Shy Foster Puppy Cuddles With Her Dad For The First Time | The Dodo Foster Diaries

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20 dagen geleden

Rescue puppy learns to love in her foster home and runs to her dad for cuddles
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M B 9 uur geleden
She’s so beautiful! What a beautiful story. I’m happy for her.
Perla Salamo
Perla Salamo Dag geleden
So cuteeee
Devon Roberts
Devon Roberts Dag geleden
I saw this at the end of revtrositys hollow tale playlist so can someone tell me why it was there
Davidj7 Jarrah
Davidj7 Jarrah Dag geleden
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Nadia Loordes
Nadia Loordes 3 dagen geleden
Awwwwww omg
22, Naisha Singh Registration no. 5557
22, Naisha Singh Registration no. 5557 3 dagen geleden
22, Naisha Singh Registration no. 5557
22, Naisha Singh Registration no. 5557 3 dagen geleden
Such a cute doggo why on earth are people so cruel
Scarlett Roger
Scarlett Roger 4 dagen geleden
🐶🦽 🏃‍♀️👂🦇
Marcy Tremayne
Marcy Tremayne 4 dagen geleden
The scarce field exclusively miss because mascara systemically coil circa a old quit. many, level shirt
DivineMizE 4 dagen geleden
soooo cute!! you guys did great. 🥰
Carol Goodman
Carol Goodman 4 dagen geleden
what a super story god bless you
Hans Gerber
Hans Gerber 4 dagen geleden
how can someone hit a puppy so hard it breaks her spine ... some people shouldnt exist
Heather Hughes
Heather Hughes 6 dagen geleden
I love when she was upside down squished in the couch with that goofy face. 🐾❤️🐶 She is so adorable. So glad she got a second chance.
thinking of concerts
thinking of concerts 6 dagen geleden
2:12 wow she’s really fast on wheels! go girl girl!!
John Mcloughlin
John Mcloughlin 7 dagen geleden
All the best to you and your lovely dog you are very special people with big hearts XXX
Marwa ElDiwiny
Marwa ElDiwiny 7 dagen geleden
I cried so hard she is so beautiful
qloe 7 dagen geleden
2:17 I love how the black dog looking at her like "you okay? we're gonna run slowly" 😂
M1neTrtle 7 dagen geleden
She eating sand me eating my dogs foot
Roseane Corrêa
Roseane Corrêa 7 dagen geleden
KittyCat Talk
KittyCat Talk 7 dagen geleden
Okay so I wanted to watch a dodo video with my mom so I scrolled and she randomly said stop then I clicked on this video and then I heard the dogs name is: Suki . That’s a huge coincidence because my 2 birds names are Karl and SUKI omg the coincidence
Julia Dez
Julia Dez 7 dagen geleden
She is sure a little get a bout, with or without her wheels
Evgenia 7 dagen geleden
my sweet angel ♥♥♥♥♥. every stray animal deserves the best loving home !!
Fast Motion Plays
Fast Motion Plays 8 dagen geleden
She looks just like my pup but different color
Gina Lawlor
Gina Lawlor 8 dagen geleden
Omg she's adorable 😍
Pikachu 8 dagen geleden
Vikram Baliga
Vikram Baliga 9 dagen geleden
•́ ‿ ,•̀ thanks to the one who fostered the little soul, she looks so happy now
Ptenis Nut
Ptenis Nut 9 dagen geleden
Oh, Suki!!! I hope she has a wonderful life...
Disneyjessie 02
Disneyjessie 02 9 dagen geleden
My dog is a French bulldog and I know this dog has been hurt but my dog puts her legs out like that so much
S V Filipina Asian Me!
S V Filipina Asian Me! 9 dagen geleden
She looked like my dog as a puppy haha too adorable. :-)
Nancy Sloane
Nancy Sloane 10 dagen geleden
Thank you so much for helping this sweet animal!! I wish that whoever did this to her could be punished to the maximum of the law. But at least she has her wheelchair and a family who loves her, she'll have a beautiful life! May you be blessed with good health, happiness, success and a long life for saving this adorable puppy!!
Kathy D
Kathy D 10 dagen geleden
Suki is beautiful and such a lovely, sweet girl. Of course, she's worth it! You have a friend for life because you gave her a loving home.☮❤
Bala BK
Bala BK 10 dagen geleden
Dislikes are from aliens I hope so
zsazsa rose
zsazsa rose 10 dagen geleden
So cute - my name is Suki❤️ my kids are the ones who call me ZsaZsa
tim tim
tim tim 10 dagen geleden
So wonderful !
Julieta Azabache
Julieta Azabache 10 dagen geleden
I find hope in these stories, where you can see how love and kindness reverse the damage. I send Blessings and all my love to this kind of people. We are caretakers and it is time to remember it. 💗🙏🏿
Vintage Girl
Vintage Girl 11 dagen geleden
How can anyone hurt a precious animal?
