Golden Retriever Spent His Life In A Cage And Now He Runs On The Beach | The Dodo Heroes

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22 dagen geleden

Golden retriever was rescued from a small cage and now he can finally run free because of this woman
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David Jarrah
David Jarrah 15 uur geleden
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Ani Francis
Ani Francis 2 dagen geleden
Love from india
Wayne Hui
Wayne Hui 2 dagen geleden
tucker is so sweet
tae tea
tae tea 3 dagen geleden
I watch this channel called "Tucker Budzyn" he's a healthy golden retriever, but then thid dog is a golden retriever and his name is tucker is scaring me. But, happy to see him well and happy again:)
doodle dandy
doodle dandy 6 dagen geleden
Absolutely heartbreaking to see this boy being stuck in a cage for so long he couldnt walk and then to see him running on a beach. Thank you so much for helping him live his best life...doing doggy things!
Himalayan Tragopan
Himalayan Tragopan 7 dagen geleden
It is so nice that he got rescued
SxxyT-Rex 7 dagen geleden
Not all hero’s wear capes
Ivander Keynan • 14 years ago
Ivander Keynan • 14 years ago 7 dagen geleden
You know indonesia? "no" you know Bali? *"yes"*
Misstaken19 9 dagen geleden
What an absolutely beautiful lady she is! Her heart is so huge & I'm so grateful there are people like her in this world.
VENEZUELA LIBRE 10 dagen geleden
Michael Reis
Michael Reis 10 dagen geleden
May GOD strike down all the cruel people who treat Animals like this. Thank you for your work with these beautiful creatures 💖
Jolantha Wieja
Jolantha Wieja 10 dagen geleden
Christine Momy
Christine Momy 11 dagen geleden
You are a beautiful and amazing person.
Stephanie D
Stephanie D 11 dagen geleden
This reminds me of hearing about a woman in China, who bless her heart rescues all the strays in her area and puts them in cages so they aren't abused!! She says she has a lot of dogs and can't let them mix as they fight so she puts them in cages!! She's a star for trying to help, but no! I don't want them on the streets to be abused! but to be put in cages! I'm sorry they'd be happier risking the streets!!! She's not got money so she thinks because they're safe in cages they're better!! Get where she's coming from but this is heartbreaking!!
Eric KANG 11 dagen geleden
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Chris Town
Chris Town 12 dagen geleden
tucker as in tucker budzny bruh same names for same types of dog but differant dog
Axstro CODM
Axstro CODM 13 dagen geleden
I want a dog bad, and theres these people who get dogs just to abuse them
boab boab
boab boab 13 dagen geleden
Put a fucking bullet in those people, vile cunts
MIK BJ 778
MIK BJ 778 13 dagen geleden
when human buy animals they just throw them in a cage like nothing happend they just buy buy buy and throw them out and tossed away so cruel
Tunquenino 13 dagen geleden
And we do that with chickens every single day
Matthew Penfold
Matthew Penfold 13 dagen geleden
I would pet him.
cloudy day
cloudy day 13 dagen geleden
God bless her😭😭😭😭
BreadBoi0 14 dagen geleden
wait tucker budzyn?
Stephanie Limongelli
Stephanie Limongelli 14 dagen geleden
May God bless this sweet woman for giving Tucker a new start! I hope that Tucker has many years of peace, love and happiness with his new forever home. And may the monster who tortured this baby and others get what they deserve! Praise God 🙏❤️🙏
Abhist Sharma
Abhist Sharma 14 dagen geleden
Love can heal any sort of thing🙃🙂
Julia Kuria
Julia Kuria 14 dagen geleden
😢😢😢😞 such cruelty, such heartlessness, only a soulless creature would do this
J J 14 dagen geleden
These stories are so beautiful and inspiring!!!😎😍😎😍
Rajeev Ranjan
Rajeev Ranjan 14 dagen geleden
We need this in India here dogs starve until dea*th 🛡️
Eric stubing
Eric stubing 14 dagen geleden
Wtf is wrong with peopl? Stop getting animals if your going to abuse n neglect them.
Wendy Steinberg
Wendy Steinberg 15 dagen geleden
My god who would do this to a precious animal, so cruel. Sweet dog, they are so loving and forgiving, who ever did this should go to Jail for the rest of their lives. Thank you for rescuing him, you have to be a very good person.
Delta Raptor
Delta Raptor 15 dagen geleden
He couldnt move for years in that cage. poor thing😢
Luca Nicht_der_von_Sascha
Luca Nicht_der_von_Sascha 15 dagen geleden
The Person who safed 500 dogs for President!!
Eva Toth
Eva Toth 15 dagen geleden
God bless you for saving those dogs.
Kim 15 dagen geleden
Great job! Thank you!!🙏❤🐶
Christian Jorgensen
Christian Jorgensen 15 dagen geleden
I hope there’s a special place in hell for people who do this cruel sh*t to animals, and I’d love to send them there!😡
nina sciandivasci
nina sciandivasci 15 dagen geleden
Love this
ajwhite12345 15 dagen geleden
I hate the person or people that did that to him. Brought me to tears the first two seconds
Baked_Beanz Baked_Beanz
Baked_Beanz Baked_Beanz 15 dagen geleden
I love animals and my mom doesn’t but I’m thinking about asking her I don’t want a party for my birthday and only one gift. A dog, nothing else and I get money from my realities so I’m thinking of asking her!
