira
Boshikage Bira 11 dagen geleden
The clown here is you
SarahEli Mizser
SarahEli Mizser 11 dagen geleden
Did you grow the babies up in a grow out take
Running man animation fan
Running man animation fan 13 dagen geleden
Sonia Subedi
Sonia Subedi 13 dagen geleden
Running man animation fan
Running man animation fan 13 dagen geleden
I was thinking of that too
Samir Rao
Samir Rao 14 dagen geleden
Why the eerie music?
mikey 15 dagen geleden
I want to be one so I can hide and be cozy
Novilia Novilia
Novilia Novilia 15 dagen geleden
Whos the dad an mom
Novilia Novilia
Novilia Novilia 15 dagen geleden
ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ ɢɢᴜᴋ
ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ ɢɢᴜᴋ 15 dagen geleden
was I the only one who for the longest time thought nemo was a goldfish?
Kaitlin Maloryyy
Kaitlin Maloryyy 15 dagen geleden
Gareth Willis
Gareth Willis 15 dagen geleden
"All clown fish are born male, the biggest in the group turns into a female. If the female leaves, the next biggest male turns into a female". Absolutely incredible.
Sam Tab E
Sam Tab E 16 dagen geleden
Interesting and educational
•Nightmare Alpha•
•Nightmare Alpha• 16 dagen geleden
Sister: getting married Brother: my time has come
Carolina Meneleu
Carolina Meneleu 16 dagen geleden
That clownfish is just is real nemo
Genocide Player
Genocide Player 16 dagen geleden
My Disappointemt on finding nemo where the egg is orrange circle
ZaraHD 17 dagen geleden
Cool Monkey
Atanu Deka
Atanu Deka 17 dagen geleden
Is that NEMO ?
Елена Мотова
Елена Мотова 17 dagen geleden
Сказачно и удивительно снято!
frogganna 18 dagen geleden
I thought those gooey babies would be gross but they're actually cute!
jaee hovaa
jaee hovaa 18 dagen geleden
That tuff. They are forced to become female lmao.
MegaJohanna10 18 dagen geleden
Sooooooo beautiful 🥰
seaweed#5 18 dagen geleden
Idk why but i thought this video was called "The doods" so whenever i saw the babies pop up on the screen i was like "THE DOODS!!!!"
Super Loops
Super Loops 19 dagen geleden
tiny fishs they are cute
Sandy Jamison
Sandy Jamison 19 dagen geleden
Absolutely beautiful! I had no idea there were so many different types. 💙
Sophie 19 dagen geleden
V Vendor
V Vendor 19 dagen geleden
Oh wow nice
Trini Trance
Trini Trance 19 dagen geleden
Wow 😳 THAT’S Fascinating 🤩 and informative. Please make more videos like this 😍🥰
Its Rai
Its Rai 19 dagen geleden
Oh wow I thought they were only orange and white that’s interesting to see different colored ones :)
Donnia Mckee-Griffin
Donnia Mckee-Griffin 19 dagen geleden
Lil clown fish learning to hunt plankton. Me: Get it. Get it. Get it. Oh!! 🥰
Aracoixo 19 dagen geleden
when I flush him down the toilet 👎 🚽
LevaOrel 19 dagen geleden
So Nemo is going to become a girl when his dad dies? And shouldn’t his dad have become his mom when she died?
Mariam 19 dagen geleden
That changing genders is so cool and they look sooo cute! 😍😍
fluffy3049 19 dagen geleden
So you're telling me that the little, orange, round eggs in finding nemo... are lies?! My childhood 😭
Gemma Bae
Gemma Bae 19 dagen geleden
So.... tiny
Happy Tweets
Happy Tweets 19 dagen geleden
So that means largest clownfish = female 2nd largest male = female
hanis Rosli
hanis Rosli 18 dagen geleden
2nd its male until the first leave then it became female
Alby 20 dagen geleden
Who named them clownfish?
Aurel Baptista
Aurel Baptista 20 dagen geleden
Im the 9.1k winner yay
Lydia Colwell
Lydia Colwell 20 dagen geleden
Does this mean nemo is also a female?
KHASVIN A/L BALAKRISHNAN Moe 20 dagen geleden
Im 18 then I realize its clown fish, I though it was nemo fish all the time.😂😅
TL Gaming
TL Gaming 20 dagen geleden
Pretty interesting
The Mario And Luigi Show
The Mario And Luigi Show 20 dagen geleden
you know for a clownfish he really wasn't that funny
Md Zaid
Md Zaid 20 dagen geleden
Satisfying 😍
Luca 21 dag geleden
I don't like calling them clownfish I prefer to call them nemo's
Lora Lee
Lora Lee 21 dag geleden
Zealos 5
Zealos 5 21 dag geleden
Wait until a barracuda eats the eggs.
