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18 dagen geleden

To Best Friends on Valentine's Day
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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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Alejandra Xavier
Alejandra Xavier Dag geleden
This so cute
James Wilson
James Wilson 3 dagen geleden
Thank God for "The Dodo" !!!! Makes me smile everyday.......
NaMa Schu
NaMa Schu 4 dagen geleden
This melts my heart
Stacy 4 dagen geleden
So cute and adorable, I love animals so much they are the best 💛💖💚🧡💜💙🐾
Avery Semidecent
Avery Semidecent 4 dagen geleden
Dillian Dionne C. Viado
Dillian Dionne C. Viado 5 dagen geleden
Goose: Peace was n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ an option
Panda 7 dagen geleden
this video is really make my eye full of tears, man, i think making trust with animals better than humans, man i love animals very much
TheLatiosnlatias02 9 dagen geleden
I like the duck and dog as well cat and rhinoceros
erkheth 10 dagen geleden
That's donkeys for you, they enjoy breaking their boundaries 🥰😂♥️
Handsome_Hero 10 dagen geleden
Just me
Just me 10 dagen geleden
Peace was a option
Shinjuku96 Jackson
Shinjuku96 Jackson 11 dagen geleden
Never had a Friend in my life or a Girlfriend but at least I can say I feel warm inside myself at least once in my life Happy Valentine's day for all the people and animals on this earth
Koko Koko
Koko Koko 11 dagen geleden
Jesus loves you god bless you amen seek the lord while he may be found isaiah 55:6 amen
TheLatiosnlatias02 9 dagen geleden
Woah, hold up! What's that got to do with this vid?
Robin Ferdinandsen
Robin Ferdinandsen 11 dagen geleden
Was enjoying this video so much till i saw the chock collar on the dog at 2:06 😓 doesn't change the vid being sweet just reminds you what some ppl think is okay to do to mans best friend 🤷‍♂️😞
Pavla Nobel
Pavla Nobel 12 dagen geleden
That was adorable
MelaniaSabine 12 dagen geleden
In general, I very much like your videos. It would be better for me, if you would not combine video with so much to read at the same time. I always have to watch those kind of videos twice: one time for watching, one for reading. I would prefer it if you would get rid of the music and let the words be spoken by a voice.
Mei梅.2021_and nine cats
Mei梅.2021_and nine cats 12 dagen geleden
so happy...Tanks🌹😁
June Farmer
June Farmer 12 dagen geleden
Thank you all for this great video and sentiment. We all need to watch more of the positive things that happen in life and you help with that very much. You show us really horrible situations that turn to gold in the end. You remind us that no matter how grey the sky is there is still a vast expanse of blue sky just waiting to poke out from behind the clouds along with the 🌞
Harshada Barge
Harshada Barge 12 dagen geleden
My dream is to save every stray , homeless or injured animals on my own and from my own money and give them forever home 😭😭❤️❤️❤️ I will achieve it one day wish me luck 🥺🥺💖
M Th
M Th 12 dagen geleden
That dog must be dreaming of that duck 🦆 in his dinner bowl.
•Cream Puff•
•Cream Puff• 13 dagen geleden
-ˏˋAmy ෆ
-ˏˋAmy ෆ 13 dagen geleden
1:16 The best part!!! aawww !! ❤️️
FireDwam 13 dagen geleden
I was crying 😢
Cali Girl
Cali Girl 13 dagen geleden
Thank you. That was a very nice post. I enjoyed it.
そら 13 dagen geleden
Imagine having crispy duck while watching this video
hector cruz
hector cruz 13 dagen geleden
Animals don't have emotions but wild behavior. A dog wagging his tail is not that he is feeling happiness, it's that he is excited. Excitement is to go on a higher energy level, not a feeling. Just like when he gets excited of eating or fetching/chasing a ball. Fetching/chasing a ball or stick is like fetching/chasing prey. These are instinctual behavior that were inherited from birth to SURvIVE. Look at the wild dogs of africa. Also, dogs don't "kiss" their owners. They lick their mouths expecting the owner to regurgitate the food so they can eat it. And they get excited about that too. Inherited instinct.