Star bbb
Star bbb 15 dagen geleden
Thank you for your heart. God bless you
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 15 dagen geleden
Find it really hard to understand why people pay absolute fortunes for dogs when there’s so many that need a good home
Cw Jones
Cw Jones 15 dagen geleden
Do the same thing to the pile of garbage that did that to him god bless you and tucker and all who helped him
{860} yugant Nandakumar pednekar
{860} yugant Nandakumar pednekar 15 dagen geleden
I swear to god person who shoved him into cage must be buried alive and given death sentence
M P 15 dagen geleden
You are amazing! Thank you for all you do. 💖
Informed Choice
Informed Choice 15 dagen geleden
What monster would do that? What is wrong with the society that does this for no apparent reason? Bali? Great place, great people???
Joe Rubio
Joe Rubio 15 dagen geleden
The sweet step-brother chiefly slip because cod problematically phone afore a sincere accelerator. furry furtive, adamant giant
0000030331 15 dagen geleden
can we just whoosh these ass-backwards shitholes where people treat animals this way? Too many fucking humans, anyway.
B.M. Wheeler
B.M. Wheeler 16 dagen geleden
You are doing a fine service for the community, & All the doggies who love you plenty! God Bless you! How does a person donate & where do you get your funding to help these worthy Pops? 😋😍😁
Lim Siew Thoe
Lim Siew Thoe 16 dagen geleden
PAWSOME. You change his SCARS INTO STARS. AMAZING. So far i have only got 24 dogs and 2 cats adopted. WOW. How did you do it? I also agree the greatest satisfaction is to see them HAPPY. They just light up with those lovely smiles.
Graham Coia
Graham Coia 16 dagen geleden
What a rescue! Thank you so, so much. X
Indy Raven
Indy Raven 16 dagen geleden
The back roll when they do that you know it’s Alllll love ! I luv this 💕🥰💁🏾‍♀️
Meghana Khale
Meghana Khale 16 dagen geleden
Thank you so much for rescuing Tucker and giving him a happy loving home
Eileen Butler
Eileen Butler 16 dagen geleden
God Bless Tucker, and his new family.
Cameron Jackson
Cameron Jackson 16 dagen geleden
Awesome video 💕. Huge fan from the UK 💕
Kristine Joy Isaguirre
Kristine Joy Isaguirre 16 dagen geleden
Shel ATGmail
Shel ATGmail 16 dagen geleden
Thank you
Rebecca Gallin
Rebecca Gallin 16 dagen geleden
What is on his back? Did the cage take his fur off or something else wrong?? He is simply gorgeous and so happy now!! Iove you both!! 💙❤️💙❤️
Kathy Kalfayan
Kathy Kalfayan 16 dagen geleden
Kathy Kalfayan
Kathy Kalfayan 16 dagen geleden
What a beautiful rescue woman you are God bless you God bless you you know what you make me cry when I saw this beautiful so he’s in the cage all his life God bless you and God bless those people digging adopt him God bless you man
Nina Nina
Nina Nina 16 dagen geleden
DEAR💜♥️💛🌻Precious Lovely Lady💕From Australia who went To Bali... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU♥️💜💛🤗 Tucker never stops SMILING ! 🍼🍼🍼🐾🐾🐾💜💛♥️ There’s a SPECIAL PLACE IN HEAVEN FOR YOU. PRAYERS FOR A WONDERFUL LONG LONG LIFE TO YOU. Reallyyyy Love 💗 You !
Vinod Crasto
Vinod Crasto 16 dagen geleden
How many of you all remember tucker budyzn when u first heard his name
Anne Haase
Anne Haase 16 dagen geleden
May God bless your every day miss. You deserve all the light for your angel hands. I'd like to see the face of that "human being" who caged Tucker. He'll has a special place for people like him. Of that I'm certain. How can anyone deprave these innocent creatures, is beyond my understanding... Well beyond..
Rodney Murphy78
Rodney Murphy78 16 dagen geleden
He’s doing great now. Beautiful 🤩
LW Frey
LW Frey 16 dagen geleden
I am reminded by this video of a number of golden retrievers held in a laboratory at Texas A&M University that were bred to have muscular dystrophy for experimentation purposes. The idea was to use this as a way to find a cure in humans for this disease. The experimentation has gone on at this university for over 30 years with no results in curing this disease. Meanwhile, numerous dogs are there suffering needlessly in solitude. They, to my understanding, can barely keep food down and naturally experience all kinds of physical problems. This needs to stop and people should contact the prrsident's office at Texas A&M to ask them to end this travesty and allow the incarcerated dogs to go to an animal rescue organization.
Karen A White
Karen A White 16 dagen geleden
Some people are just evil. Thank God you took such good care of him. God bless you for all the good that you do.🙏🏽🐶
T 16 dagen geleden
a cutie...
