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It's the little things in life ❤️
Special thanks to Natalie for sharing Bear's story with us, you can check her out on TikTok: thedo.do/natadventure.
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TheMajorStranger 9 uur geleden
A widowed man down on his luck gets a puppy. NOBODY JOHN WICK'ED THIS GUY IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?
Kay Foxe
Kay Foxe 9 uur geleden
I crying 🥺
Giselle Rotced
Giselle Rotced 10 uur geleden
She has beautiful and bright eyes!
Stephen Coady
Stephen Coady 12 uur geleden
Yippeeee! 😍
Reanna Bailey
Reanna Bailey 17 uur geleden
Bear would love my German Shepard steel
Reanna Bailey
Reanna Bailey 7 uur geleden
they could have play dates since my German Shepard is a puppy that just wants love and attention
Rob Babcock
Rob Babcock Dag geleden
What a beautiful pup!
Juliette York
Juliette York Dag geleden
jane doe
jane doe Dag geleden
Animals have magic humans don't 💖
Xadoras Dag geleden
Thats a heart warming story, BUT ....you find a random puppy in your yard and...just keep it? What the hell?
Nadim Omar
Nadim Omar Dag geleden
Judith L. Morton
Judith L. Morton 2 dagen geleden
Thank you for sharing this story with all of us
Grissel Boven
Grissel Boven 2 dagen geleden
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Johann Oosthuizen
Johann Oosthuizen 2 dagen geleden
we have a sheepdog, like this puppy. We adopted her
Fuzzy Armadillo
Fuzzy Armadillo 2 dagen geleden
She was sent to him by his wife to let him know she was in heaven and would be with him again one day.
Trish 3 dagen geleden
A few days after Grandfather passed away, a doggo that nobody had seen before waltzed into the house and never left the family ❤️❤️ He was a gift from my Aja (Grandfather) and God ❤️❤️ and he was a very protective, but loving doggo ❤️❤️ (I lived in another city, but my Grandmother and family who lived there needed him). ❤️❤️
Teekoness 3 dagen geleden
Whether the people or dog were sent by God, gods, his wife or just by chance, bless these people and that dog for being there for each other. Love is a wonder.
Tracey Lawrance
Tracey Lawrance 3 dagen geleden
So so sweet!
Jennifer Cooke
Jennifer Cooke 3 dagen geleden
It’s a saint Barnard no....it’s nothing like a Saint Barnard it’s a Border Collie or a cross.
Natasha S
Natasha S 3 dagen geleden
Bear was the perfect name and they didn’t even know it when they named her lol cute
xXdabearXx Lol
xXdabearXx Lol 3 dagen geleden
My nickname is bar too
e schwarz
e schwarz 3 dagen geleden
true beauty
Gracie Adams
Gracie Adams 3 dagen geleden
God knows exactly what we need.
Ailee’s Wild World
Ailee’s Wild World 3 dagen geleden
Well, they DO say a dog is a man’s best friend right 😄
Zhen Jiang
Zhen Jiang 3 dagen geleden
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Zal Moxis
Zal Moxis 4 dagen geleden
who is cutting onions over here?
Chris McCourt
Chris McCourt 4 dagen geleden
Ya dosg are assholes
TsukiNaito1 4 dagen geleden
Giant dog scared of the stair. 🤣 She's so precious.
Kelly B
Kelly B 4 dagen geleden
God knows when we all need someone in our lives because - no explanation - because. Maybe He doesn't want us to be sad or alone at a certain time in our lives. I would say that no matter what Bear grows up to be, she has special people who love her and a happy home!!
TheJonathanc82 4 dagen geleden
Animals can bring us back from the edge. They are truly amazing companions.
Lynn Wrigley
Lynn Wrigley 4 dagen geleden
Lindsay Castro
Lindsay Castro 4 dagen geleden
My pup saved me! ❤️ dog mom!
Jameseena Coene
Jameseena Coene 5 dagen geleden
I smiled the through the whole video. Thank you for the happy moments. Good luck with your baby St Bernard.
Sandy Katz
Sandy Katz 5 dagen geleden
Ok black st bernards are absolutely gorgeous
Deanne Kroeger
Deanne Kroeger 5 dagen geleden
What a happy ending and God bless this family!❤
Scott Bowles
Scott Bowles 5 dagen geleden
And that man became...John Wick. Thank you, Dodo, for recognizing the humanity in all creatures. Wonderful!
Mason Scruggs
Mason Scruggs 5 dagen geleden
I’m sorry for all your misfortune, but thank you for being kind enough to take care of and save that dog.
