Baby Cow Adopts A Tiny Orphaned Piglet | The Dodo Odd Couples

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The Dodo

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Baby cow meets orphaned piglet and is completely smitten 😍 💛
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khoa nguyen
khoa nguyen Dag geleden
beef and pork ???
Gunilla Hiller
Gunilla Hiller 2 dagen geleden
Dom hör verkligen ihop. ♥️👍😄
hhcd bbbvng
hhcd bbbvng 4 dagen geleden
The frequent comfort relatedly share because math additionally waste from a crabby note. unsuitable, aboard lunch
Bastien Docquois
Bastien Docquois 4 dagen geleden
Anyone knows the name of the background music ? I really like it.
John Kramme
John Kramme 5 dagen geleden
His lil baseball hat 😭😭😭
NORDICA Guttergirl
NORDICA Guttergirl 5 dagen geleden
Arrow B
Arrow B 5 dagen geleden
I see you didn't train your calf to eat meadow but dry hay. You got pretty padlock should have him to eat in the summer. Too skinny compared with mine. Love farm animals, so cute.
Zoes Dada
Zoes Dada 6 dagen geleden
Cows are so sweet and smart.
Ravager boss
Ravager boss 7 dagen geleden
And we kill these animals bruhhhh
Astradeni Astradeni
Astradeni Astradeni 9 dagen geleden
Dino Caprice
Dino Caprice 9 dagen geleden
Wish my relationship with my sister was like this but we’re like Bloods & Crips it won’t workout
Ruth & i
Ruth & i 9 dagen geleden
That is beautiful 😍💞😍
Kristine Squires
Kristine Squires 9 dagen geleden
It makes me so sad that us As Americans eat beef. I wish they wouldn't show us how wonderful they are.
Christine Sunshine
Christine Sunshine 9 dagen geleden
That is so very sweet💜💜
Loco Moco
Loco Moco 9 dagen geleden
Bacon cheeseburger anyone? 🍔🥓
Tworpish 7 dagen geleden
Only if it’s a beyond burger
Ilcia Vargas
Ilcia Vargas 9 dagen geleden
Is so incredible how they find friends that are the same specie. Thank you for the lovely story.
SA Inja woof
SA Inja woof 10 dagen geleden
Life is amazing! ❣️It allows us all to find true loving companionship, in the right supporting environment.🌈🐾🌻🐷🐮
Eunae Kim
Eunae Kim 10 dagen geleden
If a cow and a pig can get along, what are we humans waiting for? 🐄🐖
AGATA ALVES 10 dagen geleden
They are souls too, and They apreciate to be loved.
George W Bush Center for Intelligence
George W Bush Center for Intelligence 11 dagen geleden
Baby cow? Like teacup piglet . I've always wanted a baby rhino but they don't stay small for long .
RaMPaGe ZoMBie
RaMPaGe ZoMBie 11 dagen geleden
Pooter Go f*ck yourself
Pooter Go f*ck yourself 11 dagen geleden
That's the cutest bacon cheese burger I've ever seen 😍
J Hemlock Greenwood
J Hemlock Greenwood 11 dagen geleden
The Story of a 🐽 in the house. Ewe.
Roberto suarez tolosa
Roberto suarez tolosa 11 dagen geleden
Is so genially calve Is a amazing
Tom Cat
Tom Cat 11 dagen geleden
Too cute
kckgirl78 11 dagen geleden
Ethan CNTower
Ethan CNTower 11 dagen geleden
This is giving me a craving for steak eggs and bacon. Anyone else?
NORMAN WELCH 11 dagen geleden
Saiyam Pawar
Saiyam Pawar 11 dagen geleden
"orphaned" and "piglet" reminds me of someone
Agostinho De Castro
Agostinho De Castro 11 dagen geleden
No le das la concha de la banana ,pero le pones el pie para que lolamba!
Indigenous & Sober
Indigenous & Sober 12 dagen geleden
The cutest Beef Steak ever! 🥰
Schwaben Württemberg
Schwaben Württemberg 12 dagen geleden
User User
User User 12 dagen geleden
how'd u keep him from shitting in the house?
Sunriru 12 dagen geleden
auggie is so cuuuute!!
J T 12 dagen geleden
I love bacon cheeseburgers so this video was really awkward.
Aurora Abagel
Aurora Abagel 12 dagen geleden
Beef and bacon together!!!
Shane 12 dagen geleden
Mmmmm, baby cow and piglet, yummy
Dave Bielke
Dave Bielke 12 dagen geleden
Oh my goodness they are naughty...but that's part of what we love about them
Bern 75
Bern 75 12 dagen geleden
Oh, they are so cute animals ❤🔥
Melody Mae
Melody Mae 12 dagen geleden
This story needs to become a children’s book❤️ 🐮 🐷 ❤️
axlrio 12 dagen geleden
Laszlo from Dr. Who?!
piper scout
piper scout 12 dagen geleden
Baby adopts a baby?
Trinity Prothro
Trinity Prothro 12 dagen geleden
I love cows, such sweet animals. And piggies are just fun. I remember this one time at the fair I got some powdered sugar on my jacket and a baby cow was chewing on it. Too cute. So I made a cow friend, and baby cow got pets and a treat. Win win.
Arlete De almeida
Arlete De almeida 12 dagen geleden
que amor
Sebastian Phizone
Sebastian Phizone 13 dagen geleden
That woman gave such a conceited explanation of two animals that cannot communicate anything to the specification this woman leads us to believe.
Cyn Cin
Cyn Cin 13 dagen geleden
Stop eating Animals.