SomeDude 13 dagen geleden
Animals don't know nor feel "love". You are confusing feelings with instinct. Animals react to things without thinking about it and the reaction they have is completely functional.
hector cruz
hector cruz 13 dagen geleden
Exactly! A dog wagging his tail is not that he is feeling happiness, it's that he is excited. Just like when he gets excited of eating or fetching/chasing a ball. Fetchingchasing a ball or stick is like fetching/chasing prey. These are instinctual behavior that were inherited from birth. Look at the wild dogs of africa. Also, dogs don't "kiss" their owners. They lick their mouths expecting the owner to regurgitate the food so they can eat it. And they get excited about that too. Inherited instinct.
Jan Mosher
Jan Mosher 13 dagen geleden
J. Vigeant
J. Vigeant 13 dagen geleden
Thank you....yeah needing some warm fuzzies right now.
love birds families
love birds families 13 dagen geleden
Maxaroni Noodles
Maxaroni Noodles 13 dagen geleden
If anyone is in the salisbury md area who has fosters kittens or older cats please contact me through my channel that I made for my cat. Looking for a friend for him ADOPT DONT SHOP.
Virjunior 13 dagen geleden
Korone and Subaru in the thumbnail
house ho
house ho 13 dagen geleden
Love it!
odysseas lom
odysseas lom 14 dagen geleden
it made my cry :D
a35362 14 dagen geleden
Awwwwwww! So nice!
Keith Bates
Keith Bates 14 dagen geleden
Thank you for a loving ❤ vlog on Animals. A breath of fresh air after seeing horrible abuse on Animals by man! Joan and Keith Bates
Devon Frank
Devon Frank 14 dagen geleden
Gosh i love Animals❤🐾this video is so adorable
Vindian86 14 dagen geleden
Kim Bratton
Kim Bratton 14 dagen geleden
This is awesome!!
Bob Garcia
Bob Garcia 14 dagen geleden
If that isn't true love, than I need some lessons from this kind loving lil four legged friends, I think they can show humanity a few things in getting along with each other, they are so precious.
Equestrian Survivor
Equestrian Survivor 14 dagen geleden
0:07 Look at dis dude
Summer Baby
Summer Baby 14 dagen geleden
I sent this to my best friend. Even though shes in a different state I wanted her to know how much I love and miss her! The message in the video was well said. Great video and the fur babies were super cute too!
N Steele
N Steele 14 dagen geleden
How damn adorable was this! Makes your day!
La_Trolette 15 dagen geleden
i have no frIENDS
himo4ever 15 dagen geleden
aww I love animals they so cute 😍
su oh
su oh 15 dagen geleden
The shivering lasagna respectively object because soprano potentially park about a efficacious grade. fragile, shallow snowflake
Wonko The Sane
Wonko The Sane 15 dagen geleden
There's them darned allergies again. Always making me tear up.
Angie Hayward
Angie Hayward 15 dagen geleden
I wish you good LOVE!😻
Blue Bee
Blue Bee 15 dagen geleden
trillion thumbs up
Fallon Fae
Fallon Fae 15 dagen geleden
If animals can show love to different races why can't we humans?
Tanya Kpa
Tanya Kpa 15 dagen geleden
Es pam
Es pam 15 dagen geleden
genuine love
ET_Explorer 15 dagen geleden
God programmed these animals to show love, compassion and foregiveness to each other and humans. Yet humans lack these gifts that God gave to these animals.
Silent_cipher 15 dagen geleden
This just makes me realise that I'm FUCKING ALONE
Random Videos for you
Random Videos for you 15 dagen geleden
Whatever what animal you are you can always make friends with anyone
Sh 15 dagen geleden
True friendship
Anne Marie Graff
Anne Marie Graff 15 dagen geleden
EXCELLENT 👍👍👍😘😘❤❤❤🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ TROP JOLI
Mira Ι アースフレンドリーな生活
Mira Ι アースフレンドリーな生活 15 dagen geleden
These videos of different species really getting each other is teaching us how to take care of others🧡
philosophus bellator
philosophus bellator 15 dagen geleden
...and here we thought humans were the teachers.
Justin W
Justin W 15 dagen geleden
I'm sorry for being a crybaby but this made me cry. Hope everyone is doing great and safe.
Aiah Zohar
Aiah Zohar 15 dagen geleden
I get we all have different opinions and perspectives, but that some of us can enjoy hurting or even killing these beings even when we don't have to to survive saddens me as much as anything else.
Jonas Meinderts
Jonas Meinderts 15 dagen geleden
This video was AWESOME. I kinda had to cry... Thanks guys
noirellee 15 dagen geleden
My favorite channel. There is some good in all of us.