Michele Conley Eckert
Michele Conley Eckert 5 dagen geleden
They adopt us, we adopt them! tthem! ♥️🐈‍⬛♥️🐾♥️
LCO Construction
LCO Construction 5 dagen geleden
I am of a mind that the dog picks you, wouldn't be without one! Be happy folks!
Virginia Morrison
Virginia Morrison 5 dagen geleden
I had a Jack Russell show up in my life the fall of 2004, that Nov I was involved in an auto accident that left me disabled. She stayed right by my side until Nov.o6, 2018 when I had to have her put to sleep due to seizures. I miss her everyday, she gave me the strength to get out of bed everyday! I miss her...❤
Faridat Lawal
Faridat Lawal 5 dagen geleden
@0.21 She's like yeah, yeah I let them pick me up (side eye)
Frits C.
Frits C. 5 dagen geleden
Did feel like watching an episode of Highway to Heaven. A dog came when a family needed her.
Ellen Conway
Ellen Conway 5 dagen geleden
Cheryl Whitestone
Cheryl Whitestone 5 dagen geleden
💞 I feel the same way about my friend 🤗💕🥰😍😇
Gaia Ceveles
Gaia Ceveles 5 dagen geleden
God works I'm mysterious ways😃🤗💛and he gave you both what both your hearts needed💛💛💛 healing.... Just beautiful, 🤗💛🤗
Timberwolf DT Productions
Timberwolf DT Productions 6 dagen geleden
Dogs are the best!
LittleLulubee 6 dagen geleden
Such a sweet, heartwarming story 🥲 Beautiful puppy 💖🐶💖
a4 6 dagen geleden
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Matilda Twarowski
Matilda Twarowski 6 dagen geleden
Is it a border collie?
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 6 dagen geleden
That pup decided to live up to the name they gave her
Alice E
Alice E 6 dagen geleden
Beautiful story! ❤️🙏🏻
Kelly Mcgrew
Kelly Mcgrew 6 dagen geleden
Beautiful! So glad for all of you😊
doodle dandy
doodle dandy 6 dagen geleden
this dog was meant go come into their lives...it was fate! Thank you for taking her in and saving her, but i think she save you all!
Madison's Fun Times
Madison's Fun Times 6 dagen geleden
❤❤❤❤ A gift from your angel above
Surrealms 6 dagen geleden
One of the most precious dogs I’ve ever seen. God the look in the thumbnail 😙
Erik R. Riley
Erik R. Riley 6 dagen geleden
Because dogs are just plain awesome...
Penny Lane
Penny Lane 6 dagen geleden
What a beautiful gift that was sent to you.
J G 6 dagen geleden
I feel like sometimes when we are at a dark and stressed state, animals will show up in the right moment to make us happy again. A few months ago I had an emotional breakdown at my therapist, not my first one but definitely a tough one. A lot of problems had piled up on me for months and years and it was just too much for me in that moment. When I walked out of the building, I suddenly saw a cat. No collar, greyish-brown fur, bright green and yellow eyes. It came right up to me and wanted some pets. I love dogs and cats so I immediately sat down and pet that cat who started purring loudly. Within seconds I felt better and started smiling. This little cat helped me forget about all of my problems for a short moment. Sadly, I had to go home and couldn't take the cat with me, but it was an area with lots of homes so I was certain that it must've lived in that area. Since then, my life has improved and some of the problems where solved. I've never seen that cat again but I still remember it and am grateful for our encounter that helped me find some strength and happiness again when I was at my weakest and lowest point.
jim redskye
jim redskye 6 dagen geleden
well said !
AKKANITRI 6 dagen geleden
That right there, is a *B E A N*
mickey leboeuf
mickey leboeuf 6 dagen geleden
thats a st bernard? i thought he was correct with newfie
Grace hardy
Grace hardy 6 dagen geleden
“They put this little dog in my hand and i was like okkkkkk”
Wawa Willegers
Wawa Willegers 6 dagen geleden
Bear is a miracle for the family. She makes them laugh, she gives them life and happiness. And for Bear, she can't be more happier be loved and cared.
John Davis
John Davis 6 dagen geleden
My wonderful dog Charlie helped me when my wife died unexpectedly two years ago after 40 years together. Dogs are Gods best creation!