ZepTar - Roblox And GD
ZepTar - Roblox And GD 21 dag geleden
When gender matters in life
Nicola 21 dag geleden
Send in.......the clows 🤡🎤😭
Lisa Nidog
Lisa Nidog 21 dag geleden
Wow! Kids sure grow up fast don't they.
Samapika Dutta
Samapika Dutta 21 dag geleden
Just wow👌
shrek-IT Gamer
shrek-IT Gamer 21 dag geleden
Marlin: if this is some kind of pratical joke, it's not funny! And i know funny, im a clownfish!
Nightpony inRface
Nightpony inRface 22 dagen geleden
*FRYING NEMO* :p (admit it... some of you thought of that YTP)
Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray 22 dagen geleden
It’s the circle of Nemo’s life! 💗
Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays
Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays 22 dagen geleden
Awe, they are so cute, didn't know largest becomes female, learned something new. From amazon, car hop trays, stay safe.
prestok 22 dagen geleden
How do they prevent inbreeding?
Kayra Tekmen
Kayra Tekmen 22 dagen geleden
ghost 22 dagen geleden
am i the only one who HATES looking at clumps of fish eggs? they give me goosebumps
Danielle Gowans
Danielle Gowans 22 dagen geleden
What they can change their gender that easy
Danielle Gowans
Danielle Gowans 22 dagen geleden
I thought the Orange was the dad
Wawa Willegers
Wawa Willegers 22 dagen geleden
Beautiful, I love them all.
Games with Michael James
Games with Michael James 22 dagen geleden
I’m guessing the yellow ones are females?
LJ 22 dagen geleden
Nature's proof that transgender beings exist in both human and non-human animals
lara tina
lara tina 22 dagen geleden
anything possible
anything possible 22 dagen geleden
Watching these fish
ajay shrma
ajay shrma 22 dagen geleden
This journey is magnificent
The Great Barracuda
The Great Barracuda 22 dagen geleden
Hey there clownfish, I’m sorry for everything.
RaMPaGe ZoMBie
RaMPaGe ZoMBie 22 dagen geleden
ANWESHA KARMAKAR 7C 23 dagen geleden
did they literally just say "learning to eat plankton" ..............
Thu Hương Nguyễn
Thu Hương Nguyễn 23 dagen geleden
Hi Nemo
Lael Wildgoose
Lael Wildgoose 23 dagen geleden
2:45 They kind of look like metal keychains.
Lael Wildgoose
Lael Wildgoose 23 dagen geleden
N-Nemo? You never learnt this in class- I-
Nino michael Lara
Nino michael Lara 23 dagen geleden
Si nemo or It's nemo🐠🐟
Ramon Vargas
Ramon Vargas 23 dagen geleden
All this time finding nemo lied to us all
Peter Cristo
Peter Cristo 23 dagen geleden
People from California would love this fish.
Edie Koller
Edie Koller 23 dagen geleden
That was awesome. It's not all about "Finding Nemo". The first Nemo movie was good but the 2nd one was not as good. Never knew that the Clown fish were hermaphrodites with so many patterns too.l
Mary Hayes
Mary Hayes 23 dagen geleden
Maria Fox
Maria Fox 23 dagen geleden
Nemo? Well we’ll name one Nemo but I’d like the rest of them to be Marlin Jr.
kelly sheets
kelly sheets 23 dagen geleden
wow! They can live for 10 years. Growing up it felt like it was implied that fish were simple minded dispensable little beings, and yet now knowing fish can identify humans and live so long, it feels so cruel that it was ever implied that they just didn't matter. Thanks for the great video.
Disney Channel Reviews
Disney Channel Reviews 23 dagen geleden
They are very beautiful fish!
Lisa McGrath
Lisa McGrath 23 dagen geleden
This is so breathtaking and beautiful
Big SleepyDragon
Big SleepyDragon 23 dagen geleden
*Just wait till a barracuda (I think) from Finding Nemo gets the eggs*
A Godartti
A Godartti 23 dagen geleden
anemonema kkkkkk
Sean Long
Sean Long 23 dagen geleden
I feel like a kid again watching this video!!!
BeBearo ugh
BeBearo ugh 23 dagen geleden
Till now i called clownfish nemo
Jaz Velez
Jaz Velez 23 dagen geleden
Soo clownfish are unisex?
blue tulip
blue tulip 24 dagen geleden
me gonggaga
me gonggaga 24 dagen geleden
Does fish have penis?
JJ Silva
JJ Silva 24 dagen geleden
I have tiny marlin and dory toys and they just as cute as the clown fish in the video
Anika A
Anika A 24 dagen geleden
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