Winter Nightsky
Winter Nightsky 13 dagen geleden
It was the hat for me😂😂😂😂
barb ryll
barb ryll 13 dagen geleden
Seriously love you guys! Thanks for caring and sharing 😘🇨🇦
Rais Sunandar
Rais Sunandar 13 dagen geleden
perfect love...❤️
Rebecca Higgins
Rebecca Higgins 13 dagen geleden
Andy Hú
Andy Hú 13 dagen geleden
So we're just not gonna talk about him sucking her toes????
Robin Ellison
Robin Ellison 13 dagen geleden
They needed each other for company. So cute and sweet!
Lucas Fleet
Lucas Fleet 13 dagen geleden
Charlottes web crossover
Rashdan Roojbeh
Rashdan Roojbeh 13 dagen geleden
God bless the man
Teija Alanko
Teija Alanko 13 dagen geleden
Hiihh. Wonderful animals, this love.❤💓❤🌅👌🤣😍〰️Great..thanks that. Good day you.
Kiwi470 13 dagen geleden
ILoveYeshua 13 dagen geleden
Absolutely adorable! I ❤️ pigs.😍💯💯
Bill Heuber
Bill Heuber 13 dagen geleden
Nirrrina 13 dagen geleden
So that's what happened to all the missing socks!
Mei Lin Pang
Mei Lin Pang 13 dagen geleden
They are so cute! 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
Pain 13 dagen geleden
Carly Horowitz
Carly Horowitz 13 dagen geleden
omggggg best friends forever!!
LasVegas Ginger
LasVegas Ginger 13 dagen geleden
So adorable-
Dilshad H
Dilshad H 13 dagen geleden
I love the people who tread the animals like they treat their children :) 💚💚🐷🐮
TheRayjane 13 dagen geleden
You guys should write a children’s book about the friendship of Aggie and Lazlo. Great work you are doing at your sanctuary. Gods creatures being taken care of ❤️🙏🏼
Tucson Vic
Tucson Vic 13 dagen geleden
Cutest pair ever. I just fell in love with this duo, friend's forever. 💜🐷🐮💙
Carlos youtubeSINmentiras
Carlos youtubeSINmentiras 13 dagen geleden
what a cute baconator sammich
Mary Lou
Mary Lou 13 dagen geleden
So Cute love this
Catzameow 13 dagen geleden
I love The Dodo and these inspiring stories. I am addicted to these heartwarming videos.
Randi Higginbotham
Randi Higginbotham 13 dagen geleden
This is some of the best commentary on a DoDo video! 😂 And that flyboy shot at 1:02 is everything. ❤️
plum pulum
plum pulum 14 dagen geleden
I hope they will live a long healthy life and, will have lots of babies pigcows.
Lou mason
Lou mason 14 dagen geleden
Every human on the planet needs to see this awesome video would definitely help change the World. This was a really good one ..
thechariotcard 14 dagen geleden
A baby cow is called a calf
Lee Martin
Lee Martin 14 dagen geleden
Double Trouble 🌟❤
Smoke FK
Smoke FK 14 dagen geleden
Bacon burgers, yum.
I am the Senate
I am the Senate 14 dagen geleden
My burger and bacon in 1 picture!
VisionThing 14 dagen geleden
So cute!!
miked765 14 dagen geleden
Props all around!
Susan Morris
Susan Morris 14 dagen geleden
Great friends 🥰
Irina 14 dagen geleden
This is heartwarming. God bless you!
Darius Fetescu
Darius Fetescu 14 dagen geleden
I feel disgusted about the fact that I consider them tasty
So_daldal 14 dagen geleden
Aww these two precious babies are one of the reasons for why I went vegan
Gina Caparotta
Gina Caparotta 14 dagen geleden
Aww how cute is this! Thank you for sharing. I never see. A hairless cow before .
crissy sweet
crissy sweet 14 dagen geleden
Sica Oliveira
Sica Oliveira 14 dagen geleden
deborah lariscy
deborah lariscy 14 dagen geleden
It's nice to get into mischief with a friend ! 🐮🐷 Herd animals get lonely IF they don't have other animals. So kind of you to know that and help both. Just a special friendship for sure ! Thanks.
Xena Talbfor
Xena Talbfor 14 dagen geleden
If this isn’t a reason to be vegan or vegetarian then what is?Thank you so much for giving these 2 a happy life! 💖
Jimmi Love
Jimmi Love 14 dagen geleden
Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!
Rogue the L.I-Princess
Rogue the L.I-Princess 14 dagen geleden
Is an animal being born without fur a genetic thing?
Sylvia Spijkers
Sylvia Spijkers 14 dagen geleden
Adorable those 2
Eleanore Linx
Eleanore Linx 14 dagen geleden
Goddamn my beef burger is friend with my bacon strips...
antia 14 dagen geleden
Duckling Baby
Duckling Baby 14 dagen geleden
Masuteru Barufutō
Masuteru Barufutō 14 dagen geleden
Beautiful. 💓
Tom 441
Tom 441 14 dagen geleden
I haven’t watched this video yet. I see in the video title, you refer to the calf as a baby cow. So I’m thinking the video is aimed only at those who are either stupid and or retarded. Is someone able to shed any light on this. Thanks
Jan Heimann
Jan Heimann 14 dagen geleden
Thank you you’re great
Nerea Velázquez Hernández
Nerea Velázquez Hernández 14 dagen geleden
This could be a family series 😍
Alfred Bonnabel
Alfred Bonnabel 14 dagen geleden
Jodi Stanton
Jodi Stanton 14 dagen geleden
So when will the movie "Auggie and Lazlo" come out?
steve james
steve james 14 dagen geleden
wonderful please folks if videos like this make u smile please please go vegan
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