Ale Garceau
Ale Garceau 11 dagen geleden
May the monster that broke this puppy’s spine suffer the same fate or worse. Too many people in this world are truly disgusting. And to those who rescued this puppy, Bless you always. It’s is thanks to people like you that this world is not complete darkness. I hope puppy Suki lives the most beautiful, healthy, and wonderful life with her new family. Thank you for taking such good care this puppy angel 🙏🐶❤️😇
꧁Bhavyavarthini Salai꧂
꧁Bhavyavarthini Salai꧂ 11 dagen geleden
Guys what breed is she? I want her so badly, especially with her ears and eyes.
Mishah Elle
Mishah Elle 11 dagen geleden
You have done an amazing job with Suki. What an adorable puppy. We could all take a lesson from her and her determination to not let her disability slow her down. Those eye and those adorable ears won my heart.
Kiran Earnist
Kiran Earnist 11 dagen geleden
Gbu. Little angel 😇
Krishna Ben
Krishna Ben 11 dagen geleden
Dog is nice and sweet, God bless you always 🙏🙏🐶💙💙💙👋👋
Clean Muzic
Clean Muzic 12 dagen geleden
Clean Muzic
Clean Muzic 12 dagen geleden
Cute dog!!!! I have a dauchsund Weiner dog that is never ever careful lol. They do change your life
Suki puts me to shame with her energy. The wheels are a blessing for her but more importantly, she is one happy little doggie because of your love and special care.
Dalaine Bloom
Dalaine Bloom 12 dagen geleden
She is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! How could anyone ever hurt Her. Poor Baby! I am so happy that You Fostered Her. I am so happy for Her. Thank You for fostering Her.
Miranda Smith
Miranda Smith 12 dagen geleden
What a beautiful face and colors
Hollow Eyes
Hollow Eyes 12 dagen geleden
Nah, I'd rather run my car into a wall than hit a dog. Might be a bit of a moral grey area though, considering I drive an uber.
Christine Callahan
Christine Callahan 12 dagen geleden
Thanks to god and ALL THE ANGELS for people like you, you will be blessed for the rest of your life.........
rfrancoi 12 dagen geleden
That GOD people like you still exist in this krazy world.
Fabiana Greco
Fabiana Greco 12 dagen geleden
Ooooh 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Julia Eversole
Julia Eversole 12 dagen geleden
She’s so cute!!!
Jon Vaughn
Jon Vaughn 12 dagen geleden
Sweet little pup!
Bunny 12 dagen geleden
A lot of animal cruelty here in Romania. The people here are still living in the medieval ages, mentally, when it comes to how you should treat a poor helpless animal. The old people are mostly the ones used to beating a dog because it should know who's the boss, or not feeding it properly because "It's a fucking dog, to hell with it, I fed it already", but the bowl is empty and you can see its ribs while tied up forever without getting any love, attention or a bit of freedom to run, play and feel happy, and so on. It's absolutely disgusting. What's more depressing is that most of them go to church. They ask for better health and a better life probably, yet they mistreat a poor dog in a lot of ways. I wonder why those prayers don't get any answers, and I'm glad cause they don't deserve anything other than bad things to happen to them. Anyway, seeing this pup out of the wheelchair at the end, made me cry. It's people like these ones right here who deserve the best. They helped a wonderful puppy feel loved and cared for.
Shel 12 dagen geleden
She's the sweetest, loveliest, most harmless little creature. ...and someone abused her. Human cruelty haunts me.
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 12 dagen geleden
What an amazing dog 😍
Debra Tanner
Debra Tanner 12 dagen geleden
God she walking with out. The wheels at end amazing
Nemesis Eli
Nemesis Eli 12 dagen geleden
that is definitely one of the cutest dogs ive ever seen, and I love how she scoots along the ground❤️😂
Applehead Robb
Applehead Robb 12 dagen geleden
You have to bring Suki and travel to the UK to see the best vet surgeon in the world using bionic and biology to bring back paralyzed animals and have her broken back totally fixed. And then she can walk normally. He is reknowned and his ongoing series is called Super Vet. You can watch it in NLposts.
Kelly Graham
Kelly Graham 12 dagen geleden
In the slow motion part you could have qued the Chariots of Fire theme. That would have been so cool.
Jayashree Eshwar
Jayashree Eshwar 12 dagen geleden
Thank you so much for taking care of her❤️.I really hate whoever is responsible for her miserable state.Those people who disliked this video are an example of cruelty.I hope KARMA speaks to them.
Remy LeBeau
Remy LeBeau 12 dagen geleden
What a cutie face!
Living Stoned
Living Stoned 12 dagen geleden
She started using her back legs at the end there. Not perfect, but the do work 👏🏻👏🏻💓💓
Rey Lucero
Rey Lucero 13 dagen geleden
hi dodo greetings from philippines how i wish ti be a part of your team..still im hoping to be..🦴🦴🦴
Diane Hayse
Diane Hayse 13 dagen geleden
Thank you
Zarah J
Zarah J 13 dagen geleden
She's so cute. What breed is she?
