Takis Gives Hungry Stray Dog His Lunch To Gain Her Trust | The Dodo

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19 dagen geleden

Stray dog refuses to trust anyone - until Takis gives her his mom’s homemade omelet.
To help Takis save more dogs, you can support the Takis Shelter: thedo.do/takis and thedo.do/takispatron. Follow him on Facebook for updates: thedo.do/takisshelter.
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himo4ever 13 uur geleden
the dogs is nicer than cats they quickly become lovers
Immortal Hunter
Immortal Hunter Dag geleden
Bambi is the perfect name for her.
Theresa O'Brien
Theresa O'Brien Dag geleden
Another gripping and heart- warming video. Thankyou Takis. 😇❤
Ming Kwan
Ming Kwan Dag geleden
Lorna Cawayan
Lorna Cawayan Dag geleden
Ckngrats Takis👏you gain her trust👏👏👏👏
Daven Kella
Daven Kella Dag geleden
What do they do with the dog at shelter
Brigid B,A,C
Brigid B,A,C 2 dagen geleden
She is a PODENCO, from Spain. Very pretty...
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 2 dagen geleden
Taki you are a special guy
4d's 2 dagen geleden
Brandoncye 2 dagen geleden
This guy is an amazing human!
Karen Panton
Karen Panton 2 dagen geleden
Can i love you more takis the amazing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Kimmarievanever Vanever
Kimmarievanever Vanever 4 dagen geleden
You can follow Takis shelter on youtube..he has over 400 dogs and cats with goats and sheep too..all rescued his shelter is truly amazing as is this man who has dedicated his life to these animals..please watch and help him continue his work..
Mike Scott
Mike Scott 4 dagen geleden
Thanks Takis for helping the animals in need ! You are a great man , I am sure the Man above bless you and all your actions !
Lia Pete
Lia Pete 4 dagen geleden
Trust guys, if Takis had any children, he wouldn't love them as much as he loves his furbabies. 🙏 🙏 🙏
Lerv An
Lerv An 4 dagen geleden
La verdad este hombre es un capo, no cualquiera rescata perros de la calle y les da un hogar. Mis respetos a este señor.
Alice Joeker
Alice Joeker 4 dagen geleden
Άγιος Τάκης 😇το κάνατε πάλι ένα καινούριο σκύλο ήλθε και τον σωθήκατε από πίνα και αλλά χάλια. .Μπράβο και ευχαριστω πολύ.❤️
Ursula Dörner
Ursula Dörner 4 dagen geleden
HEARXENE001 5 dagen geleden
Bradley St Clair
Bradley St Clair 5 dagen geleden
Lynda Steinbrecher
Lynda Steinbrecher 5 dagen geleden
So happy you saved her 💕
Jim Jams
Jim Jams 6 dagen geleden
Guys please do support takis on his yt channel and if possible please donate.
Caroline Ridlington
Caroline Ridlington 6 dagen geleden
Oh wow...didn't think she'd come so soon....wonderful to see...thank you Takis...
Lia Pete
Lia Pete 6 dagen geleden
Takis is incredible. His love for animals is genuine. He devoted his life to them.
Elikra Eli
Elikra Eli 6 dagen geleden
Ποιός ξέρει πόσες κλοτσιές έφαγε το καϊμενο και φοβάται να πλησιάσει
Madison's Fun Times
Madison's Fun Times 6 dagen geleden
Takis is a GREAT man. Everything he does is for his animals. He has rescued hundreds of dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens; names and creates a special bond with every single animal. GOD BLESS TAKIS
Sandy Hill
Sandy Hill 7 dagen geleden
This man is so amazing!
Mimi 74
Mimi 74 8 dagen geleden
Bambi is a beautiful soul. These Dodo stories always make me cry. What a wonderful, kind man. ~❣️
Juliana daggett
Juliana daggett 8 dagen geleden
we love takis❤️❤️❤️
Maggie M
Maggie M 9 dagen geleden
I've seen a lot of cute dogs on this channel, but I can't believe I'm saying I wish I could adopt Bambi. She's just adorable with her little giraffe legs.