Team Van Zyl
Team Van Zyl 6 dagen geleden
Super cuteeee!! ❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍
Pamela Olson
Pamela Olson 6 dagen geleden
See what Love and Compassion can do??? It can always make all of the world Right!!!! The family, and the dog connected a bridge built from 💘
V Ellington
V Ellington 6 dagen geleden
2:41 When she asked Bear if she was afraid of the stairs and she barked "yes" and laid down! Oh my ❤ strings such a cutie. 🐕
Zapton 303
Zapton 303 6 dagen geleden
I cried after watching this having tears of joy because the same happened to me
R Kesler
R Kesler 6 dagen geleden
I just lost my Doberman to a heart attack He was my best friend Dogs make our lives worth living
Riley Ward
Riley Ward 6 dagen geleden
Thank for rescuing her I truly believe that she was sent from heaven to you
GeekGamerGuy81 6 dagen geleden
Bravery Does Stuff
Bravery Does Stuff 6 dagen geleden
I love it when animals come into people's lives during times of hardship. Brings a tear to the eye.
Jamie_ D0G
Jamie_ D0G 6 dagen geleden
The Disney version of John Wick
W M 6 dagen geleden
Steven Roebuck
Steven Roebuck 6 dagen geleden
Made me cry she was sent for your Dad
Susan Guccione
Susan Guccione 7 dagen geleden
Great story!
Stefan Frisk
Stefan Frisk 7 dagen geleden
Alan Madden
Alan Madden 7 dagen geleden
This is a great story. Wanted to cry. I got my little rescue dog that lights up my life. But this little dog rescued a whole family. Thanks for sharing.
Lucélia Rossi
Lucélia Rossi 7 dagen geleden
Macie Allen
Macie Allen 7 dagen geleden
Omg the guy who got bear looked like the grandma from up!
Thomas Fenner
Thomas Fenner 7 dagen geleden
Beautiful story.
Sara T.
Sara T. 7 dagen geleden
Damn, those ninjas are cutting extra onions today...
Phoenix 7 dagen geleden
These are some slick transitions.
Mary Aguilar
Mary Aguilar 7 dagen geleden
Eileen Pizarro
Eileen Pizarro 7 dagen geleden
She was definitely heaven sent to you. And she is beautiful.🤩💓
Emily McCauley
Emily McCauley 7 dagen geleden
Mary Hubbard
Mary Hubbard 7 dagen geleden
Animals arrive In our lives at perfect moment, I believe they are little angels sent to us
lemard mays
lemard mays 7 dagen geleden
So cute.
Missy B
Missy B 7 dagen geleden
Thats sweet but a lap dog might hsve been best lol
HEROBRINE GAMES 7 dagen geleden
Excuse me but where did you find my dog? (Not really it just acts EXACTLY LIKE HER)
Elizabeth Larson
Elizabeth Larson 7 dagen geleden
Bear is so lovely and she was definitely sent with a mission. What a wonderful story.
Elizabeth Seals
Elizabeth Seals 7 dagen geleden
If this doesn't prove there's more out there, I don't know what does. This baby was sent to this man. No doubt whatsoever. Awesome story. Thank you so much for sharing. Bear is just about too cute. 🐾😇 The face he nade at 1:38 did it. I teared up.
Glyn Parker
Glyn Parker 7 dagen geleden
Awwww can't see properly for tears. So lovely 😍🥰💖
Robin Ellison
Robin Ellison 7 dagen geleden
Dogs and cats know when you are upset, sad, down, and will come to you and try to cheer you up. Sorry about your wife, but happy you have your GSD.
_Star•Bunny_ 7 dagen geleden
I want another dog now but my mom says no
Magoo Northern Light
Magoo Northern Light 7 dagen geleden
Dogs make the best of people and we all know it.
redredpanda 2
redredpanda 2 7 dagen geleden
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute
gicchi14 7 dagen geleden
ahh... vice versa for me. my family took away my two pups after both my parents passed away. eventho i understand their intention since i was so young, still it left a big trauma for me until now. they used to took away all my blues and keep me busy. it just feels so empty now, i want them back
Paul Walker
Paul Walker 7 dagen geleden
Love and care for each other ,you'll never find a better friend 💕
Dries 7 dagen geleden
It hard warming to see the reaction of the grandfather 👍
cindy ROSE
cindy ROSE 7 dagen geleden
Both of our children had moved out of the home and we had to euthanize our beautiful lab of 11 years who had a painful cancer. I was really having tough time. A few months later while was working a a very rural medical clinic and puppy wandered in. Now this clinic is out of the town by several city blocks and this pup was 6 weeks at most and the vet thought probably 4 because the teeth were just through.Someone dumped this puppy. Sheba came home with me. That beautiful little dog grew up to look like a black lab, retrieve like a lab, and endeared everyone who met her in our neighborhood. We had her for 11 years until she passed from a natural death.
Sharon Checkel
Sharon Checkel 7 dagen geleden
Great story, love it!!☺❤
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