Mako 16 dagen geleden
Thank you so much to the folks who save and rehabilitate these animals from such cruel disgusting people.
Allen Tax
Allen Tax 16 dagen geleden
Man. Laying and rubbing in the sand. Can feel to be a great back scratcher.
Raphael C.
Raphael C. 16 dagen geleden
She is an example of how wonderful a human being can be, helping those in need. Tucker, be very happy! Animals are pure and fantastic. They deserve to be happy and loved!
Joe Serafin
Joe Serafin 16 dagen geleden
God Bless these wonderful souls helping those who need our help
Esor Liversage
Esor Liversage 16 dagen geleden
And we wonder why there are viruses and diseases killing off the two leggeds
Christopher Gilbert
Christopher Gilbert 16 dagen geleden
If I was King of the world anyone treating animals this way would be immediately put down.
annamaria engebretsen
annamaria engebretsen 16 dagen geleden
Wy have people animals if they dont love them
Lizze Reign
Lizze Reign 16 dagen geleden
Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Bonjour Vietnam Bonjour Vietnam
Bonjour Vietnam Bonjour Vietnam 16 dagen geleden
they must go to they can did..satan..thank rescue him 🙏🙏
Betsy Sipe
Betsy Sipe 16 dagen geleden
My dogs have a big fenced in backyard, free range of the house, they get walks every day rain or shine, and they get to play frisbee about every day. Then they look at me like they're bored. So I show them videos like this so they can tell how great they have it but for some reason they don't seem to care 🙄😉
K Bonkus
K Bonkus 16 dagen geleden
I'm assuming it was a puppy mill breeder situation. More evidence that you should adopt, don't shop. Take away the reason these criminals do this and make the market for dogs bred in this situation away.
TRUE WELLTH 17 dagen geleden
I wish I had a dog like tucker
Deeksha Mallik
Deeksha Mallik 17 dagen geleden
you r my inspiration
William a
William a 17 dagen geleden
Did they cage the bastards who done this?
David WIlson
David WIlson 17 dagen geleden
You guys are amazing! Thank you.
J Kim
J Kim 17 dagen geleden
God, I hate people. Those who help animals are angels in human form. Same thing here in the U.S. with puppy mills. If only people would stop buying and instead adopt. SMH
rose mason
rose mason 17 dagen geleden
The punishment is not a detergent enough to stop the wrong that these human s do to the animals.
Arlene Olson
Arlene Olson 17 dagen geleden
Thank you for saving him!! Why was he in that cage? So cruel.
Michael M
Michael M 17 dagen geleden
This is the result of a human being the problem.....
Stella Dunn
Stella Dunn 17 dagen geleden
Just seeing that in the comments it’s so supportive and it just warms my heart and fills my soul with joy. Tucker is an amazing and beautiful dog I’m glad me is happy now
nonya biz
nonya biz 17 dagen geleden
Anyone who hurts any animal like this needs to be put against the wall. we don’t need them in society. Thank you. Good thing dogs don’t hold a grudge.
Sam ss
Sam ss 17 dagen geleden
Beautiful Tucker
Dee Carlson
Dee Carlson 17 dagen geleden
What beast could do such a thingbto this angel!? I pray to God they suffer the same faith soon!
JOAO DE OLIVEIRA-DIAZ 17 dagen geleden
I am an owner of 3 rescued cats, and I can't even believe that there are people in the world with such a black heart that they are able to hurt innocent creatures. Authorities should put those bastards in little cages, see if they like it 😠
Harly Glass
Harly Glass 17 dagen geleden
Sophie Bishop
Sophie Bishop 17 dagen geleden
Tucker you are a lovely dog saved by good people, thank you 💛 so sad that people leave animals in small cages.
DJ Surferdude
DJ Surferdude 17 dagen geleden
If you create you dog your don’t have a family member you have a prisoner. Can’t stand when people cage their dogs, especially a Golden Retriever. They are the best dogs in the world. Poor baby. Thank goodness he has a better life now.
Jilligain 17 dagen geleden
The ppl who did this are complete lowlife GARBAGE. There is no excuse to do this to an animal other than you’re a POS. Dear covid, wipe these types of animal abusing scum off the face of the earth, please & ty
Kiore mongs
Kiore mongs 17 dagen geleden
This makes me so angry 😠.
Barbora S
Barbora S 17 dagen geleden
Boots Mellor
Boots Mellor 17 dagen geleden
Tears in my eyes watching Thank you kind people for Saving beautiful little dog!
shamilavarner 17 dagen geleden
And I agree. How DO people just abandon there companion like that??!!
shamilavarner 17 dagen geleden
OMG!!! This is awesome!!! I love how you guys save them!!! Its heart touching!!
Irma Saint Michael
Irma Saint Michael 17 dagen geleden
That’s fucked up ! What an embarrassment we are as humans to do these types of acts against innocent animals. This is sickening and very sad. I wish I could beat them up for doing this to this beautiful dog.
Priyanka Nair
Priyanka Nair 17 dagen geleden
Anybody else watch Tucker Budzyn? 👇🏼
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