Artuma 9 dagen geleden
Just imagine and just imagine what I will be saying rn and think it clearly its a negative fact: Becz the guy in the videos did a real deed in his first time of saving a dog he got views and low but what happens if it turned out to be like he is the only one who made the dogs in that situation for the views and likes , telling u guys again just imagine and just imagine it’s a negative fact I did tell u beczz there was all about positive and positive but what if it turned out to be like it ?
glassbiscuits 9 dagen geleden
looks like a liver gsd and a greyhound or something. pharaoh hound maybe... amazing... what an ethereal creature.
dizzyrozzie gardner
dizzyrozzie gardner 10 dagen geleden
God bless you for the good work you do 🙂
Emmarina 10 dagen geleden
"Not anymore food for takis today" "no problem" "I will eat some apple"
yasmin barkho
yasmin barkho 10 dagen geleden
GOD bless you takis did bambi get adopted??
Spatchler 10 dagen geleden
What breed is this dog??
CB McBay
CB McBay 10 dagen geleden
We need more people like Takis in the world 💕🐶
Cee Dee
Cee Dee 11 dagen geleden
God bless you man. Thank you for being so kind to animals
TheNibbker 11 dagen geleden
She wanted to trust you so badly. Thanks for doing this
babybunny 11 dagen geleden
Hunting dogs are so beautiful. They deserve better lives. People are such assholes. Takis you are amazing.
James Schaefer
James Schaefer 11 dagen geleden
“You are smart girl but I am smarter and I will catch you!” They legit almost made me laugh
M. B.
M. B. 11 dagen geleden
Takis is a good man. 🙏🏻
TheCessnaDriver 11 dagen geleden
What a cool looking dog
MrTwo Beers
MrTwo Beers 12 dagen geleden
Έχει υιοθετηθεί;;;;; Αν όχι, ενδιαφέρομαι φίλε Τάκη.
Larns 12 dagen geleden
Fucking saint
Robert Kidd
Robert Kidd 12 dagen geleden
I love this guy! "I have some omelet from my mother!" LOL
Nathalie Krüger
Nathalie Krüger 12 dagen geleden
He really gives everything he has to save animal's lives!
DespizedICON 12 dagen geleden
looks like a deere dog
Brandon SIMBA Silvestre Boxing
Brandon SIMBA Silvestre Boxing 12 dagen geleden
God bless this Man. ❤️💯
Railgun04 12 dagen geleden
just donated! Make those dogs feel happy ^^
melissa nicholson
melissa nicholson 12 dagen geleden
Love Takis. If I didn't have kids I'd send him all my extra money
Isabel Ramos
Isabel Ramos 12 dagen geleden
Q delgadita esta pobre dulce angel! Menos mal q Thakis la encontró!
Madonna Parker
Madonna Parker 12 dagen geleden
Such a sweet baby ...thank you for taking care of this baby.
Jay jankunas
Jay jankunas 12 dagen geleden
Thought from his accsent sounds greek and once he started to speak greek yes he's greek:)
World Ofbeauty
World Ofbeauty 13 dagen geleden
I'm convinced animals are superior to humans. They give us so much back and more. Protect & save & love them more please!
B L 13 dagen geleden
I love his English and bravo.
Sweger Shanna
Sweger Shanna 13 dagen geleden
Bambi is the perfect name for her 😊
The word
The word 13 dagen geleden
Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7 [KJV]) ``` The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18 [KJV]) ``` For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV])
marty mart
marty mart 13 dagen geleden
Takis is a true protector of animals I love his channel pls subscribe too (Takis shelter) should get ya there.. much love from me an my 2 cats lillybean an chumchums❤😺
Vera Szalaji
Vera Szalaji 13 dagen geleden
Joel Wallace
Joel Wallace 13 dagen geleden
Dude is so awesome!
tooshay 13 dagen geleden
Wonderful wonderful but where's the foster family network so they won't forever live in a shelter for life for most of them?
Zev V
Zev V 13 dagen geleden
We love Takis, he is truly an Angel 😇
M Whitelaw
M Whitelaw 13 dagen geleden
So young to be in that condition It's good she ran into Takis He'll do what's right Many blessings to Takis
Elsje Massyn
Elsje Massyn 13 dagen geleden
Takis youre a super hero and angel 😇
J Frazz
J Frazz 13 dagen geleden
Put those gloves in your dirty laundry basket so it smells like you!
A S H W O N G 13 dagen geleden
Her eyes are gorgeous 😍😍😍
WeeWeeJumbo 13 dagen geleden
*Clone this man.*
J Fairchild
J Fairchild 13 dagen geleden
I want her so much ahhh
porterpower rotary
porterpower rotary 13 dagen geleden
Love ur vids
Chloé F.