Mary Juarbe
Mary Juarbe 15 dagen geleden
So cute 🥰 he or she is enjoying have friends God bless you ☺️
heidi :D
heidi :D 15 dagen geleden
if u dont have a valentines, ur just to cool for them they are just scared youll reject them. Credits to the lady from tiktok who said this LOL
Mijan Rahman
Mijan Rahman 15 dagen geleden
Love mean peace 🕊️ love means animals 🤗❤️
John Davies
John Davies 15 dagen geleden
I'm crying with cuteness right now it's so cute! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!
John Davies
John Davies 15 dagen geleden
by the way thank you so much if you like this
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord 15 dagen geleden
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son Jesus that WHO SO EVER belive on him will not PERISH but have everlasting life John 3:16❤
Catherine Caney bassilios
Catherine Caney bassilios 15 dagen geleden
Good luck to all of you
Death 15 dagen geleden
I dont need love but i like to watch cute animals
himo4ever 15 dagen geleden
aghh what 😅
Layne Taylor
Layne Taylor 15 dagen geleden
Layne Taylor
Layne Taylor 15 dagen geleden
CRACK A- TINNI TRIBE 15 dagen geleden
All we need is 💕🖤🤍💛💚🧡💜🤎
Sandra Love
Sandra Love 15 dagen geleden
This proves that animals are so much better then people any day!!
himo4ever 15 dagen geleden
yes animals is so kind and beautiful
Anuradha HEMBRAM
Anuradha HEMBRAM 15 dagen geleden
The whole time i had a smile on my face🥰love knows no barrier😘
Ferdinand Apostol
Ferdinand Apostol 16 dagen geleden
My GIRLFRIEND and MY BESTFRIEND are really CLOSE too🤔🤪🤬😏 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shakuntala Raghunath
Shakuntala Raghunath 16 dagen geleden
What lovely friendships. May the world be filled with such love and understanding.
Birregurra Astronomy
Birregurra Astronomy 16 dagen geleden
100 likes.. if only we could! Great compilation.
Sorcha Mackay
Sorcha Mackay 16 dagen geleden
Catherine Miles
Catherine Miles 16 dagen geleden
Damn dodo... ya just hit me right in the feels.... wow. Happy tears
RedTitan5 16 dagen geleden
My eyes
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel 16 dagen geleden
Its weird.
Agnibho Sarkar
Agnibho Sarkar 16 dagen geleden
This made my day ❤️
Yashveer Nathawat
Yashveer Nathawat 16 dagen geleden
100iq @ 0:54
Sabi 16 dagen geleden
Love videos like this, but the cat and the dog sticking their head out the car's window isn't cute, it is very irresponsible.
David Cutts
David Cutts 16 dagen geleden
These amazing critters deserve amazing music, not this lukewarm diarrhea.
bartenderzzz 16 dagen geleden
That raccoon was huge!!
Sathish Jayabalan
Sathish Jayabalan 16 dagen geleden
My Views
My Views 16 dagen geleden
Animal are way to good and faithful than humans. Wish could be one of them.luv to dodo
Alicia Seecharan
Alicia Seecharan 16 dagen geleden
That was a super duper adorable video 🥲💕
Innerpeace 16 dagen geleden
Animals are life, imagine living on earth with no animals? We must stop eating and abusing them!!!
Chiu Yu Hong Jayden 3B03 趙汝康
Chiu Yu Hong Jayden 3B03 趙汝康 16 dagen geleden
M J Fisher
M J Fisher 16 dagen geleden
I ❤️ God’s furry and sea creatures.
BooMusic 16 dagen geleden
So you're telling me they have a better experience in getting in a relationship than me... *cries away*
daban yaseen
daban yaseen 16 dagen geleden
We should all care and love our innocent animals.
Andres Perez
Andres Perez 16 dagen geleden
Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!
Gotta Love Piano
Gotta Love Piano 16 dagen geleden
😆💕🤦🏻‍♀️ A day late!
Máire Lordan
Máire Lordan 16 dagen geleden
I was sick all valentines day. Who never left my side? My best friend and guide dog, quinby. Love always to all the animals xxx
Emma L
Emma L 16 dagen geleden
You keep us sane x
Paul 16 dagen geleden
I'm sorry to hear that so many here have no human love. And I thought with all of this "love" and "affection" comments people here would actually have some. Sad.
Buru Sunya
Buru Sunya 16 dagen geleden
Who are those fucking 106 people disliking such a beautiful video. Dumbass.
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