Richard Dixon
Richard Dixon 13 dagen geleden
That's one plucky pup.
Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta 13 dagen geleden
The person who hurted her must have read 101 ways to reserve place in hell and achieved the first.
Tara Lown
Tara Lown 13 dagen geleden
OMG her walking at the end, I can't
woodlandflower87 13 dagen geleden
Wow, this was so touching and made even cry. Thank s to these great people 🙏💓
Lily 13 dagen geleden
She looks like a little fox 🙀
Space Cat
Space Cat 13 dagen geleden
Aww she's lovely! Shame on the person who did the hit and run but those people who helped her and found her a home are awesome.
StoneAF 13 dagen geleden
Bless this tiny angel and the family who fostered her.
George Loyie
George Loyie 13 dagen geleden
Lots of love there!
Lydia Merritt
Lydia Merritt 13 dagen geleden
The nerve for someone to do that. If I ever catch someone abusing an animal or any living thing it is on. Who couldn't love her. Sending her all my 💘
Melchor Rodriguez
Melchor Rodriguez 13 dagen geleden
Thank you so much d For rescuing her she so cute adorable
ann hans
ann hans 13 dagen geleden
There is a special place in hell for people who hurt animals. God bless them for finding her and loving her.❤️
royal sisters official
royal sisters official 13 dagen geleden
Listen up people I beg u all to not animal abuse pls love animals and don't hit them god is watching everything if u hit someone god is gonna hit u thrice the way u did so I beg plz don't animal abuse its ILLEGAL 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Puppy Wild
Puppy Wild 13 dagen geleden
Poor Baby, hope she gets the happiness she deserves.
Marble Garden
Marble Garden 13 dagen geleden
This dog reminds me that I should get my hormones checked out...
J F 13 dagen geleden
Suki.... What a lovely family she has who are enabling her to live to her full potential. Thank you!!
Janette Sinclair
Janette Sinclair 13 dagen geleden
What a sweet little face, she is so cute and spirited now she is safe in her forever home.
Kriste Andrea Tujague
Kriste Andrea Tujague 13 dagen geleden
The devil never wins. Bless you Suki. 💙
Keagan McQuain
Keagan McQuain 13 dagen geleden
Do you need a dog
EllieTheKiller 1011
EllieTheKiller 1011 13 dagen geleden
She’s so sweet :)
Paige Mull
Paige Mull 13 dagen geleden
You folks are awesome! She has such an expressive face! You go together like peas and carrots! Bless you for saving this sweet dog. Wish you years of health, love and happiness! ❤️💜💚
zedovski 13 dagen geleden
What breed of dog is this
Hackermann 13 dagen geleden
to Anyone who hurts innocent animals, i will break your fucking knees and feed it to you.
Yuling Zheng
Yuling Zheng 13 dagen geleden
She looks like a fox! So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
NoName Here
NoName Here 13 dagen geleden
I have a question. Who the flip would hit that adorable bean!? Explain please.
Xinyue Wu
Xinyue Wu 13 dagen geleden
Aww she looks like a kangoroo
Kristoff Oberg
Kristoff Oberg 13 dagen geleden
I’m waiting for my car to get fixed at the dealership trying not to cry because of how cruel humans are. I hope this cute little puppy lives the best life 🥺
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 13 dagen geleden
Patricia O'Donnell Smith
Patricia O'Donnell Smith 13 dagen geleden
I would gladly do the same to that horrible person who hurt her. It would be even worse for them because people walk on two legs and not four. Who will join me?
Billby 13 dagen geleden
I'd like to think there are a lot more caring people in the world , but sadly there isn't that many .. but people like this are true heroes
Bhanu Chhatri
Bhanu Chhatri 13 dagen geleden
Crazy Wild Places
Crazy Wild Places 13 dagen geleden
Gut gemacht. Ich würde das auch tun. Aber das unterstützt den Welpenhandel. Das ist aber so eine Zwickmühle
LeXxX 14 dagen geleden
People say I'm heartless for caring for animals more than I do for humans but I think it is deserved, hopefully karma catches up with whoever it was that abused this perfect little animal....
Gülseren Kuşadalı
Gülseren Kuşadalı 14 dagen geleden
Hayvan dostlarımızın dünyası bambaşka bir dünya, kendi dünyalarında yasiyorlar, yavrularını asla ihmal etmiyorlar,onlara hayran olmamak . mümkün değil, yürekleri sevgi dolu, hepimize yetiyor, canlarım benim
Mithila Krishnadas
Mithila Krishnadas 14 dagen geleden
Those eyes. Those eyes.!!❤️❤️❤️😍
Billie Fingers
Billie Fingers 14 dagen geleden
It could be a spinal condition where the nerves don't talk to the brain properly, she moves so much like my cousins cat who has that.
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