Chloé F. 13 dagen geleden
5:44 her eyes are so beautiful 🤩
Teresa 13 dagen geleden
Takis, eres el Angel Salvador de los perritos🙏
Amen Amen
Amen Amen 13 dagen geleden
Please subscribe to Takis Shelter. He’s a true hero!
Mercedes Roth-Nanai
Mercedes Roth-Nanai 14 dagen geleden
Thank You Takis!!! God bless You!❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻
Su Sa
Su Sa 14 dagen geleden
Takis = the hero of the animals and of us❣❣❣🏆🏆🏆
Kaushal B Shetty
Kaushal B Shetty 14 dagen geleden
"Smart girl..But I am more smart and I will bring a trap and catch you" Lol 😂
jackie fitzpatrick
jackie fitzpatrick 14 dagen geleden
He has been accused of staging these videos and former employees admitted some are staged to get donations...from around the world. But his 300 plus dogs at his so called shelter in Greece is in shambles and he begs for international volunteers to help him feed the dogs , who may go without food and water for days because the volunteers leave because of horrible food and filthy living conditions. He is a dog HOARDER and the dogs pay the price while he makes like an angel on Utube . No one adopts his dogs. His shelter isn't near a town , it's up in the mountains , isolated where no one comes to adopt his dogs. The dogs live on broken rocks covering the ground and little if any shade for the intense hot summers. Volunteers who came from all over the world to help left when they themselves realized the horrible conditions he has created for dogs and humans. But he's getting rich while suckers send him money ...that was intended for the dogs. Shame on him. He's a con man breaking your heart ...for money !
Teresa McGuire
Teresa McGuire 14 dagen geleden
I just love your heart Taki ♥️♥️♥️
D Berd
D Berd 14 dagen geleden
Sweet dog! Please take good care of her! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alona yurchak
Alona yurchak 14 dagen geleden
God bless you and your animals 🙏 ❤ ♥ 💙
Dumballa 14 dagen geleden
Bravo indeed sir 🙂
KAT MC 14 dagen geleden
Happy happy she at your home Thank you.
KAT MC 14 dagen geleden
You have a lovely way as to taking to them next time she be at your home lots of prayers going out to this dog god bless indeed.Thankyou.
KAT MC 14 dagen geleden
It's needing lots of love this dog god bless it so much .It come to you . soon I hope and pray .Thank you
its me
its me 14 dagen geleden
So beautiful to see her open up and become trusting again ..
Godzilla fan art
Godzilla fan art 14 dagen geleden
Those dislikes are from animal haters Warning :⬇️ Fu*k you evil people
Royal Blood
Royal Blood 14 dagen geleden
There are two type of people. One who say if they become rich they will help other And 2nd type who help others with what ever they have .
Ĵṷlịễṭặ 14 dagen geleden
Takis, you are an angel😇for those beautiful dogs🐶🐕🐩🦮🐕‍🦺 May God Always Bless You Abundantly🙏
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 14 dagen geleden
Even his mother helped in some odd way to rescue this lil angel....mijooo did you like the omelet i cooked for you today...? Si mom it was delisius....
spongeviper 14 dagen geleden
Bambi is the most perfect name
Jack Barrie
Jack Barrie 15 dagen geleden
The dog is a Australian red kelpey a very very smart dog very good sheep dog will work all day and be happy
Nikos Mamais
Nikos Mamais 15 dagen geleden
Missy B
Missy B 15 dagen geleden
He's the best! Bravo
hanaippon 15 dagen geleden
TAKISLAND is the most beautiful Land of the World!🧡🧡🧡
not available
not available 15 dagen geleden
she is such a beautiful dog, like if there was a doggy vogue she would 100% be on it, she has got to be one of the most elegant looking dogs i’ve ever seen lol the zendaya of the dog world
Tariq Hannah
Tariq Hannah 15 dagen geleden
I almost died, He gave his omlete to a dog bruh a perfectly good one to. Jk he did good
JK Knight
JK Knight 15 dagen geleden
The dog's eyes just roll back in it's head with the food and the petting.
Linda Carol
Linda Carol 15 dagen geleden
I love takis shelter!!! I've been watching his videos on fb and NLposts for about 2 or 3 years. He has the best shelter I've ever seen. He is a true representative for the Lord 😇❤😊🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐐🐐🐐🐐❤❤❤😊
Miranda Rivera
Miranda Rivera 15 dagen geleden
Hey There
Hey There 15 dagen geleden
If I was named after some hot chips.
Ash H
Ash H 15 dagen geleden
Takis you are the damn man!!! 🤘💜
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